Sullivan reacts to court decision on student loan relief


A day after President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan applauded the decision, emphasizing that the ruling underscored the lack of legal authority to arbitrarily cancel student loan debt from the Oval Office.

Sullivan, who has been a critic of the $400 billion scheme that transferred student debt to taxpayers, highlighted the doubts expressed at the time by President Biden and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi about their legal authority to implement such a measure, even while Biden was taking liberties with the HEROES Act and applying to liberally — and unconstitutionally.

“The Supreme Court made it clear today that they don’t have that authority. It is neither fair nor legally sound to force Americans to shoulder the burden of others’ student loan debt,” Sullivan say, adding that the ruling was a victory for hardworking parents and students who had diligently paid for their higher education.

While acknowledging the heavy burden of student loan debt faced by many Americans and Alaskans, Sullivan stressed the need to address the root causes.

“I also recognize that many Americans and Alaskans are faced with crushing student loan debt. We must work together to get skyrocketing university tuition under control and work to make sure that good paying jobs await graduates,” he said.

Earlier this year, Senator Sullivan joined with 43 Republican senators in filing an amicus brief calling on the Supreme Court to strike down President Biden’s student loan cancellation program, because of its constitutional problems.

Sullivan was a cosponsor of a Congressional Review Act resolution seeking to overturn the student loan cancellation program. On June 1, the Senate passed the resolution with a vote of 52-46, further demonstrating the opposition to the program among Republican lawmakers, as well as several Democrats.

Rep. Mary Peltola, a Democrat, had favored the transfer to taxpayers of the debt owed by millions of American students. The measure passed the House without her vote, but is no longer necessary, as the Biden activity has now been struck down by the Supreme Court.


  1. Lazy bums need to pay their own debts back. No one forced them to take out the loans and go to college.

    • Sullivan is an idiot like some on here. If you go back to the beginning of st loan history, it was started to give more people the opportunity to go to college that couldn’t afford it. Why you ask? In order to keep up with rest of the world. We were and still are falling behind just about everyone. Some shallow gene pool thinks on here say fine, go to brick layer school or whatever. The US isn’t going to keep up with it’s agenda with a bunch of Fred Flintstones.

      • LOL! Empirical evidence, not leftist anecdotes, demonstrates that many “university” degrees e.g. “general studies,” “gender studies,” and the like neither will enable the country to compete with the rest of the world or provide an attractive return on the investment required to “earn” them. Perhaps joining an apprenticeship program to become a mason (bricklayer) is not quite so stupid after all! BTW, it was a “loan” program. Some here have difficulty appreciating the associated obligations!

      • The beginning of student loan history was just that – loans, not grants. They were required to pay back what they borrowed. But if you support student GRANTS, just say so. And if you want student loan forgiveness, maybe the institutions who benefit from student loans – colleges and universities, should pay for it.

        • If student loans were dischargeable through bankruptcy those who truly cannot afford them could do that and I bet this problem would go away. Banks wouldn’t loan money to those who wanted to major in Eastern European history or other crap degrees where jobs are few.

      • Gee Greg. Good bit of history.
        Now, use your superduper analysis skills and tell us all what happened to the cost of college since the Government Guaranteed school loan program was put in place? (HINT: It did not get more affordable.)

      • It also depleted the trades work force. I take it your a uniparty tool that couldn’t make it in the trades and leaned to a social welfare career, oops I mean teaching. I’m sure my parents taxes financed your Pell grants to relieve an associates degree.

    • Do you feel the same way about the PPP loans?

      Why should millionaires and billionaires get their $100K or more pandemic loans forgiven but students shouldn’t get the modest relief of between $10K and $20K in debt?

      • So a wealthy fiscal leech is worse than a poor one?

        Pay your damn bills, don’t ask me to help!

        • I agree with you. the government should not forgive/abolish any debt by private citizens, rich or poor. (Corporations are citizens too)

          But I have not seen near the amount of outrage over millionaires and billionaires having their PPP loans forgiven.

          Over 10 million PPP loans were issued with close to 93% having been forgiven. The total amount of PPP loans issued was $742 Billion. 93% of 742 billion is 690.99 billion dollars. Total student loan forgiveness was to be approximately $400 billion.

          Why is it so bad to forgive student loans, but not so bad to forgive PPP loans? 175% more money has already been forgiven by the government in PPP loans than would have been forgiven in student loans.

          In my opinion, you want a loan, you should be on the hook to repay said loan. No government entity should be the ones to forgive that loan. If you want help with your loan, seek help from anyone/anything other than the government.

