Republicans in Alaska begin censuring Murkowski


On the Kenai Peninsula, District 31 Republicans have passed a resolution censuring Sen. Lisa Murkowski for her actions in the impeachment hearings against former President Donald J. Trump.

That district isn’t the only one. There are several others that have either passed similar resolutions or that are in the voting process.

Districts 3, 8, 9, 11, and 12 have passed similar censures, and Districts 7 and 10 are in final vote. Both of the Mat-Su Valley Republican Women’s Clubs are working on resolutions or censures.

[Note: District 26 has also passed a resolution.]

The other six senators who joined Murkowski in voting to convict Trump were Sens. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. Ultimately, the conviction fell short of the votes needed by Democrats to finish Trump off.

On Saturday, the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Louisiana censured Cassidy.

On Sunday night, the North Carolina Republican Party was taking a censure vote Burr.

Utah Republicans are passing around a censure resolution targeting Romney for “his personal and political vendetta against President Donald J. Trump ahead of the Constitution of the United States, the interest of We, the People, and the advancement of the Republican Platform.”

Toomey has been censured by multiple county Republican districts in Pennsylvania.

But of the seven, only Murkowski is standing for reelection in 2022.

The Alaska GOP State Central Committee meets in mid-March in Anchorage. Word is that the districts leading the censures of Murkowski will bring their efforts to the State Central Committee for a statewide vote.

In 2018, Murkowski donated $10,000 from her campaign war chest to the Alaska Republican Party (she was not running that year). In 2016, she gave $398,976 to the state party, according to


  1. I’m not sure what the Republican party is thinking here, but I predict that if the GOP is determined to become the Party of Trump it will result in the end of the Republican Party or the end of the United States of America. Neither one of these would be a good thing for democracy.

    • And I am not sure that you, Greg R. (along with all your fellow radical leftist, conformist, Quisling bedfellows) are thinking at all.
      On second thought, I am sure. You are not.

      • She has a huge voting block in the 907, and I’m not sure they can be convinced that she is indeed the devil.

        We shall see.

    • Greggy – if Republican leadership doesn’t get in line with MAGA it will mean the end of those Rhinos & they know it! That is why they & their cohorts in the now thoroughly corrupt Democratic Party & their allies in the media are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Trump. Trump will be coming for them in 2024 & he will save democracy in the USA!

    • What they are doing here is standing up for rule of law.
      There is no definition of inciting that is applicable to what Trump said or did. End of story. The “evidence” presented at the “trial” was laughable at best. No jury in the world would convict someone on that evidence. It barely rose to the level of political rhetoric, let along incitement to riot or insurrection.
      There is no standard of reasonableness that would find Trump guilty, without bringing party politics into the equation. If Trump was a Democrat, the impeachment likely would not have even happened.
      Yet, here she is, voting guilty. Why? Does she not understand she and the rest of the Republicans are next? No answer is acceptable. Either she knows it, and thinks kowtowing to the Democrats will save her seat. (HINT: It won’t. Giving your enemies what they want will not make them your friend.) Or, she is so clueless that she actually thinks Trump was guilty.
      Either way, she does not deserve to keep her seat.

    • There’s a reason Trump won the 2016 nomination over 16 establishment candidates. The GOP is still in denial.

      • Understanding the principle that we are a representative republic and not a democracy, what are we to do when our representatives no longer represent the majority of their constituents? Lisa has never represented me.

    • @Greg R Why do you think that?
      Can’t you see from the comments below that the party of Trump will repeat the success of the last election forever forward?

    • Trump has brought BACK the Republican Party as it USED to be before it was HI-Jacked, some odd years SINCE Pres. Reagan..

      • Correction!!, What the Republican party should have been a long before Reagan, but it was in recent times Reagan started to bring it back!

  2. Also will be looking for a replacement for Dan following the Capitol Hill debacle in which he ran like a scared rabbit.

