Tarr makes demands to majority coalition


Rep. Geran Tarr said she won’t be the vote needed for the committee structure unless the House Majority meets demands she outlines in a letter to Speaker Louise Stutes.

She wants her staff to be retained during the restructuring. She wants the emergency declaration extended. And she wants some of her legislation passed.

She says she has decided against joining the House majority coalition and cites threats from others in the coalition to leave and joint the Republican caucus. The situation, she says, is contrary to her commitment to honorable public service.

Here is her letter:

During the last legislative session, Tarr was co-chair of the House Natural Resources Committee. This year, she has only received a committee assignment on State Affairs, while the Republican members who joined the coalition have received more powerful positions, such as Reps. Kelly Merrick and Sara Rasmussen getting seats on Finance, while Tarr, a Democrat, has more seniority.

This is a rapidly evolving story. Check back for updates.


    • Good for her. A Democrat who thinks like Gary Knopp. In your face, Stutes!
      Tarr should go to Thompson and ask for co-Chair of Finance and join the NEW Republican-led coalition. Thompson Speaker, LeBon and Tarr on Finance. That will teach the Lefties not to mess with Mother Nature. This is the perfect year to slap the Democrats silly.

      • It’s not like Thompson and LeBon are anyone to trust either. They pretend the state’s broke and are PFD raider enthusiasts. Plus a buncha more more negative stuff – and they have the history to show it.

  1. Took lessons from Lisa – manipulate a political situation for more power… While principled people just get nothing.

  2. I have concluded that the best Government for Alaska is no government. All they can do is pass more draconian Covidian Cult legislation & and spend our PFD funds on Union Boondoggles. We are better off without them.

    • Yes! I want the Party of”No!” back. Leave us all alone and we can figure out how to run our own lives.
      A couple of times I was hopeful for gridlock in DC, too, but no joy.

  3. Reading between the lines, Mrs. Tarr obviously expected to be in line for the jobs that went to Kelly Merrick and Sara Rasmussen. She decries the dishonorable service of others, who threaten to leave the caucus and then… leaves the caucus. So she jumps ship, but demands that she gets to keep her staff. I wonder what Lora Reinbold would think of that…..
    Her pretension to care about Alaskans is negated by her deliberated act to sabotage getting any work done.

  4. Give her a sliver of credit for wanting to protect her people. But only a sliver.
    She’s shaking down the state for personal gain. Openly.

  5. It’s all about “them” down there, isn’t it? Get them in office and then they just seem to forget who they are representing in Juneau. I don’t care what you want. You shouldn’t be making demands for favors. This, this is what is so wrong with politics. Every single one of you in Juneau, you are there working for your constituents, not to get things for yourself. Remember that, or come election time, we will remind you.

  6. All these folks are not problem solvers they are the problem…they seem to be looking at Juneau and Government as a big cookie jar and think it is theirs to control and give out the cookies from..!!

  7. Never mind that continuing a fake “emergency” will result in continued job losses for hard working Alaskans. There’s no justification for protecting her buddies and their kush government jobs.

  8. Over the years that Geran Tarr has been involved with the Alaska state legislature, I have had numerous opportunities to see her LACK of honesty, integrity, stability, and professionalism. Now all Alaskans can see in clear daylight that she is deficient in most areas of her life. She has very few redeeming qualities and, it appears, cannot write a basic business letter with correct punctuation, format, and word selection. Speaker Stutes should not acquiesce to Tarr’s childishness. And District 19 voters should fire her in the next election.

  9. Uh, the Legislature doesn’t have anything to extend, the gov’s emergency declaration ended on Sunday, the 15th. Alaska is finally free again.

  10. I’m starting to think that we need to fire everyone and move the legislature to ANC or the valley, they are in need of babysitting. Many in Juneau are completely incompetent.

      • Sounds like my comment really hit home with you, yankee. Talking of cheap shots, you are on here all day abusing everyone and anyone. Perhaps try healthy eating and exercise to combat your hate filled soul.

        • I see you needed to change the subject to something other than your cheap shot. Nice try but again, you are one sick puppy!

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