          Rich or poor, black or white, young or old, doesn’t matter. You borrow the money. you repay the money. Period.

          • It’s probably worth noting that PPP stands for Paycheck Protection Program. When the government shut businesses down due to the pandemic this was a jobs program to pay people FOR NOT GOING TO WORK, but to remain on the payroll instead of going on to the unemployment roles…sure it’s a little different form of welfare, but this benefited people that the government would have businesses fire instead. The people who benefited were the people who continued to collect a paycheck without having to go to work. The PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) was also known going in that it wasn’t a loan program, but a grant program in loan form as long certain super low benchmarks were met.

            Comparing the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) to the unconstitutional, ill-advised, and obviously not very well thought out Biden studen loan forgiveness plan is like comparing apples and spaghetti.

      • Yes, the PPP loans should be addressed. No one paid my student loans, I did. No taxpayer should be held accountable because a C student was accepted into a prestigious or party school to boost their credentials. PPP helped many small businesses survive the true big lie, how is it there are help wanted signs from North Pole to San Antonio Texas? Where are the college grads and how are they surviving inflation?

  2. This is so much BS. What we should be asking WHY student debt is so high. Why is it so expensive to go to college? Could it be that our uber liberal professors are demanding a salary from the “big business” universities that is unsustainable for the univeristy and for society as a whole? And now the UA professors want a union?

    I saw a list of the 22000 state of Alaska empployees salaries and benefits. A very large, even disproportionate, percentatge of Univeristy Professors and adminsitratos are well above 200K per year. WHY?

    Those who Do, do; those who can’t, teach.

    A young friend of mine is a recent graduate of UAF. He told me that professors there contintued to offer classes even though they only had one student signed up? Why? UAA and UAF are one of the biggest money sucks in the state budget. They should be self sustaining like many other land grant univeristies. Instead they continue to rely on stealing the peoples dividend for a 10% graduation rate and to pay professors way more than they are worth.

    • The quote is from George Bernard Shaw
      “Those who can, do: those who can’t, teach.”
      A great follow-up by HL Mencken
      “Those who can’t teach – administrate. Those who can’t administrate – go into politics.”

        • Administration is the biggest problem with over costs of public education. Public servants are nothing more than a middle class welfare system. You should know you benefited from it.

    • Tuition is so high because GOVERNMENT is paying for it. And they know the government will pay whatever price they ask. Students don’t care because they think the government is paying for it too.

  3. FJB. It will take many years to reverse the debt and unrest that idiot is responsible for.

    • It’s not obtainable. 20 years of mega debt has done that. It’s not all Brandon’s fault. The Chinese have 3 trillion in cash in reserves. We are the B team.

      • By refusing to repay a trillion dollars of WW2 loans? By receiving annual economic aid from the US, just like every other country on this planet. Paid for by every tax payer. Is it a wonder why they receive aide, are not held accountable to climate change regulations the western nations, self imposed? I’m guessing you are a We Are The World type.

  4. Hey Mary, or anybody, can you tell me why my grand children should be forced to pay for your education?

      • Oh! If only the ‘fish, family, and freedom’ person had only earned a degree, or, more important, how to make a marriage succeed! Her ‘investments’ in those two efforts did not result in much success … for the ‘future of America!”

      • With that thinking we are doomed. Look at the vast numbers of illiterate that public education produces. Futures not so bright after all.

      • What investment?
        The people who cannot afford their loans have worthless degrees that have no value in the job market. Anyone who got a degree in a marketable field is paying off their loan.
        An investment in something that is worthless is not an investment at all.

  5. Dan would rather give the 400 Billion to the squandering Ukrainians who deserve it especially since they pissed away so much on the Biden family in the past.

    The money the Biden family has collected over the years will cost taxpayers billions when it comes to repaying the “favors”

  6. We are watching every move Mr Sullivan and since you have been such a strong supporter of Lisa and her gang I dont see you doing as well as you did in the last race.

  7. If a student was sold a worthless degree by a college/university and cannot find suitable employment, they should sue the school for fraud. Taking a $100K loan for a Gender Studies degree should not be allowed as this field of study does not have the economic opportunity for repayment.

  8. Please don’t enter the Bidenesque “student loan relief” nomenclature. It’s redistribution. It’s not like the debt goes ?.

    And as anyone who went to college knows (and probably many that didn’t), “student loans” primarily support a lifestyle of luxury pads, new cars, spring break trips, fraternity/sorority dues and associated fees, beer drinking, and all around delayed adulthood.