    • Yes, Sullivan needs to go too! Need to start grooming someone to take his place if he continues to screw up.

    • If you meant Sullivan by “Dan”, you’ve made a mistake. Senator Dan was carefully weighing his responsibility under the Constitution instead of being merely partisan, and unlike Lisa, he was not trying to gather attention for himself.

      • Sullivan was not a hold out and did not abstain from the impeachment vote. While he may have been weighing his options, he voted for the impeachment, but against conviction on the charges during the circus…er, trial.

  3. So, in the end, in the bitter end, we learn that it’s about money. Lisa donated over 400 k to the Republican Party? I wondered why she wasn’t booted out long ago. Perhaps her gifts kept some people in a job? Tell me it isn’t so…

    • Honestly, I don’t know anyone in my circles anyway, that voted for that. Might just be time to pull my consent to be governed.

    • Someone was suing over that ballot measure because it was unconstitutional. Haven’t heard anything about how that’s going. If anyone knows let us know.

  4. Murkowski is a traitor, saying it again. She stands against this nation and against the will of the people of this State. Censure is far too lenient of a punishment but am glad to see this. Time for the State and the people to stand up against Murkowski’s tyranny.

    • MOST politicians, particularly today, are traitors — to the USA, to the US constitution, to the concept of freedom and liberty, and to everything that is good, honest and decent. That includes many politicians even at the local level, for example, the openly bolshevik “Gang of Nine” on the Anchorage Municipal Assembly.

  5. Good. About darn time. I left the repub. party because of snakes like Murkowski years ago and do not see ever coming back.

  6. Good riddance to the Great White RINO!
    And by the way, Lisa, don’t try appointing one of your children to your soon-to-be newly-vacated senate seat, either. We’ve had enough of that shameful game, and of nepotistic and self-serving Murkowskis for that matter.
    (Yeah, I know that there is a ‘law’ against Alaskan senators doing that now. But what does law, or ethics, or morals mean to these kind of people, anyway? Exactly nothing!)

  7. Glad to see. Peaceful push back against an elected official who has chosen to fit in with mainstream media and the swamp versus representing her constituency. She has placed herself in no man’s land as the Liberal Dems will not come to her rescue or offer sympathy.

    • It does nothing what so ever, well, other than putting your dissatisfaction on record. I don’t know why we don’t have a recall instead. After all, if she will vote to convict with no evidence, what else might she do that is not legal?

  8. Won’t be able to get rid of this anti-constitutionalist. She’s only in office because of dominion voting machines. Need to reform the elections first. I bet if you could audit the actual votes where she won the write-in campaign, you would find she lost, by a decent margin, but being able to alter adjudicated votes, and having a super high rate of adjudication (due to the write-in campaign) she was able to steal enough to win. And when they recount, they just print from the machines, and the machines are going to print a ballot that matches what the adjudicators selected, not what was originally input…

  9. It’ll be a badge of honor for her and probably even increase her chances of winning with the new election system coming soon.

  10. Rhino is too good a word for murkowski. I’m going to have to go with traitor on this one. She violated the constitution of the United States and isn’t fit for office. We saw it coming after her wishy-washy fence sitting vote on the kavanaugh hearing. Alaska can do better. Alaska deserves better. To all the natives out there that voted for her, as a fellow native and former Alaskan, she didn’t give you anything except broken promises.

  11. Finally! The state GOP need to take action, they have looked the other way, way to long. They made me go unaffiliated.

