Mayhem like me? K-9 Ray takes on arsonist ax man


A standoff between Anchorage police and a wanted felon unfolded at an encampment on the 1700-block of A Street on Sunday, when 42-year-old T J Walker attempted to set an occupied tent on fire and then threatened officers with an ax.

The incident occurred late at night, when Anchorage Police Dispatch received a call reporting that Walker was trying to set a tent on fire and was threatening its occupant with an ax. The caller told Dispatch that Walker had an outstanding felony warrant and was making threatening statements.

K-9 units and patrol officers encountered Walker, who was armed with an ax and who advanced toward them. Officers, in a bid to de-escalate the situation, identified themselves and repeatedly ordered Walker to drop the ax.

After several tense moments, Walker finally relinquished the ax but continued to move aggressively toward officers, despite multiple warnings and commands. K-9 Ray was called into service after Walker appeared determined not to cooperate. The police dog engaged with Walker, biting him on the arm. Walker fought back, attempting to choke K-9 Ray with his other arm.

Officers then took Walker to the ground to subdue him. Despite more resistance, Walker was ultimately handcuffed and taken into custody. Following the incident, Walker was transported to a hospital for treatment of the dog bite. Once medically cleared, he was remanded to the Anchorage Jail on his existing felony warrant.

In addition to his prior charges, Walker now faces new charges, including Assault III, Harm to a Police Dog II, and Resisting arrest.

Neither K-9 Ray nor any of the other officers involved in the incident sustained injuries during the confrontation. The person inside the tent, who had reason to fear immediate physical harm, emerged unscathed. Authorities discovered that the victim and Walker were known to each other, though the motive behind Walker’s aggressive actions toward the victim remain under investigation.


  1. Walker probably took too many drugs and drank himself into a stupor too much during his young adult years. Millennials were Always drinking themselves into a stupor during their twenties.
    Drugs including weed and alcohol decline the users mental health and who had a healthy brain. After drugs and Alcohol the user is mentally retarded. Just say No. Drug and alcohol free is the better way to live. I feel sorry for our community’s police officers even our correctional officers they must work with people being dumb 24 hours a day. Being around dumb people will be draining on yourself. I just have to work around a few dumb co workers and customers. Thankful my interactions can be brief, short, or none at all. But the police and correctional officers must deal with dumb people for an entire shift.

    • Malliigator.

      There’s a quip in schutzhund circles and you might like it:

      You’re up on your roof w/ your German Shepherd and your Malinois and the dogs notice that someone is trying to steal your car.

      The GSD looks around for a ladder…

      but the Mal launches straight off the roof.

      • I hope your Mallinois stays safe on the rooftop. My well-trained 90 lb Shepherd, or my 120 lb. Rottweiler will be looking for their lunch.

  2. Mr. Walker is obviously oppressed, probably and undoubtedly by Republicans. We all know what that means. The MOA should settle the case and punish the officers involved.

    • Undoubtedly jmark suffers from oppression by those promoting TDS and a terminal case of blind stupifying democrat communist anti-freedom.
      Throw the book at Walker – he is not safe to leave on the streets – a life sentence at Bikini Atoll is suitable, and he can live off what he can find to eat.

  3. Wonder if he had set fire to other tents? There is a recent story in ADN about homeless people and their pets. A woman who was interviewed stated that someone had set fire to her tent and burned it down. Someone out there…not in their right mind…may like setting tents on fire.

  4. How soon before ACLU files a lawsuit against K-9 Ray for use of excessive force and sends him off to prison for doing his job quite handily.

  5. Hey Chief
    K-9 Ray takes a bite out of crime. Glad that Officers and K-9 Ray went home at the end of the shift to love ones

    • Bring more trained K-9’s into the force. Less shootings and more take downs to go to court and jail. Let the city do something right for a change. Build the K-9 unit up. Not the heavy boots. K-9 are the ultimate crime stoppers.

  6. Alaska, like most states, includes “attempted arson of an occupied structure” as a justification for the use of deadly defensive force to prevent it. The occupant, or the police, could have simply shot him as he persisted, no warning required.

    AK Stat § 11.81.350 (2022) (b)

    So, good on them for using less force than justifiable, even at risk of harm to the K-9. No rational argument can be made it was “excessive”.

  7. Now that’s a badass K-9. Begium Mallinois . I’ve got one too. And they really do know how to take a bight out of crime.
    Big woof! Go Ray!

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