    • Sam Bankman Fried can attest to that as well as what seems to be a very large portion of the student population that spends more time protesting “the system” than they do actually getting a grip on reality instead of a socialist utopia from a university full of whacked professors which became prevalent in the education system in the sixties and has gradually but forcefully steered the “educated Americans” thought process.

      My daughters continually complained about struggling in college with the grading system if an individual did not “properly conform” to the professors ideology.

      Thankfully they survived the madness and are not raging Liberals.
      Students should not have to struggle to in school to think for themselves!

  9. Ohio Dan. Good for saving money on one area, while giving hundreds of billions to another country. One that was known for corruption. ‘

  10. Listen, you were sold on the idea that your higher education would result in making more money. Some chose wisely in their education and did, in fact, gain employment that supports them an their debts. Others, whom didn’t choose wisely in their studies are saddled with debt that they’re responsible for and now “can’t” pay it. GOOD. The lesson you’re learning is that YOU are responsible for YOUR debt, not your fellow countrymen. This recent SCOTUS decision pleases me immensely.

          • I see the problem, you are under this impression that this isn’t a votes purchase program and political theater but an actual legally sound method to simply wipe the slate clean. The Higher Learning Act of 1965 doesn’t do what you, or your buddy Joe, thinks it does. It doesn’t allow for the wholesale forgiveness of BILLIONS of dollars of debt.

          • Greg,
            You might want to talk to some of your teacher and lawyer friends about the prospects of the Higher Learning Act of 1965 and mass reduction of student loan debt. If, following the rationale that Section 432(c) of the Higher Learning Act of 1965 allows for the wholesale dismissal of these loans, you might want to consider other provisions of the Act, along with later statues and how the judiciary doesn’t take kindly to simply treating entire acts based upon single sections and subsections while disregarding others, nor do they take kindly to simply disregarding other related statutes. You might also ask you teacher and lawyer friends about the major questions doctrine. The judiciary has time and time again made it clear that Congress must “speak clearly when authorizing an [executive branch] agency to exercise powers of vast economic and political significance.” Congress did not speak clearly in this matter in this act, thus courts must presume that Congress has not given the agency the power in question. You should also ask your teacher and lawyer friends about the nondelegation doctrine that holds that Congress cannot delegate its legislative powers to other entities.

          • You don’t have any valid points. The secretary of ed has no power over squat. What happens when congress defends department of education? Duh, the secretary is a meaningless figure head. Did you like fail history?

          • Administration is the biggest problem with over costs of public education. Public servants are nothing more than a middle class welfare system. You should know you benefited from it.

      • The ruling said the executive branch does not have the authority to override the legislative branch’s authority to appropriate funds. In other words, it must get congressional approval to forgive these loans.

        • That is coming. The supreme court ruled that the sec of Ed can’t blanket forgive loans. There are provisions and certainly on a case by case basis. There are always loop holes in laws.

          • Oh pot meet kettle. You do the exact same when another commentor takes you to the woodshed. Still wonder why someone from Florida comments in a Alaskan news source. I think you are a Faux account

  11. College has become nothing more than a liberal activist proving ground. Send a sweet young girl in and out comes a political witch who has probably decided she’s a lesbian also. Let them pay for it. Sorry, it I really don’t want to pay for someone getting a degree in African bee gender studies

  12. The solution is simple. If you were sold a worthless degree and can’t get a good paying job to repay your loan, go after the college/university for fraud. Have them settle your debt.

    • College tuition rates are way too high, even the online courses. “Worthless degree” is the responsibility of the student and not the institution. Students need to do some research on potential salaries of the degree program they are looking into. Supply and demand. Colleges will reduce their tuition rates when the students start going to other schools or not at all and take up a trade. Bottom line, if you are legally old enough to enter into a contract (18) then you should pay back the loan. It’s called accountability…

  13. let’s send everyone to Hillsdale, Notre Dame and the pizza king catholic Florida university. problem solved, everyone will think alike, vote alight and all problems will be solved. what’s the big issue? if you look at the breakdown of granted degrees, little to none for gender equality, women’s studies too.

    just think alike, vote alike and marry into your own families. problem solved, SCOTUS is bought and paid for. I predict that people will still be unhappy, still complaining and writing comments till I die. it’s what America does best, complain about schools, governments and liberals. Karens united till they return where they belong, in the kitchen, outta the workforce, raising kids only and cleaning the home abode, yippee

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