  12. This is every bit as dumb as the Democrats taking out an incumbent US Senator in 1980 during the primary and running Clark Gruening against Frank H. Murkowski. Frank the Bank won, not surprisingly, which is proof positive for Frank that being lucky is better than being good.
    All the yapping and carping about Lisa Murkowski, including the fact that her dad appointed her to the US Senate overlooks the a number of tasks she has done and done pretty well on behalf of Alaska for a considerable time. Yeah, yeah, she voted to convict a serial liar who happened to be a draft dodger, a serial philanderer and a guy who trashed thousands of working woemen and men by filing for bankruptcy and other dubious business antics. The fact is, Murkowski voted much of the time with the Republican Party while serving in the US Senate. All the constant whining about being a RINO is tedious and driven by some sort of goofball ideological test held by a narrow faction of citizens in Alaska who are pretty much clueless about what is going on in DC or how politics really works. A lot of these yappers thought Joe Miller was the real deal or that Donald J. Trump would really deliver on his outlandish promises to MAGA.
    Give Trump credit, he is a first-rate con artist and he got a lot of support. We are a deeply divided nation and state. Lisa Murkowski may not be perfect but who is in politics? Certainly not D.J. Trump, a guy who was born on third base and convinced he hit a home run. Trump is a tedious shill for himself. If that’s what you like, knock yourself out and keep working to get the guy re-elected at some point. This is, after all, a democracy and we get what we deserve if we elect goofballs like Donald J. Trump. In the meantime, lets hear from some of you genius types who regularly display a breathtaking lack of knowledge about politics in Alaska or the USA who you want to send to Washington, DC in 2022 to represent our collective interests in the US Senate.

    • Joe, I am not sure whether to laugh or to cry at your little pro-Establishment, pro-status-quo, anti-reality, utterly delusional rant. How do you manage to function in society on a day-to-day basis, with your mental faculties so obviously dysfunctional and deranged? I almost, ALMOST, can feel sorry for you.

      • Joe actually paints a pretty good picture of this situation-you, and all the other yahoos on here whining about Rinos, etc. are just crybabies that don’t get what they always want. Give it a rest as you can’t give a single thing about Joe’s piece that’s delusional because you entire rant is nothing but a delusion. Nothing new though. Heheh!

      • ” am not sure whether to laugh or to cry at your little pro-Establishment, pro-status-quo, anti-reality, utterly delusional rant. How do you manage to function in society on a day-to-day basis, with your mental faculties so obviously dysfunctional and deranged”

        You need to look in the mirror, although it would probably frighten the be-jesus out of you!

      • Jefferson (or whatever your name is), I find it pretty easy to function in this little society up here in Alaska. I am not particularly pro-Establishment, although I do serve on the governing body of my church, run my own business, manage to various legal and financial matters for various folks successfully. worked with adults to get the Alaska Legislature to convene last year and deal with the pandemic. Hey, I even managed to convince the Alaska Supreme Court to halt Bill Walker’s attempt to borrow up to a billion bucks in a weird scheme that would have violated the Alaska Constitution. That isn’t exactly pro-Establishment in most folks books. In other areas, I have long advocated in favor of protecting the PFD and putting the PFD formula into the Alaska Constitution, hardly a pro-Establishment postiion.
        Do you actually roll any of the spew you put on this blog around in your brain before you key stroke you way into oblivion? Get a grip or get your meds adjusted. If you are going to get involved in politics as anything more than a dim bulb spectator with an outsized opinion detached from reality, start doing a minimal amount of homework. And get a new handle or maybe just use your real, given name — the one on your vehicle operators license, assuming it hasn’t been revoked.

    • Outlandish promises? Such as getting manufacturing back, protecting our border, not getting into endless foreign wars- In essence, a cessation of the selling out of America that had been happening for 30 years under the establishment of both parties? These were outlandish? Having a hard time classifying those sorts of ideas as outlandish, they seem.. well “American” to me.

    • I completely agree with you, Joe. Thank you for detailing these assorted facts in a truthful, meaningful, and well-written post at this site.

