District 14 GOP leaders censure Rep. Kelly Merrick and Sen. Lisa Murkowski


District 14 Republicans met on Wednesday evening and passed resolutions to censure both their State House Rep. Kelly Merrick, who joined the Democrat-controlled majority coalition, and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, for her role in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Both elected leaders who were sanctioned by the district Republican leaders are Republicans.

District Chair Joe Wright led the meeting, during which members had tried to get Merrick to join by phone or Zoom teleconference to explain why she had left the Republican majority (there are 21 elected Republicans in the House) and joined the Democrat-led coalition to form up a weak majority, with Speaker Louise Stutes. Stutes is the other Republican in the patched-together coalition.

The group of 19 Republicans in Eagle River had a long discussion about Merrick, who had promised to them in earlier meetings that she would not join the Democrats. Among their options, sources say, is to initiate a recall against Merrick, something that they are now researching.

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The censure of Murkowski was similar to the the resolution passed last year in the District. This time, the censure said she had violated her constitutional duties, and that she had voted to convict Donald J. Trump of inciting an insurrection.

Several other districts in Alaska have censured Murkowski, and others are in the process of voting to do so.


  1. I’m sure that ‘censuring’ will provide enough of a ‘consequence’ to get these two in-line …. NOT!!! The bottom line is that there is no real consequence and neither of them have any sense of shame, remorse, and.or loyalty to the GOP.
    The only true effective consequences are:
    In the mean time, us Republicans will bear the physical pain and financial ruin, while the political leaders reap the rewards.

    • I always thought that these candidates promise the voters everything while campaigning but when they get elected they go rouge. I believe we need a legal binding contract with the candidate to guarantee they stay good to their word.

      • “Binding contract” in the context of political decision making is fantastically silly idea.
        How would you enforce this “contract.”
        If you do not like what your elected officials do when faced with other elected officials, then vote them out of office.

  2. If the district committee can not start making better decisions on who they pick as a representative for us to vote on, maybe it’s time to start replacing our district committee representatives. Conservative American first People in district 14 need to go to your district committee and see if there’s any vacancies and try to get on the board. We the people are tired of our district committees being Mitt Romney Republicans. They’re republican by name Democrat by vote.

  3. And the efforts of the Alaska GOP to paint itself in the far right corner continue. If compromise and differences of opinion are not allowed under the strict regime of the far right, then they will be rendered obsolete because they will be unable to govern, either because they will be outvoted or they will take complete control of the government and rule by edict. There are consequences to being unable to move or to acknowledge the need to move. One of them is gridlock, the other is dictatorship.

    • Greg R
      Whoa there buddy … the far-right? In what universe are you living? Most people who voted for “Republicans” voted for less government, a balanced budget, a true PFD from a formula that needs to be upheld without being taken hostage and a legislature not under gridlock, yet not under a dictatorship either, as you said. That’s what most voters wanted. The far left wants something completely different and they’re a minority … remember the sayin’ “Elections have consequences!”
      For those that put their confidence and trust into someone who promised not to side with the Democrats and then do so, well, …. I’d be madder than a wet hen and would be looking for payback.

    • It looks bad for the Alaska GOP, looks like Lisa bought their silence. Seems that republicans just can’t be trusted anymore!

    • “And the efforts of the Alaska GOP to paint itself in the far right corner continue.”
      Sick of “moderates” and middle-of-the-roaders. They stand for nothing. They start out from a position of compromise. There are no calls for the Democrats to move back to the middle, why should the GOP?
      “There are consequences to being unable to move or to acknowledge the need to move. One of them is gridlock, the other is dictatorship.”
      Once again, GOOD! The more gridlocked the government is, the more freedoms the average person has. Government is the antithesis to freedom.
      As to dictatorships? Not from the GOP. The average person on the right side of the political aisle looks at government as a necessary evil. The average person on the left side of the political aisle looks at government as the goal/solution. No one in the far right is shooting for dictator.

  4. Fantastic! I for one, am tired of seeing our elected officials getting elected and as soon as they leave their district behind, it becomes all about them. But here’s another thing, if you (Murkowski) are going to vote for every single thing that the Dems put in front of you, then please change your party affiliation. Quit saying you’re one thing, and then doing the complete opposite. I believe that is what most Republicans are tired of seeing.

    • Why does the Republican Party allow these turn coats to run on its ticket. Make them declare as democrats, and run as such.

  5. Censure is grandstanding. Start working against her. That becomes something.

    If the useless GOP wants to make a genuine statement, start by publicly putting the wheels in motion to begin recalling her as soon as she’s been there long enough to make it legal. Kick her out of the party.

    Otherwise they are just imitating the Cowardly Lion Dunleavy- talking big, doing little

    • And the last time any political party in AK censured one of their elected US Senators was when?

      It’s a start. Not a finish. Consider it a warning shot across the bow of the SS Lisa. Cheers –

  6. I will give NO more Money to the Lame republican party. It’s way too late to act on any thing, the alaska RNC is a miserable failure to act on TIMELY ! Should I say GOODBYE—-YES. bye

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