Supreme Court leaves Title 42 border control policy from Trump era in place until it hears case in February


The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday said that a Trump-era border policy will remain in place until the court at least has a chance to hear the case in February. Title 42 is an emergency public health policy put into effect by President Donald Trump in 2020, suspending the entry of immigrants from certain countries in order to slow or prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In spite of the policy, millions of illegal immigrants have poured across the border during the nearly two years that Joe Biden has been president. More than three million illegal immigrants attempted entry into the country in 2022, the highest ever recorded.

Biden was set to rescind the policy this month and critics feared that the border with Mexico would become even more chaotic.

It was a split decision of 5-4 by the court and it overturned a District of Columbia court ruling that said Title 42 was arbitrary and capricious and therefore invalid. Eighteen states joined Arizona in appealing the lower court decision, and the conservative-leaning court ruled in their favor, allowing Border Patrol to expedite the expulsion of illegal immigrants. t

“Our office has been proud to lead the charge on this important issue,” Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a statement. “It’s disappointing the Biden administration is willing to sacrifice the safety of American families for political purposes.”

Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch joined the court’s left-wing minority of Justices Sonya Sotomayor, Elena Fagan, and Ketanji Brown Jackson in their dissent from the majority decision.


    • That’s essentially what Gorsuch said in dissenting from the majority opinion.

      It is curious that everyone is fussing about a temporary emergency health measure rather than addressing the core issues.

    • I’m of a similar mind on this. On one hand, I don’t believe that the china virus was ever a ‘pandemic’ in America, so there should be no ’emergency declaration’. On the other hand, title 42 gives us a small measure of control over letting people flood into our country.

      Title 42 has been explained to me as having to do with illegals entering our country with infectious diseases. If so, then it makes more sense in letting it stand.

  1. Joe Biden is an enemy of the United States for allowing unscreened, unchecked illegal immigrants from entering the country. A complete violation of this country’s immigration rules and standards, not to mention letting criminals and potentially diseased people in with no background checks. Impeach this miserable SOB. Criminally charge all persons involved.

  2. They are only checked for ticks and scabies. No word from our governor whether he will allow them up in Alaska. We have all of our Open border politicians ready to give away our state !!! Here come the lying lawyers.

  3. The China Virus is expected to kill over one million Chinese over the next 3-4 months. It will continue to mutate, and may become more contagious, and could also become more lethal. This decision by SCOTUS is terrific.

    Biden is a puppet of China- as the Biden Crime Family has taken millions in bribes from the Chinese. The Chinese want the USA dealing with the massive problems of all this illegal immigration- the crime, the disease (which would include TB, hepatitis and other terrible infectious diseases of the Third World.) the billions and billions of dollars of cost… etc. Great for China… the USA will not be outward looking, but dealing with all these internal problems.

    The House can not Impeach the crooked Biden fast enough.

  4. It doesn’t matter because Biden is hell bent on open boarders. He is going to do anything to continue to destroy America.

    • Biden may be destroying America, but his intention, like so many Dems, is to stack the voting roles with newly minted liberal voters. These immigrants, legal or otherwise will vote for the party that allowed them into the country. And are letting them stay!
      We are approaching a tipping point where more than 1/2 of the electorate will be dependent on the the liberal congress and administration for their livelihood. Who do you think they will put in office?
      When this happens this country will officially become a socialistic state where tax payers will subsidize the majority dependent on the government. As the football great used to say: “Turn out the lights, the party is over”.

  5. Most people coming across aren’t doing anything different than you do – trying to find a better life for themselves and for their families. I’ll bet that’s why many of you came to Alaska to begin with.

    If you lived in a Mexican or Central American hellhole, you’d do whatever it took to get across the border, too. You really can’t blame people for trying. The US can help them to a degree, but as much as we might like to, we can’t save the entire world. That’s the reality.

    • “The US can help them to a degree, but as much as we might like to, we can’t save the entire world. That’s the reality.”
      What is this, a glimmer of sanity from one of our most stalward radical leftists? It’s a Festivus miracle!
      If you recognize your quoted statement above to be true, Whidbey, then why are the rest of your radical leftist bedfellows so rabidly insistent, in lockstep fashion, on ostensibly trying to ‘save the world’?

      • Dear Jefferson, you see, things aren’t as simple as you make them out to be. Labeling entire groups of people as “Liberal” or “Radical Leftist” is a gross oversimplification – yet you persist in doing so. I’m far from a Bleeding Heart Liberal, and I’m sorry if this disappoints you. I’m all for legal immigration, and believe that people wanting entry should follow the rules and the established system. I’d do the same if I wanted to enter their country. Congress makes the immigration laws, and if they’re not fit for service then it’s up to them to change them.

        If you want to label me, then I suggest they you tryout “Compassionate Pragmatist”. You don’t know me, but if you did you’d see that we actually agree on quite a few things. Sorry to disarm you with this knowledge, since you apparently take so much pleasure in viciously attacking others.

