New Biden rules mean mask-up while fishing, or even when sleeping on boat


The new masking rules from the Biden Administration apply to everyone on federal property — buildings, facilities, monuments, and other jurisdictions. In parks and wild lands, that means masks must be worn if others are nearby.

According to a new directive, it also means those on fishing boats or other commercial vessels must wear face masks, even while sleeping.

According to National Fisherman, the rule is going to be enforced by the Coast Guard, although it’s unclear how practical that actually is in Alaska or other commercial fishing grounds around the country.

Order under Section 361 of the Public ic Health Service Act requires persons to wear masks “while on conveyances and at transportation hubs.

“A conveyance operator transporting persons into and within the United States must require all persons onboard to wear masks for the duration of travel.”

Read the Coast Guard enforcement notification here.

That means from any seaport, in addition to airports and train stations.

“Conveyance operators must use best efforts to ensure that any person on the conveyance wears a mask when boarding, disembarking, and for the duration of travel. Best efforts include:

  • boarding only those persons who wear masks;
  • instructing persons that Federal law requires wearing a mask on the conveyance and failure to comply constitutes a violation of Federal law;
  • monitoring persons onboard the conveyance for anyone who is not wearing a mask and seeking compliance from such persons;
  • at the earliest opportunity, disembarking any person who refuses to comply; and
  • providing persons with prominent and adequate notice to facilitate awareness and compliance of the requirement of this Order to wear a mask; best practices may include, if feasible, advance notifications on digital platforms, such as on apps, websites, or email…”

According to the order’s definition section, “Conveyance shall have the same definition as under 42 CFR 70.1, meaning “an aircraft, train, vessel . . . or other means of transport, including military.”

Exempted are boats that are used solely for personal, non-commercial use.

Those who work aboard commercial fishing boats spend time at sea and frequently have bunks assigned to them. The new regulation from the Biden Administration does not contain any exemptions for removing a mask while sleeping. Those under the age of 2 are not required to abide by the federal mask mandate.


  1. No free American is required to abide by the mask mandate, this is a criminal confiscation of the Constitutional rights of the population by edict. Total crap.

    • What in the name of hell does this demented acting President think he is doing?? My God everyone, buck this maniac and say no!! Who cares what rules he put in place!! He is using the Coast Guard that has actual REAL people to save every day from drowning in Alaska waters. Not be mask police. Come on! It’s time to take back our lives and say no. Masks on while sleeping. On a boat. On the water. That tells me this dementia patient needs to be admitted to a nursing home.
      I refuse to listen to this idiot. NO ONE should listen to him he’s a joke!!

      • Empty suit and empty head Obiden has no idea what he’s doing or what he signs. He’s simply the perfect puppet for the globalist mafia who are pulling the strings behind him. Resist the terrorists of the cabal, or we will all be locked down for the rest of our lives on earth.

        • There is an old saying, I believe from Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”.
          With the radical authoritarian leftists and Usurper Biden, however, I would flip that saying on its head to reflect the current situation : “Those who can make you commit absurdities can make you believe in atrocities”. Given China Joe’s apologies for the genocide of the Uyghurs by the criminal Beijing regime, this latter version is even more appropriate, and more accurate.

    • There was no mistaking their vote! They know what he is doing, and they champion his efforts. Their vote was, in their minds, calculated.

      For those wondering the enforcement aspect of this order, I am a career USCG Vet, and I can assure you that the CG has MUCH bigger fish to fry. Enforcement will be non-existent.

      This order was more for the woke, making them believe we have a real leader at the helm now.

  2. Just like anything and anyone associated with the democrats…. all of it is completely ridiculous.
    Learn to live life without the Gov’t telling you: what, when, where, how, and why!

  3. I claim my second childhood, I am under two again, I mean 92. I’m not involved with the National Health Service. I have Providence Health Services through my wife. Here we go again with dictator issuing his orders.

  4. Biden is an impostor. He won nothing. Complete fraud. Counterfeit presidency. Ignore his Order.
    Biden should be in jail with his son, Hunter, for accepting bribes from the Chinese. Biden is a criminal. Not my president.

  5. Leave it to Usurper Biden to pile one outrage and absurdity upon another.
    Yeah, I believe that all the crab fishermen working in the freezing, windblown spray of the Bering Sea are going to meekly comply with this insane directive, even while sleeping.
    Yeah, keep issuing those diktats, Tovarishch Biden, and further discredit yourself and the federal government, as more and more states, counties and individuals openly defy and nullify your tyrannical decrees. What about mandatory masks while bathing, or swimming, or mountain climbing, or diving? Those would all make just as much sense.

