Peltola votes against stopping massive student loan debt transfer to American taxpayers


The US. House of Representatives voted in favor of Virginia Congressman Bob Good’s Congressional Review Act resolution to overturn President Joe Biden’s controversial student loan transfer scheme. The resolution passed 218 to 203.

One notable dissenting vote came from Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola, who threw her support behind Biden’s student loan transfer by voting “Nay” to the Congressional Review Act resolution. Peltola’s decision aligns with the Democrats’ notion of shifting billions of dollars in loan payments onto American taxpayers who did not originally incur those debts, debts that will be paid by generations not yet born.

Congressman Good’s resolution aims to reverse Biden’s permanent forgiveness of up to $10,000 in student loans for individuals making up to $125,000 annually.

The Supreme Court is currently hearing challenges to the transfer scheme.

There are two major legal questions before the high court: The first is whether federal law allows the program. The Biden Administration has used the HEROES Act of 2003 to justify the debt relief plan. The second is whether the parties challenging the scheme have standing with the court.

A decision is expected any day from the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the resolution introduced by Congressman Good under the Congressional Review Act needs a similar resolution to pass the Senate. One has been introduced, but may not get heard in the Democrat-controlled body.

The Congressional Review Act has been used to back down Biden on other executive orders. For instance, Congress passed a resolution targeting the Labor Department’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing rule. President Biden vetoed it.

If this CRA manages to pass both chambers of Congress, the resolution would then be subject to President Biden’s veto pen.


  1. I wish every person that voted for her has trouble sleeping because of the Acid Reflux she has bestowed on all of us.

  2. Dr. Sanjay Gupta wrote that todays 12th graders have the mentality of 8th graders so the state tax payers are already getting ripped off so student loans should be payed for by the ones that incurred that debt, the students.

  3. My question is why didn’t she go along with her Democrat buddies? Someone must be thinking about her reelection campaign next year? There’s always a reason why.

    • Your reply shows how she got elected, too many people are mislead by the headlines, never read or understand what the article is about. As long as RCV is used she has her meal ticket in Washington.

  4. Why not replace Rep. Peltola with a rubber stamp that the House minority leader could use when the Alaska vote is called for ? The money that would be saved could be spent on federal projects in Alaska.

  5. Peltola – 6 years of college and no degree. It shows! Does she need a personal bailout?

  6. Don’t turn your kids into Dreamers dreaming up unrealistic goals, desiring what or who unattainable for them. College is unrealistic for most americans including our youth who were raised under an outpour abundance,
    cause college requires one be a strong reader before entrance to make it worthwhile someone who loves reading who will read everything not the minimum . Just because your preteen is\was reading such thick books as harry potter, lord of rings, cat warrior types doesn’t prepare nor strengthen a
    strong reader, as these books are a 3rd grade reading level. The fictational stories don’t challenge.
    Most older and young adults would do better working in a trade
    or working up from an entry level job.

    • Uh, wait a minute here.

      While no fan of modern education, about 97% of this is full blown stupid.

      I’ll give you 1 point. Higher education is overrated and often produces people with useless degrees. Related, possessing an advanced degree is no guarantee of common sense. I’ve seen people get degrees in Tuba.

      After that, however…

      Your take on reading is beyond stupid. Far beyond. One has to be able to read to succeed in life. The better the reading ability, the better the chances.
      Even tradesmen have to be able to read instructions, contracts, and directions on blueprints.

      Reading for comprehension is so important it was banned for black people in most parts of this country until post civil war. Then aggressively “discouraged” up to the 60s.

      Early reading in a variety of subjects is key. This has been acknowledged for generations and generations. Reading books kids enjoy, say that evil Harry Potter, is key to hooking them into the habit.

      Regarding dreamers. Your take here is even stupider than your take on reading. Dreamers got us to the moon, developed every modern medical treatment there is, even our freedom as a nation.

      And so much more.

      Paraphrasing Shakespeare, “there is more in Heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your idiotic, myopic philosophy”.

      The ultimate irony of all is: with your approach to this, no one would be able to read or comprehend the Bible, and Christianity wouldn’t exist.

      No wonder civilization is collapsing and church attendance is dying. People like you are proudly leading the way.

      • Some individuals are unaware that the poor intentions are accompanied by facets of fetal alcohol syndrome. Thus, excessive reading of even quality materials may not expand intellectual capacity. Unfortunately, Alaskan recreation is always accompanied by fervent alcohol intake in a majority of populations. When a certain population manifests alcoholism the region will remain essentially impoverished. The issuance of alcohol permits in the last frontier are joyfully renewed quite expeditiously.

  7. We won’t get rid of her until we get rid of rigged choice voting (RCV) and also cleanup the voter rolls.

  8. During the Debt Ceiling negotiations, Biden has been “very clear” that debts need to be honored and paid. Guess that doesn’t mean all debts, just the ones that Democrats deem important.

