Breaking: Chief Doll is finalist for San Jose police chief


Sources have confirmed that Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll is a finalist for police chief for San Jose, Calif.

The city of San Jose has twice extended its search for a police chief, and on Tuesday released its list of two finalists. In addition to Doll, Larry Scirotto, a retired assistant chief for Pittsburgh police, is a finalist.

Read the City Manager of San Jose’s memo here.

Doll was promoted to Anchorage Police chief in June 2017. He had served as the department’s crime suppression division commander.

Chief Doll served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves until 2001 and joined APD as a recruit in 1996. Over the course of his career, he has held command positions in the Patrol Division, Traffic, Homicide and Robbery/Assault Units, and the Crime Suppression Division. He also spent time as a member of the Bomb Squad and SWAT Units and at the police academy as an instructor. Chief Doll is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and the FBI National Executive Institute.

He is a lifelong Alaskan who attended the University of Alaska – Anchorage receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Alaska Southeast. 


  1. San Jose? Way too close to San Francisco for me. Why would he want to go there? Could be a stepping stone to something greater I suppose.

  2. I dont know what it is about the way Alaska hires its professionals. They never want to stay here Forever. They recieve a good paying job, stay short tenure, and leave the State. Alaska might as well Hire single mothers training them to do professional high paying jobs. For the sake of financial stability she cant afford going anywhere, she can’t continuously change her environment when she has child. First the state employers need to find those single mothers who are more stable than the rest, then invest in her and they have her for life. Hahaha

    • Yes, you need to do a little research before spouting off…. if you had, as you already have been informed, you would know that Chief Doll came up through the ranks to become Chief of Police. We have been fortunate to have him his whole career. He is also married to a police officer so it would be hard to find anyone who lives and breathes APD more than he does. I do not begrudge him leaving one bit. Maybe he is ready for a change in his life and he deserves it. I have personally met him several times and had a chance to chat briefly at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce luncheons where he would talk yearly about the department.

  3. Quite a pay hike if you get the top spot!

    From the transparent California Website, regular police detective salary:

    Police Officer (2016)
    Regular pay: $94,058.40
    Overtime pay: $27,829.64
    Other pay: $10,541.78
    Total pay: $132,429.82
    Benefits: $102,711.77
    Total pay & benefits: $235,141.59

    • He need to get paid more so to afford California taxes and care for the California homeless
      He more likely get paid as much as he gets in Alaska after taxes and personal expenses are paid. Hahaha

  4. Chief Doll, a Marine, started at the department as a patrol officer and worked his way up through the ranks after serving effectively in multiple roles within the agency for many years. He is NOT a person that was hired as chief from outside the state, stayed a few years and then moved on-this is not the case with him. He is NO gypsy cop / admin guy opportunist moving from job to job. Not at all.

    No one should speculate on the reasons that he is choosing to relocate and take work in his chosen field which he is very well qualified for. For all we know, he’s tired of the direction this city is going, sees the writing on the wall and is going out before the idiot conservatives of this town fight amongst themselves and yet again cause a thing like Dunbar to get elected as the next mayor. Forrest’s ideology will bring a type of pollution into the LE community that is very toxic to the mission. Evans, a complete squish and the other two conservatives candidates, will all fight, refuse to combine forces and that will be that.
    Unfortunately, and frequently so, by the time the citizens of any given community figure out what has happened to the entire infrastructure … It’s too late. Anchorage is well on its way to that end. Some would say we are there now, but it can get a lot worse.

    • Then he should just stay here since he knows the Department in and out from the ground up. Alaska wastes its training on professionals who will just leave after they reach Administration level to build up their own kingdom. He not that old to be retiring. Even, then A retired professional provides a breadth of professional experience being an elder and mentoring the next generation of State of Alaska leaders. A community that has no elders gets a bunch of young energetic leaders deciding important decisions on the cuff. Forrest’s generation of young leaders is an example not being led by involved retirees at least good thinking elders who know Alaska in and out from the bottom to the top.

    • If Mr. Doll is relocating because he is indeed “tired of the direction this city (Anchorage is going”, then by moving to San Jose he would only be going from the (marxist) frying pan into the (bolshevik) fire.

  5. Scirotto is a white guy that identifies as a black guy. Need to up your game there, Doll. It’s close to the Bay so this’ll have to be way bigger than just saying you identify as a lesbian or that you like Dunbar, etc.

    Maybe tell ’em that looks are deceiving and you are actually Asian.
    Think big here… and good luck. Everyone should have the chance to develop an impression of Californians on their own.

  6. Yeah!!! This APD needs change and educated chiefs and officers. The usual behavior is traffic, then “shoot “em up” and that is it. This APD needs new management. The union is the devious partner to every citizen and the protection of this city. Pay is out of control for a job not well done. No matter how much these officers are paid, they have not earned the whole of what the public has to pay for by taxation so they can live very well and do a job in a half measure. No one says the truth about these APD problems, so maybe its time with a much better mayor and assembly that really works for the citizens. What we have today, is not a great or good department of police.

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