Peltola and AK Democrats have new fundraising scheme that will track your purchases, round up to them


Rep. Mary Peltola has partnered with a company that will track her supporters’ purchases, and round-up to the next dollar, an amount that will be donated to her reelection campaign.

By using Good Change, Peltola allows her supporters to have all their commercial transactions captured in what is promised by the company to be a secure system.

That means purchases made with credit cards for flights, books, food, booze, dating, toys, and porn will be sieved through the company’s database, which will automatically round up the purchase amount, and put it into a digital wallet for Peltola.

The Alaska Democratic Party has also partnered with Good Change to raise party funds.

The company describes the process this way:

1. Your donors will open a GoodChange account, then connect a credit card or bank account with GoodChange.
2. Each time they make a purchase, we will round up their spare change to the nearest dollar.
3. At the end of the round up cycle, GoodChange will transfer your donors’ total spare change into your GoodChange account.

There is a fee for the service, so not every penny will go to candidates. There’s a 10% fee captured by Good Change, plus a $3 charge for every new donor. If you return an item and get a refund, you won’t get the round-up portion back.

This is new territory for campaign fundraising. It’s not associated with ActBlue, which is the very successful crowdfunding application founded in 2004 and used by Democrats, which quickly transformed campaign fundraising, raising millions for Democrats quickly, and causing a competing firm, WinRed, to launch in 2019 to support Republican candidates.

Good Change, which appears to cater to Democrats, was started by a couple of millennial-age women in Arkansas, and is also being used by Rep. Adam Schiff, who is running for Senate to replace retiring Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

The Democratic Party of Arkansas is another client, as is the Arkansas Black Caucus. Adam Frisch, a Democrat challenging Rep. Laurent Boebert of Colorado, also is signed up to use the system.


  1. Wow. I do not support her, never will . But I know several that do, and I try to share with them about who she is and it’s a deaf ear. Can’t fix stupid.

  2. This is why democrats win. They are already looking for the next thing, and we are still arguing over Sarah.

  3. You can’t preach to the all knowing! I would hope that they would ask people beforehand if they would like their change back?

  4. Sounds like the rounding up is automatic. That .01-.99 cents doesn’t seem much to one person. When it’s compiled with several million buyers loose change, it is a lot. That’s why my grandma picked up loose change saying, “a penny richer.” Now her granddaughter and great granddaughter pick up others dropped coins. Masked Avenger is right, RNC and local Republicans should be doing the same rounding up its donors purchases for its candidates too. Besides RNC isn’t a church, its a political ideology.

  5. Unfortunately she will get the bush and Anchorages uninformed populations votes. She has voted against Alaska, the constitution, morals and values. She doesn’t represent Alaska.

  6. Jefferson, we not here for schooling of pronouns, nouns, adjectives, verbs! Our grammar comes from our education through life! And our school systems whether it public or private and then charters! So many languages Snd cultures now days!

    • The destruction of language leads to the destruction of reason and good clear communication.

  7. This is fitting. The democrat party has overspent by trillions of dollars thus driving inflation to extremely high levels, and making every American poorer by devaluing our money. Now Democrats will loose even more money to support this nitwit.

  8. Yet another way the democrats are taking your money. Need I say more? Better to keep your change. You might need it for the still increasing prices.

  9. Purchases made for booze dating and porn??? Damn she gonna get a lot a change outa the democrats! Hunters change would amount to at least a cool million with his lifestyle!

  10. I can’t believe that people would be that stupid to sign up with this to donate.

    But then they voted for her…………….

  11. She doesn’t need this to be re-elected, the Deep State Dems have her covered. It is to reward her for being a wooden-headed, mindless puppet. Did she impress people with her brains? Her energy? Was she a household name before she was chosen to run? Did she make a big splash in her time in the legislature? We can’t criticize her because she is a “double minority”. Native people are never greedy, ruthless or conniving. They do not possess the same vices as the rest of humanity.

    • They dont have to be greedy ruthless or conniving.

      Everything is delivered to them on a silver platter without any expectation to repay or even bother to be thankful for what is given.

      There are some who are very outspoken who complain about the changes they have had to endure and condemn the “white man” for everything bad but seldom ever be thankful for the good.
      My favorite reminder was “what happened to the honeybucket?” Did it leave town on its own?

      Also to be fair there are the ones who are grateful for outside efforts to improve their lifestyle and overall health and well being but sadly the complainers are always the loudest and most obnoxious.

      Murky Peltola and Haaland will build the pathway for Biden reselection committee to purchase the votes he desperately needs to survive reselection but after that it will be Kamala”s circus as he definitely wont be able to function on his own.

  12. Salesmen, or salespeople, if you will, who have crafted their skills become multi-millionaires; however, the most important thing a salesperson needs is the pure ability to not care one iota about the people they’re shucking their BS too. Make the sale, rake in the dough. Peltola is an excellent salesperson.

  13. Just another tool for a counter productive ‘elected’ official who hasn’t the ability to discern good from evil. Once again, nothing for the constituents of Alaska. “It all about me, cha-ching”.

    • J Kirk, You can vote your way into Commie World, but just like a Roach infestation, you gotta Bomb your way out of it!

  14. Two things We can do—Enchourage Kelly Thishbaka to RUN in 2024, and sign the Rank Choice Voting Repeal Initiative..

  15. She’s not getting my pennies, nickels or dimes! They all go to a heavy container! For grandkids to buy ice cream! From the local ice cream man! Go find some coins?

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