Sullivan: ‘Never thought I’d see the day’ when U.S. government left citizens behind


Sen. Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, today released the following statement after the departure of the last U.S. military personnel from Afghanistan while hundreds of U.S. citizens remain behind in the country, now controlled by the Taliban.

“I never thought I’d see the day when the U.S. government would knowingly leave behind hundreds of its own citizens—who wanted to be rescued by the U.S. military—in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. For weeks, I’ve been trying to get senior members of the Biden administration to answer one question: Why not move back the August 31st deadline for the full withdrawal of U.S. military forces until allof our fellow Americans are able to get out from behind Taliban enemy lines? We had the U.S. military forces and leverage in place to save our fellow Americans, but our forces and that leverage departed today. The President of the United States clearly decided to forsake these Americans. I feel sick right now as an American citizen. I want all Americans and Alaskans to know, I am hellbent on getting these legitimate questions answered by the President and senior administration officials.”

Monday saw the last flight out of Kabul Airport with hundreds of Americans left behind to suffer at the hands of the Taliban, to whom the Biden Administration has handed the country.


  1. Our senator should have considered the consequences of voting to confirm the fraudulent electoral college votes. Now he is reduced to begging for answers from a completely incompetent, corrupt and arrogant executive administration.
    By affirming the legitimacy to govern by the unelected puppeteers who control the presidential avatar called Biden, our state and nation are in far more peril than the day of Pearl Harbor.
    The GOP maybe, might at best, hold useless hearings two years from now if they regain the house. On the senate side McConnell will insure there are no consequences to those dismantling our nation.

  2. I never thought I’d see the day when senators like Dan would vote to authorize an obviously fraudulent election…..Dan should look in the mirror for who to blame for these left behind citizens.

  3. Article II, Section 4.
    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    …Article III, Section 3
    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
    The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

    Murkowski, Sullivan, Young: Get it done. It’s for real this time.

  4. And I never thought I’d ever see the day that my elected representatives would allow an illegitimate president to steal an election without even raising one objection.
    Sullivan, Murkowski and Young are traitors to the country and the constitution and they should all be tried for treason in front of a jury of their peers…well, not their peers, I suppose, because we don’t want a bunch of corrupt career politicians deciding their fate. We’ll need to find honest Americans to sit in judgement.
    I don’t care what this carpet bagger from the Lower 48 says about anything…let’s throw him out of office and he can go back to work for Clinton’s law firm.
    Sullivan is a fraud and a liar.

      • As if there’s only one alternative choice…do you also think that Tshibaka is the only alternative to Murkowski? Gross is exactly what his name implies…gross…but Sullivan is not a solid conservative. If he was he’d be fighting the illegitimate Biden regime at every opportunity instead of voting to confirm leftist nominees and going along with other nonsense that the Democrats are responsible for. Sullivan, Murkowski and Young are part of the problem and replacing them is part of the solution.

  5. All empty words from Dan Sullivan. Actual actions are what’s going to save American lives not words. Who cares why this administration doesn’t push back the deadline to stay longer. We care if any legislation is being put forth to get our citizens out. Not legislation on new taxes to push radical agenda.

  6. This is horrible. But it gets worse–the US State Dept did not allow private companies based 200 miles outside of Afganistan load and fly people out! Words escape me on what our President has done.

  7. Just an idea on how the good Senator could obtain answers to these and other questions: On September 13, 2021, when the Senate returns from the August recess, the Senator could go to the floor of the Senate and object to every single procedural motion until appropriate officials appear before the Armed Services Committee to explain. This move may not make him popular with his colleagues, but it would serve the national interest. And we seem to have a whole lot of high-powered people doing everything but serving the interests of this nation these days. Let’s start with Defense Secretary Austin and General Milley. Just an idea.

  8. I question just how “American” these citizens really are. Why are they even in Afghanistan if they are indeed UC citizens.

  9. Now CNN and WaPo will not utter a peep about what happens to those Americans and Afghan allies left behind. They won’t last long. I’m sure the executions are taking place even now.

  10. DanDan, I told you the only thing I want to hear out of your mouth is impeachment. Anything else you say is a lie.

  11. Oh, and the US left the bomb sniffing dogs behind at the Kabul Airport as well as people.
    Folks this administration has no regard for you or I, or even dogs helplessly left in travel kennels.

    Instead of pointing the finger at our representatives (who have shown their real colors) what are we going to do about it…? It’s time for new Independence away from rubble left by the Democrats or the incompetence and inactions of the Republican party members in Congress.