    • Joe, I agree with your assessment of Senator Murkowski – and I have mixed feelings because of her attention grabbing lately – and even though I disagree with her stance on social issues, she has done a LOT of good for Alaska. Yes, she is a politician – an effective one. I’m disappointed in her actions regarding Trump and Kavanaugh. If we aim for candidates that perfectly agree with every conservative policy position, we will likely fail and elect another dem like Mark Begich (or worse…). Who do we have that can and will run against her? Best case scenario Lisa decides to retire AND we have a conservative candidate willing to run. Censure will do nothing but further divide Republicans at a time when we need all of us together to elect our people. Should we primary Lisa? At this point, I don’t know – if she runs, she will win. As for your Trump rant, I strongly disagree. And as for the Lisa haters unloading – (restrained insult…).

    • At last, a kindred spirit here on MRAK!

      What you really have on this website, from the authors to the readers, is a pretty small group of angry white people – mostly middle-aged men, and a few surprisingly closed-minded women, who spend their days raging at their keyboards, and trying to prove to each other how much further to the right they are than the other guy.

      I know it’s Quixotic, but perhaps challenging their stone-aged opinions with our comments will cause some of them reflect and reconsider just a bit. One can only hope…

    • Oh the good old boy, let’s not let a squeaky wheel go without some palm grease? Is that the way government really works in DC and AK? Just to catch you up, modern conservatives want that RINO activity to cease, yesterday. Everyone is disgusted with the corruption, which runs rampant in politics.

    • “Murkowski voted much of the time with the Republican Party”

      Not much, Lies A Lot Murky voted over 90% in obama’s favor…………..

    • Well I guess we were lucky to have Lisa, just look at her voting record.
      Alaska has others who are capable of those votes, and FAR more. Lisa loves the attention and pasta. Has the media on pins and needles for her next lurch to the left. Her Kavanaugh debacle is close to to a high light in her career. She was adamant that he needed to prove his innocence. She pushed Ford’s testimony and then crickets after Congress was lied to. Alaska can do much better and the primary is the place to be rid of her.

    • Joe,
      I fully agree with you in one area, that being we are a deeply divided Nation and State. I would hasten to point out that this division has been here for some time and is hardly the work of Donald J. Trump. I also think that men and women of good conscience can and should openly air their disagreements. As the scripture points out , “as iron sharpens iron, so one man does another”.
      To begin, lets revisit your comment regarding the 1980 Alaska Senate Race. The incumbent, one Mike Gravel was a bit of a carpet bagger if memory serves, Old Mike also had also come off the rails since he was pushing projects like building a Giant Dome over portions of Denali Park? This following his reversal from War Hawk to his tearful reading the Pentagon Papers. I believe Clark’s candidacy was a breath of fresh air, seldom seen by either of the major parties. However this schism within the Democratic Party gave rise to the problem we have today, Lisa.

      I confess I voted for Lisa as late as the 2010 primary. Following that event it became clear to me that Lisa represented something much beyond her campaign slogans. She represented the “swamp”, the culture, way of life so to speak of Washington D.C. She is a creature of that system, a parasitic being that exists to further and defend their species at the expense of the host. It turns out that many people in this Nation were thinking along these same lines when they elected this Trump fellow. The reaction from the Establishment was breathtaking. Lisa being a notable example. Rather then listen to any part of the message the people sent via Trump, Lisa and the Establishment doubled down on destroying this existential threat to their power. The division we are seeing today is directly linked to the above. The invective hurled at Trump in your comment hardly stands up if we applied the same standard to any of his Establishment detractors. Give D.J.T. credit in one area Joe, he was consistent in his message and fought his detractors.

      Now to Lisa, tell me why she is so indispensable? Is it because not unlike a blind squirrel, she has in the past, on occasion, found an acorn? Tell you what Joe, I think Mark Begich is starting to look very attractive.

  13. That’s correct, Joey. We are a divided nation. And at least 1/2 of us, if not more, don’t roll with your rambling diatribe of DJT. Your guy, Biden, didn’t even know he was a candidate for prez until the 3:00 am ballot dumps in Detroit, Philly, Hotlanta, and Milwaukee gave him 4 million non-down ballot votes and made him the greatest hair-sniffing, China-bribed, counterfeit president in history. So before you go running off the rails with your ego-filled lectures to us little folks here at MRAK, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are better looking now that you kissed the a$$ of Frankie’s little girl.