    • The difference between us and them is they haven’t heard the . Gospel of jesus christ that’s why they run-away, an3 they aren’t any different from here’s common self-gratifying atheist. Until these deliquents hear God’s word they will only add to the
      lawlessness already in america- a threat to the standard of living we are used to living.

      • Funny thing. Most people from south of our borders are staunchly Catholic or evangelical. Very much so.

        To claim they haven’t been exposed to the word of God is beyond stupid and delusional.
        It speaks heavily of the willful ignorance of the poster. Perhaps said poster should take a trip to anywhere in Central America and see it first hand. But don’t bring the Bible said poster is constantly waving. It seems to be missing many, many pages.

        As a Christian I cringe when I see certain posts. The weird mix of ignorance and arrogance set back the acceptance of the Word immeasurably.

        • Jen seems to spend her life in some sort of grammatically-challenged Rapture. As a former Christian I laugh when I see certain posts, and understand how overexposure to religion can seriously warp minds.

    • Let’s talk reality. As John Addams said, facts are stubborn things.

      Reality class in session.

      1-As Americans we have a right to be in this nation. They do not.

      2-The false equivalency of “we came to Alaska” for a better life is, in fact, stupid and vapid. Breakdown follows:

      A-As Americans we have a right to travel anywhere within our borders.
      B-Many of us, like me, were born here. Many others, like my wife, were invited here by agencies within Alaska.
      C-Many of us were sent here by third party sources like military and oil companies to work for them. Which also happen to be legitimate US agencies.
      D-Life here is hard. Very hard. Most transplants last less than 5 years and go back home.

      But even in all of the above, we’re here by right and legal. Illegals, as evidenced by their name, are not.

      3-No one has a right to be here except US citizens and legal residents.

      4-The fact most are from failed states is not our problem. The people of the US should not be forced to bear the burden of these people.

      5-This “migration” is a US political stunt by the hard left and the dolts in the Chamber of Commerce. It is not intended to offer these people better lives. It is intended to make them de facto serfs depending on the US left to take care of them in exchange for votes. It is also a way for the Chamber to supply evil big business with low wage, low skill, compliant serfs.

      6-Even if there was a national will for this (there is not) we simply do not have the money. What money we do have should be spent on our own people.

      7-The influx of illegals taxes the ability of every community they land in to provide services. Our own people suffer from the competition of unwanted invaders.

      8-Many of these people are caring diseases not commonly found in the US. They are, in fact, a health risk to the broader community.

      9-Anyone truly wanting to come here for a better life has a multitude of legal venues to pursue. Coming here isn’t meant to be easy. They, with the help and approval of the hard left, are choosing to not even try.

      10-History says no civil society can survive this kind of unrestrained illegality.

      I could go on and on. You did hit on one truth, we can’t save the world.

      Living in SE, life is spent on the water. The very cold waters of the Inside Passage. Most of us know a very simple but hard truth. When someone is drowning, don’t let them drown you, too.

      Our responsibility, first and foremost, is to ourselves. We can save others by letting them drown us in the process.

      Life is hard, and there are winners and losers. Tough but true.

      If you really care about the illegals looking for a better life, try helping them fix their issues locally. Not here.

      I’ve traveled to many 3rd world hellholes in my life. Both inside and outside our national boarders. It’s taught me some things.

      -poverty is first and foremost a mental disease.
      -you can’t help someone unwilling to help themselves.
      -only they truly ignorant or the most delusional political trolls want that here. For all VP Harris faults, she didn’t invite the unwelcome illegals into her home. Even she is smart enough to know that wouldn’t end well.

      • Almost a sermon! Like I said above – let people in who truthfully follow the immigraton laws and the process, and keep out those who don’t. And if you don’t like the immigration laws, get Congress to change them.

        Simple as that.

  6. 50 percent of passengers on two recent flights from China, to Italy, had the China Virus.

    Daily Mail reported: “The US may place restrictions on travelers arriving from China, as officials fear rampant spread of the Covid in the East Asian country could have led to the formation of a new, dangerous, strain.

    Arrivals may be required to test upon entry to the US, and face other barriers. China has reportedly suffered an explosion of Covid cases in recent weeks after abruptly ending its draconian ‘zero-Covid policy’.”

    The communist Chinese continue to lie about deaths, and are not forthcoming about the new strains that travelers out of China are carrying.

    No way Title 42 should end- as the corrupt Biden demands.

    • The problem is, 42 was created for a very specific purpose which has expired.

      I don’t want them in, either. But the government has to do it by the numbers and not magical decree.

  7. The only location where I witnessed quick and decisive action was Martha’s Vineyard. When the illegals arrived they were quickly retained, then just as quickly removed and sent elsewhere. I’m sure great precautions have since been taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

  8. I’m so your daddy Justin. And you love it.

    Did you know those words yourself or have someone look them up for you?

    I always get a kick out of people who use big words without actually understanding them.

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