  9. Stupid is as stupid does and you just cant fix stupid. Im having a hard time deciding who is stupider. Her or her supporters.

  10. We need to make sure the bush pays its fair share. Mary can start by giving up her paycheck and the money from her husbands laundering schemes.

  11. Peltola will vote the way she is told to vote. She won by RCV which was the plan. Peltola was inserted to carry out the mission and cares nothing about Alaskans.

  12. No surprise there.
    Peltola is a leftist, and leftists have no problem whatsoever spending other people’s money.

  13. She’s rapidly becoming a meme. A sad, pathetic one, but a meme nonetheless.

    And thanks to RVC, one that’s gonna be damn near impossible to get rid of.

  14. Mary’s a socialist, no argument.

    Anyone that agrees to a loan, and proves that acceptance by signing their name, then that person, and that person alone, is responsible for the loan repayment.

    If I had to re enlist to help repay my loans, these little snowflakes can repay theirs, too.

      • How is tax money paying off some snowflakes college loan ‘helping society’? YOU take out the loan, then YOU pay it off.

    • Back in the dark ages, I worked up to three jobs at a time and attended class part time to pay my way.

      Come my senior year I bit the ultimate bullet and asked my parents if I could move back home so I could overload and finish.

      My kids sadly had to take loans to help. Since the government got involved college has become stupidly expensive. They have been steadily paying even during the “pause” because they understood the obligation. Even the liberal one. None are happy with the concept of a bail out.

      And they worked at least two student jobs while pulling full loads.

      I’m open to having some sort of relief if we get something tangible out of it. Say, paving the Dalton highway. Otherwise….

    • But… don’t you know that an 18 year old is not mature enough, nor do they have enough real world experience to understand the long term implications of a student loan.
      At least according to the same people who insist that a five year old is mature enough to understand the long term implications of puberty blockers and gender affirming care.

  15. Peltola comes from Bush Alaska where the ‘economy’ is government handouts. She thinks money is supposed to appear magically when one holds out their hand. She is from another planet. Planet Bimbo.

  16. Alaskans For Honest Elections has a website that shows where you can sign The Rank Choice Voting Initiative, that’s the only way we stop this madness.

  17. I don’t care if she has a dozen degrees , for every person I know who has a degree who actually did something meaningful and productive with it, I know dozens of people who do not who actually have went out a become productive members of society. I’d like to know her real work history, Im talking REAL WORK HISTORY! Has she been a lugitament tax payer, or has she been a Public Sector Parisite like a huge percentage are, has she held a meaningful job where she’s paid taxes with private sector wages, or has she been on the government dole the majority of her adult life, or is she Fetterman type who is a just a trust fund baby. So often these politicians in both party’s live there lives in Government and are just complete drains on the tax payers. it would be interesting to know what her real work history has been or if she has any that was solid. They should all have to show what they have done prior to running for any office, a complete and lugitament print out from the time they were 18 years old , we don’t need people serving us in Government who have only been a drain on society, or held meaningless jobs in the public sector. We need people who have really went out and served or accomplished things that are productive to our society! A Degree is only good for a select few people who use it, Most are just a piece of paper that tells the common person that your a college educated idiot who has no real intentions of becoming a productive member of society! So Let’s see her complete REAL work history if she even has one. I’m guessing there is not much to put in print!

  18. Sarge, thx for the info. Unfortunately for Alaska Pelotola’s version of ‘critical thought’ doesn’t apply to any form of reason, thus a lack of maturity. Fallow that yellow brick road Peltola et al.

  19. We bail out the commercial fisherman every time they have a bad year. Look how much we give the natives. Paying for youngsters to get an education might not be all that bad. Cut other programs though

    • Absolutely HUGE difference between choosing to enact a policy in order to pay educational debts and having a single entity decide for the entire country to do the same.

  20. It is interesting to me that student loan bailout for actual individual United States Citizens are shunned and highly debated.

    However, the U.S. government THROUGH the FAST actions of Congress passed SWEEPING bailouts for BANKS AND AUTOMOTIVE companies.

    So people like me that are not born with a silver spoon-who work against many systemic odds against our individual and collective existence- are further shown by the DEMONSTRATION of those influencers in control.

    These attacks are a demonstration.

    Give the predatory banks a bailout instead of being held accountable for their predatory loaning where the bankers received commission while knowing the recipients were not experts on finance.

    The banking system shorted the people of the United States, received their commission payments, and when the default’s overwhelmed the entire financial backbone, the federal government awarded the banks by bailing the banks out.

    But again, the people were left with bad credit and homeless.

    Then the government allowed the people’s tax money to give BONUSES to the banking executives.

    You have to be F$&&&&:;;@@“”” kidding me.

    Good grief.



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