Testifiers win: Assembly libs stand down on free speech sanction, mask ordinance


The Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday night decided to back away from a resolution from Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel reprimanding Assemblywoman Jamie Allard for her social media posts.

The Assembly also backed away from taking the emergency order mask mandate and putting it into law as an ordinance.

Public testimony went heavily against the mask law for over two and a half hours, with just one member of the public speaking in favor of the proposed mask ordinance, which civic leader Bernadette Wilson said was being ramrodded through so that when a new mayor is elected, he or she would not be able to undo the ordinance. The next mayor could, however, undo the current mask rules under the mayor’s emergency powers.

More than 200 people were watching the meeting online, while the maximum-allowed 128 people filled the Assembly chambers, and another maximum-allowed 60 people were next door in the Wilda Marston Theater.

More than 75 percent of the testimony — written and verbal — was against the mask law plan. Testimony was often emotional and some tragic personal stories were relayed, along with one person calling the ordinance a “shit sandwich,” and another person giving the Assembly the finger. But toward the end of the testimony, Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar dismissed it as based on “misinformation.”

Many of the people showing up at the meetings have been attending regularly for nearly a year, and in the summer were protesting the shuttering of the meetings and the economic shutdowns. Some have been testifying for months, but others last night were new to the process.

One new person was not allowed to testify, even though she pleaded with Chairman Felix Rivera, explaining that she had hired a babysitter so she could come down to the Loussac Library and testify. Much later in the evening, she finally was able to be heard.

Another testifier who was not a regular at the meetings used American Sign Language, with her mouth taped shut, to make the point that many people cannot hear others due to hearing loss, and masks prevent them from reading lips.

After creating a lot of confusion among the Assembly liberals, she then lit a mask on fire.

Yet another testifier used much of his time to stand silently, waiting for a response from Assemblyman Dunbar. With no response, and just silence filling the room, someone in the audience started playing the tune from the show “Jeopardy” on her cell phone, creating a lot of mirth throughout the room. Dunbar was not present, but had phoned it in, as he usually does.

Watch some of the testimony at this montage:


  1. This mask nonsense needs to go. It really divides people and the poor frontline workers have to play mask police and enforcers against anyone who isn’t masked or wearing one “properly.” Although, as I have encountered, there seem to be a few out there that enjoy the power trip of mask police. We need to move forward and start restoring our freedoms before they become irretrievable. No more Burkas.

  2. On the online viewing – the staff member muted the youtube video after the speaker mentioned the cellular phone owner’s Jeopardy contribution to his testimony time. I didnt appreciate that censorship, i was thinking what if he said something or Member Dunbar said sonething. Then us online viewers will had missed the conversation.

  3. Had the Assembly gone forward with the resolution condemning Assemblymember Allard, it would be interesting to see if it had exposed the Muni to liability for violation of 42 USC 1983 – deprivation of civil rights. Although Assemblymember Allard’s statements may have been coarse, unwise, erroneous and even (gasp!) offensive to Assemblymember Zaletel, they are protected by the First Amendment. If Assemblymember Zaletel is easily offended, I suggest she find something else to occupy her time on Tuesday evenings. The “woke” and “triggering” nonsense has gone too far.

  4. That was the best string of testimonials I have ever seen. Mr. Misinformation Dunbar can shove it. Sideways. With a cactus.

  5. Masks are the new “pussyhats” of the Trump resistance. Until they are gone forever these Fascist twits will gleefully relish informing on their MAGA neighbors.

  6. they’ve shifted the Overton window so far to the left that this is considered a victory? dang people wake up

    I think it’s time to take from the great Maxine waters playbook

    “If you see anybody from that Assembly in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

  7. Thank You Suzanne
    For this article

    Masks are soooooo Stupid
    Stay home you afraid people. if you want to wear a mask in your home more stupidness
    But let me and my fellow Alaskans live are life’s without your Stupid masks
    I want to go hiking, walking the dog are go to a store.
    Without wearing a mask, should I say it again.

        • Why don’t you say what you really mean, Jefferson? Heheh! Perhaps you don’t wear a mask either-give us a hint here. And do you think masks are stupid, too? You are a hoot and tough noogies to you.

          • Yes, I refuse to wear a stupid, stupid mask in public, which ALL medical opinion and consensus, prior to March of 2020, held was ineffective and possibly counterproductive outside of time-limited and controlled surgical settings involving proper fitting and specific composition.
            Yes, the mass and mandatory wearing of disposable, reused, dirty, masks is stupid. And that is the “science” that you conformist and compliant sheep, you destroyers of freedom and society, cannot deny and cannot handle.

          • Well Jefferson you sound pretty tough until you need to fly somewhere. Heheh! We’ll be looking forward to you being hauled off the plane crying about those stupid masks. Good luck to you as you’ll need it. And tough noogies to a fool.

  8. Mr. Dunbar, I use that term because my parents raised me to be respectful, can not bother himself or man up to come to an assembly meeting and people want him as the mayor. Sad

  9. Nice job all! Do not give in to tyrants that do not use accurate and official data to back up their edicts! Better yet, hand each assembly member a copy of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons clinical peer reviewed study on masks, all kinds of masks and how the majority of masks people are using do not stop virus particles, period!

  10. Thank God these Liberal Left-Wing Ass*o*es woke up! What a sad pathetic group of useless POS! Wake up Anchorage for once in your life!

  11. And for those Morons who think Dunbar is the man for the job, I have bad news, we don’t need another Liberal Left-Winger to lead us, we need Bronson! Vote Bronson in April.

  12. Here are a couple of constructive ideas for those who feel that they oppose the mask mandates, but who simply must wear a mask in public in certain situations:

    1) Wear one of those light blue disposable masks, but with an appropriate message written on it. “Masks Are Useless” and “Only Slaves Wear Masks” are two that I recommend. Use a Sharpie marker (pens won’t make for writing that is visible from any distance), and carefully spread-out the folds of the mask on a firm flat surface while writing on it. It is not easy, but it can be done.

    2) Wear a full-face clown mask, the more ridiculous-looking the better. For extra effect, put a cloth mask over the mouth.

    • I have a clown mask. It says “Stop the Donald” “Don’t let the infection spread.”
      So far, no one has punched me out, and a few have registered approval.

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