  14. It really is disappointing that Murkowski would say nothing about Harris’s comments and actions during the summer and fall regarding the riots all over the country. In fact the current VP supported and encouraged attacks on US gov property and police, and ever worse private citizens. By providing bail and political cover Harris encouraged the insurrection.

    • Thats ok..Trump will win a house seat in 2022 and become speaker ofthe house…impeach Biden and Harris and become president again..then win in 2024 as well…

  15. JOE GELDHOF must be watching the Clinton News Network (CNN) and the other MSM liberal propaganda platforms to get such a narrow minded distorted view of reality. Or possibly hypoxia, resulting from wearing to many masks at once. Either way Pedo Joe and the “Democrats” are going to destroy Alaska’s economy and RINO traitor Lisa Murkowski again jumped ship and voted with them to impeach Donald Trump with no proof of any wrongdoing. Anyone who watched his speech that day knows without a doubt he did nothing to instigate a riot.
    The DC Swamp just want him gone so they can go about business as usual, lining their pockets with taxpayer money.

  16. Lisa needs to go!!! I will vote for anyone other than her. At this point I don’t care if their a communist. I will give money to any candidate running against her.

  17. Mr. Gelfdhof:
    For a man who holds himself out to be allegedly knowledgeable in so many areas of politics, you seem to remain stuck in that deep canyon of Trump hate and self-debilitation as a product of your hatred. You unthoughtfully throw around all of the
    meaningless catch phrases of the radical Left who dislike Trump for his personality. This is a coward’s list of foibles that Democrats like to shoot out on the public. Are you a perfect individual yourself? Or do you just hold yourself out to be one?
    HERE is a partial list of President Trump’s accomplishments during his four years:
    1. Narrowed the gap between rich and poor. (Excluding all of those new billionaire Democrats.)
    2. Decreased unemployment for Blacks and Latinos.
    3. Decreased threat of Iran against Arab neighbors.
    4. All but ended the problem of illegal immigration to the US.
    5. Refined the art of economic sanctions as a means to replace war.
    6. Forced China to fair play in rules governing foreign trade.
    7. Negotiated a new NAFTA agreement respective to hourly wage levels.
    8. Prepaid for 100 million doses of COVID vaccine.
    9. Reignited the Charter School movement.
    10. Increased the Standard Deduction for IRS 1040s, scewing fairness towards the middle class.
    11. Introduced the new Space Force.
    12. Deported criminal aliens.

    Donald John Trump. A GREAT President.

    And what have you done for your country, Mr. Geldhof?

      • Not really. Apart from the legitimate issues of feud in the election, What got him in trouble was that he was not owned by the establishment. Biden, has, and does, say much stupider things, controversial things, truly racist and misogynistic things, and is not held to account, because he’s owned by the establishment of the uniparty. If his mouth got him into trouble it was because he spoke plain truth in a profession and a town, and in a country (increasingly)where that isn’t allowed.

        • Like I said, his mouth got him into trouble. Even Republicans were disgusted and his brazenness and disrespect. Sometimes saying something that is true isn’t the correct thing to say. Sometimes you need to bite your lip and exercise tact. I was a strong supporter of his but I’m so pissed at him right now but I changed my party to undetermined. I’m not saying I will ever vote for a Democrat but what I am saying is if you’re a Republican or some other party you’re going to have to earn my vote from now on. If you suck then you won’t get my vote.

      • He is no longer president not because he lost the election. If you open your eyes and your mind and do a careful search of all the evidence you will find that there was a massive coordinated effort that resulted in a fraudulent win for biden. I believe it was the New York Times (don’t quote me on that) that ran an article telling the truth about this coordinated effort (although they said these people did this illegal operation in order to “save” the election and stop Trump from “stealing” the election from biden. What a joke that was.

