Swipe left: Serial bank robbery suspect identified via Tinder dating website

FBI released this photo of Tyler Ching, allegedly in the process of robbing a bank in Anchorage.

It may be one of the worst dating profiles ever: Failed bank robber.

Anchorage resident Tyler Ching, 34, was arrested Sept. 22 in connection with two robberies at a credit union and bank in Anchorage.

On Sept. 19, authorities allege that Ching entered the Global Credit Union located on Industry Way. Ching menacingly approached two patrons in conversation with a bank teller, and brandished what appeared to be a gun. He demanded the teller fill a bag with cash.

Making his escape, he took about $2,320 with him. The next day, he repeated the pattern at the Wells Fargo Bank on Jewel Lake Road, making off with $2,820.

Meanwhile, the FBI put a photo out of the suspect and someone in the community recognized him from the Tinder dating app. He was also identified by an employee of the Anchorage Police Department, who knew a mutual acquaintance.

Ching, a registered voter with the Green Party of Alaska, according to the Division of Elections, worked at a coffee shop not far from the Wells Fargo branch. He faces two counts of bank robbery and could serve up to 20 years in prison for each count.

Ching was arrested in Cooper Landing and is lodged at the Anchorage Correctional Complex


  1. It amazes me that a Kaladi barista putz can steal five grand and be in jail almost immediately facing 40 years imprisonment. On the flip side Garrett Elder, his father and others stole six thousand times more money from more than 140 Alaskan families and the DOJ can’t look the other way hard enough.

    Garrett Elder hasn’t spent an evening in jail yet and Assistant US Attorney Heyman drafted a plea that suggests Elder should be given eight years for having stolen $30,000,000.00

    So far Mr. Heyman is proving the DOJ to be anything but and embarrassingly so.

  2. Forty years for $5,140. That’s selling oneself pretty cheap. He could have done better picking bananas in Guatemala.

  3. What a numskull. Most white collar criminals (and their affiliated politician) aren’t so smart, too… Sam Bankman-Fried, Hunter Biden, Jeffrey Epstein, and so on. The main difference is that this bonehead will get 15-20 years in the pen for stealing a few thousand dollars, whereas the white collar crooks with a Harvard degree will scam hundreds of millions and get sentenced to a few years in a federal Club Med.

    Our system of criminal justice has failed to dissuade sociopathic people from committing all manner of crimes, from drug pushing to flagrant shop lifting to chronic drunk driving. Moses decreed that the punishment for non-capital crimes would be a meaningful lashing, and surely the Western world should reinstate it forthwith.

  4. Well! That’s one more barista job open for someone. (hopefully an adult who’s more conservative than what type of Kaladi hires). You know why Alaskan businesses never grow big like say Kaladi becoming national even global so it can have Stock. I was thinking about that while sitting at a Kaladi’s. I been noticing Alaska business with potential growing bigger, they only hire one type of person. To go global, you have to think bigger and there no room for local discrimination, you have to hire All not just hire whom a supervisor gets along with.

  5. He couldn’t get a date on Tinder. One girl told him she only dated “bad boys”. The sad things people will do for love…

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