  6. Is there an end date to these regulations? He stated several times during the debates that he would institute a 100 day mask mandate.

  7. I would not get too excited about such a ruling holding up on most Alaskan fishing vessels. There is not a chance in a carload that seine crews will be wearing masks while actively seining, or gillnetters for that matter.
    There may be a case made for processing vessels having large number of crew in close quarters processing product needing some sort of protection at that job. Even then because of the large amounts of water involved it might be more feasible for some sort of face shield made of see-through plastic.
    There will be something additional, in this regard, but will involve cooler heads prevailing IMO.

    • Billy Boy, seriously, if Trump had issued such a moronic mandate would you be so sanguine? I doubt it, and perhaps you would be in that brief moment displaying some frontal cortex activity! But since the fraud, the illegitimate Biden gushes such logorrhea you see where some common sense will be transmitted during enforcement? Astonishing!

      • Hate to have to educate you here Robert, but laws are passed all the time and it’s the regs. that determine how those laws are handled. My opinion is stated as to how this mandate will be handled and masking for close quarters on fishing vessels makes as much sense as masking in other areas. That said, there will be some situations where working outdoors in fish slime will make mask wearing a nonstarter. Also, sleeping in close quarters would not fall into this category.
        Anyway, you plain wanting to bitch about something that you know nothing about is proof you are just a whiner. Your turn.

        • You are finally correct in one matter, Bill, although probably inadvertently: “Masking for close quarters on fishing vessels makes as much sense as masking in other areas”. Meaning, basically not at all. Because THE SCIENCE tells us that outside of controlled and limited surgical settings, the wearing of masks has little or no effect on disease transmission, all the hysterical propaganda and onerous dictates of out-of-control authoritarian leftist fascists (such as “The Gang of Nine” on the Anchorage Ass-embly) notwithstanding.

          • Just your opinion Jefferson and no science tells us that. Geldhof pretty well laid it out on your ability to become your own expert on everything under the sun and that you should take a break. Didn’t you get the message? Heheh!

        • Billy, I am merely pointing out how tyranny works, whether it is an executive order or the CFR
          that carries it forward, and how knuckleheads will submit under color of law. Even your godlike king , China Joe has limitations. Since you like to play Perry Mason, kindly review whether China Joe has the authority to issue such nonsense in State Waters. Hmm?

          • Since it is to be enforced by Coast Guard, I suspect it will involve their authority similar to what it is now, relative to drugs, or other regulations they enforce. Nitpick all you want but that’s all you got Robert. You don’t like it so it’s “nonsense,” but try pointing out that nonsense-I’ll not hold my breath. Tough noogies to you.

          • Billy, why do you always or almost always end with He-He or Tough Noogies? Just wondering.
            I think any good AG or Guv… would challenge this order or presidential fiat, at least this once. China joe has regulatory power on Federal Lands, last time I checked Billy, Stephans Passage was firmly above STATE LAND. See the difference? The State owns these submerged lands and in the State Compact with the Federal Government, (State Constitution, there is language about restricting waterways) Hopefully Billy Boy you might be a tad curious and maybe realize that your very breath and yearning to breath freely is important.
            We are in this together, I am pulling for ya! So long for now William!

          • Robert, I do that just to get under your skin and it works. Heheh! Gov. will not challenge this since his brilliant AG (who lost every case of his) resigned. Also heheh! And, of course, Coast Guard enforces laws on navigable waters-this may help you: “The Coast Guard is the lead federal maritime law enforcement agency and the only agency with both the authority and capability to enforce national and international law on the high seas, outer continental shelf, and inward from the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to inland waters.” You think Dunleavy will challenge this? Tough noogies.

    • You might want to take a cognitive test. Why would you try to defend such a moronic order? I suppose next you will be trying to defend Chairman Biden’s orders to defund law enforcement while simultaneously pursuing confiscation of semi-auto guns from law abiding citizens.

      • Sorry, Grey, that answer is crystal clear. An intelligent person only needs to look at every other disarmament in past to see the desired outcome. But then again I scored 30/30 on the MoCA.

      • My earlier post here has disappeared so I’ll try it again. First off this has not a single thing to do with gun control so we’ll ignore that. Second, I am not trying to defend this at all and especially for fishermen on deck as there is no way these folks will be wearing masks IMO. Now that said, for large vessels with large crew in close quarters inside it makes the same sense as for large numbers of workers in close quarters on land (say meat packing plants).
        Anyway, since your assumption that I am defending such is asinine, then everything you’ve said after it is worthless, as well. But you knew that too, so what is your purpose with this post other than to assure all on here that it’s you that needs the cognitive test?