        • Yes I’m sure he lost some votes because of the Socialist machine stole them. But when the supreme Court doesn’t rule in his favor and lower courts don’t rule in his favor and Congress doesn’t come to his rescue, everybody was just about sick of his mouth. It doesn’t matter. Biden can keep printing the damn money and passing it out. With open borders our way of democracy is a thing of the past. We’re going to have to go away from a two or three party system to a one-party system and just elect by popularity.

  18. President Trump is not the Republican Party. How is it that if you support other Republicans such as Pence, Murkowski, or Romney that one is suddenly Anti-Republican?

    • Trump actually adhered to the platform. He’s responsible for a lot of the wins of the Republican house and senate as well. But GOP officials who are petty and vindictive and who don’t actually believe the party platform, are not really republicans. It’s just where they chose to ha g their hat because they thought it would be an easier road. These are uniparty swamp dwellers. They aren’t R or D, that doesn’t exist anymore; they are the ruling class establishment and they are set against the people. Some of us can see that, some of us can’t.

    • Murkowski is a Republican in name only. Parties have platforms and allegiances, that’s the way parties work. When one consistently votes outside of the Party lines and against their supporters (Alaska voted overwhelmingly to reelect President Trump so their allegiance is with him) then their constituents who elected them see them as not representing them. One hardly ever sees a democrat voting outside the party line and with the Republicans. Lisa should run as a democrat as that is whom she seems to most closely relate to. At least she would be being honest then.

    • This is not a case of party affiliations. It is a case of ignoring the US Constitution and not caring if the law is being broken. Pence, Murkowski and Romney and others who disregard our Rule of law need to be punished or there is no end. They need to have serious charges brought against them.

  19. Censure AND Censor. I am tired of hearing the utterly dumb explanations for her actions coming from her bug eyed face!

  20. Who will run against her? Is there anyone else out there that will run?
    Please dont tell me that Galvin is an option either, what a loser.

  21. Who is there that can fill the Republican spot? Is there anyone out there to take it from her?
    Not Galvin!
    We need a strong Republican.

  22. Republicrats like Murkowski either overtly or covertly support the democrat agenda while periodically throwing their state a bone to keep the state party’s support. For example: “In 2018, Murkowski donated $10,000 from her campaign war chest to the Alaska Republican Party (she was not running that year). In 2016, she gave $398,976 to the state party,…”

    Murkowski worked behind the scenes to undermine Trump while he was in office and finally outed herself in her impeachment votes. What bone will she throw the state party leadership next to get back into their good graces?

  23. Awesome guys and gals. Great stuff. Since we all love to comment I suggest going to youtube and subscribe and like MRA. Let’s keep the best news platform in Alaska (or the nation) on the air!

  24. Thanks for posting this! I was wondering what if anything was happening in this regard. I actually contacted the Republic Party and encouraged them to do this so am glad to see that many districts are and hopefully the Party will as well.

  25. For Murkie? Criminal charges after censoring is done. Look at the donations over two presidencies. Lots of money from china for Murkie. Check out Dan Sullivan, lots of donations from China owned companies. (Just in case you wonder why he turns tail and heads for Murkie when things get rough.) Those two intend to get wealthy only in those jobs but stick together when it gets real stickie. Collins is another that has gotten very wealthy in her job. Check Very, very informative. Then criminal charges need to be brought to each of them. Check out Don Young….always follow the money. All else takes back seat to the money portfolio.

  26. I’m sure Joe is impressed with the Lincoln project perverts also. Joe you make us throw up. You’re going to grow up and be a snitch for your communist friends

  27. That’s it! No more fund raisers for Big Sis. Mom and Dad are packing. They’ve had enough of her too. And house-husband can quit sending out X-mas cards. That’s been his bread and butter for 18 years. Constituents no longer even open the cards. A truly sick family.

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