TFR: Veep Harris landing in wee hours in Alaska for jet fuel, en route to Singapore


Vice President Kamala Harris will be on Air Force II and touching down at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson early Saturday. A temporary flight restriction (TFR) has been announced by the Federal Aviation Administration for 12:15 to 3:30 am for her gas-and-go, as she jets to Singapore and Vietnam, ironically the last country where the United States was humiliated by a rag-tag army, the Viet Cong, in 1975.

Harris’ office had the trip already scheduled before this past weekend’s takeover of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and the ensuing deadly chaos, which has decayed the country’s faith in the Biden-Harris Administration.


  1. Need to add “humiliating” to any description of our defeat and withdrawal from Afghanistan. I’m weeping with those who served over there trying to protect our freedom.

    • No one served over there to “protect our freedom”. That being said – wish we would tell her to refuel AF2 with solar energy.

  2. Keep her in Singapore. Give her sticks of gum to chew. Tell her she can spit out the gum when finished.

  3. Yep, can’t change her schedule no matter what the situation in Afghanistan is. I wonder if our Vice President really knows where that country is.
    Not to worry though. Biden has the situation under control.

  4. Disagree that the “the United States was humiliated by a rag-tag army, the Viet Cong, in 1975”. The Viet Cong were largely neutralized following the Tet Offensive in 1968, although the larger strategic objective for the communists to degrade US morale was achieved. It was the regular North Vietnamese Army who finalized the invasion of the south in 1975. Hardly a rag tag outfit.
    The American sellout to the CCP dominated Chinese provinces commenced in 1972 under Nixon, continuing in velocity to this day through remarkably seamless bipartisan cooperation in corruptly transferring our industry, technology, advanced weapon systems, national wealth and leveraging the massive national debt to the CCP.
    The only meaningful pause in this grand project was the aberration of the American public electing a non treasonous president for the 2016-2020 time period.
    The campaigns in Vietnam, Korea and now Afghanistan all have a common outcomes besides humiliating defeats, wasting American lives and bankrupting the nation. Which is weakening the United States, straining relations with our allies through utter incompetence from political and military leadership and strengthening the strategic goals and dominance positioning for the CCP in their patient and deliberate goal of global domination.
    The “surprise” collapse narrative being fed to the public 24/7 of the Afghan national government and military is transparently false. The US has financed almost the entire military budget of the CCP ally Pakistan during the Afghan incursion. Pakistan fully supports and provides safe haven, intelligence, training and armaments to the Taliban, using our resources. While we wasted trillions in Afghanistan doing everything except eliminating terrorism and the Taliban as an effective political and military organization.
    Our politicians on a bipartisan basis and their DOD contractors, lobbyists, donors and foreign interests have made massive amounts of graft money curtesy of the US taxpayer and now have handed over the country with an reconstituted Taliban, fully armed with American weapon systems, aircraft and armored vehicles.
    The CCP have now been given a key allied Taliban control of Afghanistan as the last piece in the contiguous geographical puzzle with Pakistan to outflank India, one of the few remaining actual threats to the CCP. The CCP also have gained overland access to the coast near the entrance of the Persian Gulf in Pakistan. The current installed occupant of the White House ended our energy independence on day 1, so again we are vulnerable to threats of closing the Persian Gulf.
    The CCP’s bribe investments in our bipartisan leadership and institutions is paying excellent dividends. As a bonus, our citizens are being forced to “mask” up, as the Afghan women again have to, so we can display our blind acceptance of being put in complete submission.

    • This is not an administration, it is an installed regime. It is not incompetent, it knows exactly what it is doing. It is complicit with the take down of our Republic.

  5. Two reasons I am embarrassed to be an American today, the very disturbing debacle going on in Afghanistan, and recognizing Biden/Harris as leaders of our country, humiliating to say the least.

  6. Why didn’t he evacuate the people, then the equipment, then the military? There has to be a good reason… isn’t there?

  7. I’m waiting for her to be sent on an extended”open ended” visit to somplace like Tierra del Fuego or Pitcairn Island.

  8. Just how little faith do they have in her that the best use of her time in a national crisis is to send her out of the country?

    I’ve been asking myself which comes first in America? Succession or Civil War.

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