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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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That time when Assemblywomen Austin Quinn-Davidson and Meg Zaletel said only the mayor could enact a mask mandate…

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Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson hasn’t shown up in the Assembly chamber for months. She has participated by phone in the proceedings, and has stated that she is appalled and horrified at the people attending the meetings, who oppose the Assembly’s actions to forcibly mask everyone in Anchorage. She supports the emergency order passed by the Assembly on Tuesday.

But Quinn-Davidson didn’t always support Assembly power in this regard. In a note to a constituent in June of 2020, she wrote “While masks are shown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this decision is not ours to make; it ultimately lies with the Mayor within his emergency powers.”

But evidently that only applied to a Democrat mayor. Ethan Berkowitz was in charge of the city back then. Now that there is a Republican mayor, Dave Bronson, Quinn-Davidson voted for the Assembly to pass an emergency ordinance making masks mandatory in Anchorage.

She wasn’t the only one who last year declared that only the mayor had that power.

Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, in a similar note, wrote to a constituent: “We cannot set any mandates, that is up to the mayor. I have been pressing for us to take steps to flatten the curve again asap.” Her note was written last November.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Take them all to court!!

    • These Commies on the Assembly are all COWARDS. They won’t attend meetings in person because they fear the public. And they should!

      • Yep!

    • Regarding the new “emergency” mask mandate, I want to know under what authority and based on what hard science you are declaring this “emergency” and under what specific authority you are abrogating the expressed will of the citizens (especially the voters) of this municipality and under what authority you have had the unmitigated gall to override the Mayor’s veto of your shady vote to enact this bogus mandate! You are abusing your authority and want you to publicly address the part of the Charter that gives you authority to declare an emergency, the authority to do, which I understand is the domain AOC Mayor alone! Is it your intent to usurp. The authority of another branch of municipal government?
      John “Tony” Bove
      Eagle River Citizen

      P.s. #Resist

  • Clearly it all depends on whose Al is being Gored…..!

  • Looks like a classic case of “circle back” and “oh, that was last year”.

  • That isn’t even a proper mask she’s wearing.
    If it wasn’t for double standards the left would have no standards at all.

    • This should be interesting! Ordering more popcorn.

  • They’re so two-faced they look the same coming and going.

  • First, we spent nearly a year without representation because little Miss Austin wanted to play mayor. Now she doesn’t even show up for meetings. At what point has she abandoned her position and when can she be replaced for cause?

  • For God’s Sakes . Let’s change the locks and keep them from our buildings.

  • Rules are for little people


  • Sooo AQD has not been seen in person in months . Is she even in the State of Alaska .? Hmmm

    • Given Topel and Allard and that other guy and who knows who else, seems like her decision to attend electronically was medically sound.

      • Fear is the mind killer, Evan.
        In your case, fear clearly won.

  • So only in times of endemic where a said novel version of a virus spreads through a whole hemisphere at once with a rise an fall based on very little to do with any controls only the way it is managed upon catching a fever and treated. Those who treat are more able to resist and build antibodies. For the few who fall ill the doctors send them home with no treatment until they need a ventilator, how sad. Mask do little to help protect you your medical profession has the key to the treatment. Time to demand treatment for the ill and immune compromised. We have evolved and it is coming up on two years.

  • Hypocrites!

  • I live in AQD’s district and received a very similar email from her last summer when I wrote asking her to vote against authorizing the mayor’s emergency powers. I sent a copy of that email (to “refresh her memory”) along with my thoughts on the proposed mask ordinance. Here was her response:

    Thank you for your feedback. While the authority may lie with the Mayor in imposing mandates through emergency powers, the Mayor has refused to act despite the crisis being seen in Anchorage’s hospitals. Although not traditional, the Assembly is allowed to pass ordinances to protect health and safety when needed, such as if cases reach a substantial and high level. Again, thank you for reaching out.


    This was before any of the public hearings began. She clearly had her mind made up.

  • But… the assembly did not pass an EO that gave the Mayor any emergency powers in 2020. There is no such EO for this mayor.
    For the life of me, I cannot imagine why not. After all, according to the EOs, the situation today is MUCH worse than it was in March 2020. But, nope, instead they put forth this meaningless mask mandate…

    • Whoopsie. Typo. The Assembly “did pass” an EO, not did not pass. Sorry.

  • WOW! WOW! The hypocrisy and moral void of these people!! Seriously, how are they able to continue this blatant disregard for the people? Are there no legal ramifications?

  • Hypocrisy, thy name is radical leftist extremist.

  • Civic Duty has never been more important. They ALL need to go. House cleaning much needed.

    Anchorage brought them in, Anchorage can send them away!

  • Remember that other time when they interpreted “shall hold a special election” to mean it was optional?
    The new faceless ordinance says businesses “shall” do thus and such. So, it’s optional, right?

    • Summer, Wonderful Comment!

  • mandate
    an official order or commission to do something.
    “a mandate to seek the release of political prisoners”
    instruction · directive · direction · decree · command · order · injunction · edict ·

    Remember- a mandate is not a law. You don’t have to follow it!

  • Again doesn’t the charter say they have to be present in person when voting on measures to form a proper quorum.

    So per that statute there was not enough assembly members to even vote on any measure this past week making the veto not even mess issue as it was illegal? I hope the mayor brings the hammer down.

    Fine you want to call in, your vote does not count regarding voting on or passing of measures for the city.

    You must be there in person to vote.

  • She’s even got the gigantic virtue signalling glasses required by a lefty woman. Bet she even drives a virtue signalling Suburu… Of course, that is one of the jobs of the magic mask: to virtue signal and shame.

    • Subaru is an awesome car. The virtue signal car is actually the Prius.

      • Or the “Pious”, as they called it in a classic episode of “South Park.”

  • I never thought extremist Islam would have a chance here due to the mandatory burqua face coverings. Leave it to the woke lefties to self impose mask mandates and go into public always covered. In submission to ignorance.
    Truly obsessive compulsive disorder, the up side is wearing their masks muffle and soften the cackling noise when they speak nonsense.

    • Now it is much easier to determine who is mentally and emotionally compromised when it comes to choosing a mate. Anyone wearing a mask out in the open or alone in their car is a clear red flag.

      • You can say that again!
        And for all those reading this, anyone, ANYONE, who drives or walks or hikes along, while also wearing a mask, is a complete and total idiot.
        Talk about a baby clutching its security blanket! In fact, the baby is more intelligent than the solitary mask wearer — at least the baby does not usually wear its security blanket out in public.

  • I have high hopes they bought their own chow for a change…

  • These clowns live in a world where rules are suggestions and the lines are bendable, a world where the end justifies the means, rules and standards be damned.

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