  8. A major problem in our society today is lack of respect. Very simply, if you desire people to respect the law, then make the law respectable. Instead we have clowns making laughable dictates and wondering why Americans scorn laws from jaywalking to murder.

  9. Biden is a JOKE!!
    So your at the top of mount McKinley federal land by YOURSELF
    You need a snack water oxygen wait I have a double mask on at over 20,000 ft
    What the -x#%
    How Stupid is that!
    No mask wearing for me, even when I go into stores, in that blue city anchorage.
    Like I’ve said before, you Losers need to get a life or just stay home in your bunker or under your Rock

  10. Biden is a Chinese Puppet placed to run a government of Vichy Traitors! Nothing the decree is constitutional and every American has a duty to ignore & undermine.

  11. So when the wave hits you in the face while crabbing in the Bering Sea do you qualify to receive compensation for being water boarded? Asking for a friend….

  12. Ludicrous, capricious and without purpose. Embarrassment for anyone trying to apply or enforce such a “mandate”

  13. Yep, I’ll be sure to comply. Just you come out and enforce it. Yo yo. What’s the excitement? Are they building detention centers for us outlaws?

  14. So, I’m all alone in a national park hiking a trail and this moron, who calls himself a leader and president make it a law, by executive order (fiat) that I wear a face diaper. This same “law” would mandate me to wear it while sleeping too. Yeah, pound sand you idiot.

  15. There is a winter freeze in almost every lower 48 state that is responsible for death, rolling blackouts and interruptions of the COVID vaccine supply. Biden is responsible and gets the blame just as the Marxist left would blame Trump if he were in office. Meanwhile Alzheimer’s Joe is worried about masks, citizenship for illegals and windmills. China is starting to wonder if America is really even worth invading.

  16. The Communist Chinese said the United States would pay dearly for enacting Tariffs against China & they were right. They meddled in our presidential election and gave us Beijing Biden as President, a senile, moronic and corrupt mouthpiece for Communist China.

  17. Now if one is on a boat and does not wear a mask they are instructed to disembark. Would this mean disembarking in the middle of the Bering Sea? Hey Yankee, I like the plastic mask idea. It will quickly fog up and completely obscure vision. Vision is kind of a nice thing when large crab pots are swinging around, rogue waves wash over a deck, or large hooks are swinging around. But hey, you gotta obey Joe or he might take you out behind the gym and beat you up!

    • Boy Jimbo, a plastic face shield is not a plastic mask. There are plenty of occupations that wear these face shields and they have controlled any fogging that you pull out of your you know what.
      But you knew this and just wanted to do some whining. Whine away. And tough noogies to you.

      • Bill, I grew up in the fishing business. There is NO WAY you can SAFELY wear a face shield while working on deck of a crab vessel. Your focus is on safety, watching out for the rogue wave, the swinging pot, keeping your balance, and as you’re constantly drenched, a stupid face shield would obviously hamper your vision and your safety.

        • I agree MF and my thoughts on face masks was for processors in close quarters like in meat packing plants. Out on deck there is almost no reason for any sort of face covering-my experience is gillnet on Copper Flats and these tend to be small crew boats but the BB fishery might benefit in nice weather when several crew are together picking. This would be impossible to enforce but it might be something the skipper could provide with a suggestion but nothing mandated IMO.

          • Billy boy, I didn’t think you had crewed for old Stan. I worked with Samuelson in Prudhoe in ’74. Stan being loud and obnoxious, (good naturedly) then some 50 years old knocked no small amount of sense into my punk ass as I confronted him about his teasing ways.
            A lesson learned that sadly is lost on some who post comments herein.
            Were in this together William, I’m pulling for you!
            BTW, Stan played Chess? Not surprising, he was after all a WWII Marine, Martial Arts Master and a Republican!

          • Yessir Stan had lots of interests and kind salmon spawning grounds was foremost in his mine-he wanted nobody fishing on their nests. Of course a lot of charter folks had problems with that. Heheh! And I think Stan was hard of crew, too.

          • That could happen more often Robert if you’d skip the “China Joe” and “freedom to breath” BS.

  18. The Coast Guard is the ones at fault here. They are overreaching and mis-representing the CDC guidance. This EO is intended for “public vessels”, and the definition of a vessel in that context is defined in 42 CFR 70.1 as noted in the article.

