House Committees assigned, but it’s complicated


The Alaska House of Representatives is organized with committee assignments.

Update: The report has not been voted on yet because several members were not available for various reasons. Rep. Josiah Patkotak had to attend to a medical emergency, while Democrat Rep. Geran Tarr is said to have walked out of her own caucus after not getting the seat she wanted.

The most powerful person in the House is still Rep. Bryce Edgmon, as he sits on Rules and also on Finance. If he doesn’t like what happens in Finance, he can stop any bill in Rules.

  • Speaker: Louise Stutes
  • Majority Leader: Chris Tuck
  • Majority Whip: Matt Claman
  • Minority Leader: Cathy Tilton
  • Minority Whip: Laddie Shaw
  • Committee on Committees: Chair Louise Stutes, Bryce Edgmon, Chris Tuck, Kelly Merrick, Neal Foster, Cathy Tilton, Laddie Shaw
  • Rules: Chair Bryce Edgmon, Louise Stutes, Kelly Merrick, Neal Foster, Cathy Tilton, Laddie Shaw, David Eastman
  • Finance: Co-chairs Kelly Merrick and Neal Foster, Vice Chair Dan Ortiz, Adam Wool, Bryce Edgmon, Andy Josephson, Sara Rasmussen, Steve Thompson, Bart LeBon, Ben Carpenter, DeLena Johnson
  • Community and Regional Affairs: Co-chairs Calvin Schrage and Sara Hannan, Vice Chair Josiah Paktotak, Harriet Drummond, Mike Prax, Ken McCarty, Tom McKay
  • Education: Co-chairs Harriet Drummond and Andi Story, Tiffany Zulkosky, Grier Hopkins, Mike Prax, Mike Cronk, Ron Gillham
  • Health and Social Services: Co-chairs Tiffany Zulkosky and Liz Snyder, Ivy Sponholz, Zack Fields, Ken McCarty, Mike Prax, Chris Kurka
  • Judiciary: Chair Matt Claman, Harriet Drummond, Liz Snyder, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, David Eastman, Chris Kurka, Sarah Vance
  • Labor and Commerce: Co-chairs Zack Fields and Ivy Spohnholz, Calvin Schrage, Liz Snyder, David Nelson, James Kaufman, Ken McCarty
  • Resources: Chair Josiah Patkotak, Zack Fields, Grier Hopkins, Calvin Schrage, Sara Hannan, George Rauscher, Mike Cronk, Ron Gillham, Kevin McCabe
  • State Affairs: Chair Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Geran Tarr, Andy Josephson, Matt Claman, Sarah Vance, James Kaufman, David Eastman
  • Transportation: Co-chairs Grier Hopkins and Ivy Spohnholz, Harriet Drummond, Sara Hannan, Tom McKay, Kevin McCabe, Mike Cronk

Special committee assignments have not yet been announced.


  1. Again this proves that the district chairs not doing their job, as we have too many rino’s representatives that are not conservative. When will this charade end? My guess is probably when the state is flat out broke.

    • Is it District Chair’s? Available candidates? Or the choices being made by the voter’s themselves in primary & general elections?

  2. Conservatives? We have those?

    The one and only possible solution is getting the capital out of Juneau.

    • No, actually we don’t have conservatives. We have Republicans masquerading as conservatives. Conservatives don’t sponsor boondoggle projects time after time. Conservatives don’t continually try to raid the PF under the guise of paying off people to vote for them. Conservatives don’t spend the reserve funds down to nothing so they won’t have to deal with the ongoing problem of funding the state government. And conservatives don’t object to each and every bill that is designed to help the disadvantaged, because they know in the long run, that’s the best way to keep problems under control.
      What we have is a reactionary, right wing branch of the legislature that are pretending to be conservatives. These are the true RINOs. These are the Sarah Palins and Mike Dunleavys who talk trash but do nothing. These are the people who have been “leading” the state back into the 1950s the past twenty years. When will we get smart and show them the door?
      (Actually, Sarah wasn’t too bad as Gov. She didn’t become a RINO till she got a taste of fame in the big show. We know how that turned out, but here she is again, trying to stir up trouble.)

  3. Geran Tarr is a spoiled adult-child and a huge waste of time. Only one committee assignment is more than enough for her. Actually, were it me I’d show her the door.

  4. How long will Mountain View-Russian Jack neighbors get tired living in a Poop district for them start voting for real leaders on its city council, assembly, and legislature representation? C’mon! They got a cute historic district but with a low education voting population who must not Read for fun to know the difference between real and fake persons.
    I love to see Mountain View tired of the like of Rep. Tarr to vote someone else who brings real positive change developing their district making it place people want to buy and live and start a business there.

    • Yup. Time to seriously consider moving to Idaho or Texas.

      We’ve been well and truly Californicated. It’s terminal

  5. for those of us who don’t have the time to keep up with who’s who it would be great to have an (R/D/I) behind the name of these people to have a better idea of the situation.

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