Sullivan’s judicial council receives 16 applications for federal judgeships


The Alaska Federal Judicial Council, convened by Sen. Dan Sullivan in September, has received 16 applications from Alaskans who want to be considered for a federal judgeship, Must Read Alaska has learned. Six of the 16 had not previously been identified as interested in a judgeship.

The Federal Judicial Council is led by Chair Sean Parnell, former governor of Alaska and current chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage. The group will interview the applicants, rank them, and then make a recommendation to Sullivan. The deadline for applying was Nov. 20.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has been unfriendly to the process, preferring the bar association. Murkowski is on record saying the judicial council process will delay filling a vacant Alaska U.S. District Court seat.

But 26 states have separate councils to ensure that the bar associations do not have undue influence on judge selection. Before Sullivan convened the panel, the vacancy had already been in existence for two years, since Judge Timothy Burgess retired in 2021.

In addition, Sullivan said he was looking for the new council to “identify federal judiciary candidates of character, experience, and an unflinching commitment to the rule of law.”

The council is an alternative to the Alaska Bar Association, which is also accepting applications and has been the traditional go-to group in Alaska for such recommendations. The bar association, dominated by Democrats, received just 14 applications.

Senators forward recommendations to the White House, which gives the names significant weight when making a nomination for a vacancy. This tradition is based on the Senate’s “blue slip” practice and the Senate’s “advice and consent” role in the U.S. Constitution.

Read who is on the Federal Judicial Council for Alaska at this link:


  1. I hope the one chosen isn’t but This is Alaska so probably the one chosen will be.
    Boomers/GenX/Millennial leaders have given a whole new meaning to leader

  2. I think we be better off if the state just eliminated the position all together. One less leader thinking they are smart.

  3. Man if I had any idea how much power federal judges have without having to go through elections I would have been a grind at school.

  4. Loren Leman? He doesn’t have a JD. Good luck in Senate confirmations. Though by the Biden nominees Senator Kennedy has quizzed in confirmations, he probably might do better.

  5. Not one person in the group that Sullivan put together has any “where with all” to put help put any applicant information into a federal judgeship. They are all losers, or buyers of politics, beginning with Parnell and working through to Lehman. Who would vote for these people in public office? No one! You have to remember that the Alaska Bar Association lowered its standards just to get an attorney admitted. Does anyone think that there is one person that should be a federal judge after the classless act of the Bar Association? Alaska has very few attorneys that have not gotten a long history of penalties and some to the point of being put out of the being licensed to practice law. And, who do these people on Sullivan’s board think they are? A bunch of people from the Native Corporations and the elected losers of the public jobs they were a part of. What a charade! Its not a big deal for Alaska as Dan Sullivan wants to paint the picture. Murkowski has her list and he has his. Biden gets the names and they are both rewarded money for the war chest. What happened to the “new” Federal District that Congress was to develop for the Northwest Region and Alaska in the Region? That fell through because it would give Alaska a chance to keep up in the United States and develop federal law for this region. Well, now the egos of the Senators think they have the know how with their buddies to put names to committees for a judge job. That Senate committee has gotten wise to the idiot activities of the Alaska senators.

  6. Can you mumble? Can you tell those that call in that they should speak clearly and with a strong voice and then slump with your hand on your chin and mumble something largely incomprehensible?

    Can you don a pensive visage and gaze at offended victims while wondering where you’ll have lunch?

    There’s some serious pomp, circumstance and dramatic artifice passed around that group.

    All rise! The honorable Preconceived Notion is now *BLAM!* (F !)

    Be seated.

    It’d work about as well at Safeway and the hardware store, too.

    Riiiise and approach the register! Place your items on the *BLAM!* (F !)

  7. He would be perfect for it. He has never met a war he didn’t like. Deepstate Dan from Ohio would fit right in. On the plus side we would have a chance to elect a better senator.

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