    But the the actual text of 42 CFR 70.1, which reads as follows, commercial fishing vessels don’t fall under the definition of a vessel used for conveyance:

    “Vessel means any passenger-carrying, cargo, or towing vessel exclusive of:

    Fishing boats including those used for shell-fishing;

    Tugs which operate only locally in specific harbors and adjacent waters;

    Barges without means of self-propulsion;

    Construction-equipment boats and dredges; and

    Sand and gravel dredging and handling boats.”

    Please send an email to:

    wearamask at

    and show it does not apply to us; that’s how we’re going to get this ridiculous rule repealed.

  19. What, no mandatory masks for the crabs also?

    In tomorrow’s news: Usurper Biden announces executive order requiring a giant mask to cover all 3+ million square miles of the United States.

    • Didn’t Joe Geldhof neuter you on here recently Jefferson. After that shellacking I’m surprised you have the gall to show your face on here. Especially running your mouth off about something else you have no knowledge in.
      Now “giant masks” are something you should be able to compete in since yours is a giant mouth. heheh!

      • Thank you for your consistently intellectual content-free comments, Bill.
        We can always count on you to add absolutely nothing meaningful to any conversation.

        • Here is Joe again on your “spew” : “Do you actually roll any of the spew you put on this blog around in your brain before you key stroke you way into oblivion?”
          He certainly has you pegged Jefferson and I suspect it’s gone over your head. Heheh! You don’t like my posts, just skip over them.

    • Selectively, very selectively. I have read that the typical American commits three felonies daily violating obscure laws. Get on their bad side and now you are suddenly a criminal being severely punished while those who torch federal buildings and assault federal officers walk free. Laws for thee but not for me. Progressives criminalize everything they don’t like, like liberty, while enforcing their mandates only upon those that they don’t like, like free people. You know, wrapping the face tightly with Saran Wrap prevents atmospheric transmission of COVID too, but don’t tell them.

      • Finally, some real wisdom uttered on this discussion board. Congratulations to this anonymous (as in cowardly) commenter.

  20. The King has spoken.

    This has been one giant Democrat conspiracy from the start, suppress the vote, offer mail in voting in record numbers, and then give us our King.

    Yet so many just can see the forest through the…….you know, the thing.

  21. I willingly conform to my government requiring me to: 1) have a life preserver on my personal boat, 2) wear a seat belt while driving my car, 3) have a smoke detector in my home, 4) have a handrail not less than 36″ above the steps of my home staircase, 5) have a set of flares on my boat, 6) have a toilet in my home with a tank no larger than 1.6-gallons, 7) wear a helmet when riding my motorcycle…. and on and on and on… obeying countless other laws and regulations which, if violated, could only harm myself.
    It is a fact all government laws and regulations are enforced, ultimately, with the point of a gun. If I stubbornly refuse to obey any regulation, after proper notice, I will be confronted by law enforcement. If I resist, they will use force. If I continue to resist, they will shoot me dead.
    After cowardly surrendering so many of my constitutional rights already, why would finally take a stand against a face mask requirement? Moreover, why would I protest with bravado on this discussion board after having proven myself so cowardly with all my other rights? Get a grip people. We made this bed now we must sleep in it.

    • Wayne, as your president china joe would say, “come on man”, because I know how much of a scofflaw you really are. This is evidenced every time we have had a phone conversation while you have been driving these last couple of decades. I can hear the seat belt warning bell in the back ground. In truth I have admired your spirit of rugged individualism despite the annoying trumpeting. I suggest, given the above that you should boldly announce your resisting the “man”. I too join you in asserting our God given rights of Life, Liberty and breath. Therefore, I announce that while we have surely made this “bed”, I refuse to sleep on it wearing a MASK. Bring it on coppers! BTW, have you checked your boat flares lately to see if they are within their “freshness” date?

      • Top notch work with your humorous reply Robert. Its always uplifting. You can make wise-cracks as your government overlords herd you into their corral of totalitarian subservience with regulatory cattle prods. As your grandchildren suffer under the oppression they can lament their great-great-grandfather failed to realize the seriousness of the threat against his descendants.

  22. All the stores down here that used to have a sign at their front door saying the mask was required have taken them all down now. I’m gone for three days and you guys can’t get along. Jefferson, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  23. Well it looks like the new guy first took aim at Alaska’s oil revenue, is he now out to destroy Alaska’s Commercial fisheries as well with his silly mask mandates?

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