  12. Let’s take a moment of silence and imagine what you do and where you go if local government officials came through your house searching and confiscating for any bibles and bible references, checking your phone for any bible app, and threatening you to denounce Christ or they will kill you in your own house.
    People are about to die as the weeks unfold like lambs before the slaughter.
    The Taliban are like a opinionated person who hates anyone who doesnt agree with them and holds different views than them.

    • Let’s imagine the same thing happening to patriotic Americans who walked into public buildings because they were worried about a stolen election. Those people are locked in cages and no one is standing up for them.

    • The perfect description of woke Democrats when given power. At this point our doors may well be kicked in to search for firearms, and wouldn’t doubt they take Bibles on way out. And command everyone from 2 and older in the household wears a mask made in China.

  13. Ha, ha, ha, he knew that Biden was incompetent long before he voted to install him as president. This is what poor decisions bring along with death.

  14. Why are you incessantly complaining about what others have done? Alaska needs more from you than that and there’s no end to the number of politicians that could be castigated for their choices, the effort being for not. Sure it’s a travesty to abandon US citizens in a war zone; we understand that.
    Who are these citizens left behind? Why were they there and is there an obligation to make a special military investment to extricate citizens that may have been too stupid to realize that hanging out in a war zone is best left to military personnel only?
    On a related note, the military appears to have flown a ton of people out that weren’t’ citizens. Where will those people be settled? Something tells me that foreign nationals from an area best known for inbreeding, winning by self detonation, educational deficit and the open repression of women may not blend well here. Is there a Gitmo for war zone detritus? What are you doing to help insulate Alaska from the potential fallout of Mr. Biden’s poorly executed withdrawal?
    These are the things we’re interested in.

    • You have it wrong trouser. This is exactly what America was founded on. The principles of helping people that can no longer help themselves. You’re mixing up a lot of things there with Taliban like actions. Remember when the Irish came here, and weren’t welcome? What about Jews? What about the Amish? If you’re against any of that kind of stuff then I’m sure those militants in northern Idaho would welcome you with open arms.

      • The America of yesteryear is not the same America existing today. Back in the day, when immigrants made the difficult journey to come, it was because they wanted to be American, to live the dream and were determined to assimilate & work hard to get it. Most of the foreigners flooding in today only want the economic benefits of the welfare system ~ many hate what this country stands for but are more than willing to take all the freebies it offers. Some even come here with the hope of destroying our country. You can’t compare then with now.

      • I have nothing wrong, Forkner… and I’m certain my appearance should not be of interest to you but I do look like I could blend fairly well in a Ruby Ridge environment. That, too is not what this is about.
        This is about the future of the US and your notion that we are the world’s handmaiden and that we have an obligation to wipe third world bottoms and clean up their messes is arcane at best.
        This isn’t an issue of racial prejudice as you’d make it appear. This is about a news story line that seems misleading. Let’s word it differently so you’ve got a chance at digesting the logic:

        If I had the notion to fly to an active war zone and then go off the beaten path despite obvious warnings and sanctions, would it be your responsibility to extricate me from my self inflicted quagmire or might it be worth pausing for a moment to ask yourself what could it be that was so important to me that I would go against mainstream philosophy and hang out in an active war zone?
        Is it possible that I might be a man of nefarious inclinations and that you’d be spending money to extricate me from my terrorist’s lair? Is there no question that should be asked (other than if I’m from Northern Idaho I must be bad)? This is not what America was founded on and you remain deeply confused.
        @Emily …you nailed it.

  15. You voted to confirm the Electoral College vote that installed this fraudulent administration Dan. You own this. You aren’t fooling any one of us who are paying attention. You knew what you were doing then, and you know what you are doing now. You have no honor, no loyalty to our Constitution or our Nation, and you have zero credibility. You are a traitor and you should resign.
    Want to prove me wrong? Fine.
    Lets start with who ordered the Capitol Police to stand down and open the doors to the Capitol and let the crowd into the Capitol on the 6th? You know that was a false-flag event orchestrated by Nancy and others with the help of the FBI according to news reports now, and you do nothing.
    We will wait….crickets…

  16. Not only citizens were left behind, but billions of dollars worth of our best military equipment and munitions. I often wonder if we’re experiencing gross incompetence on a grand scale, or if this is intentional. This whole situation is starting to look like an arms deal with a good supply of hostages. The terrorists will be able to extort even more billions from us in the form of ransoms. Biden will be more than willing to pay I imagine (with kickbacks of course). Dan, don’t waste your time, these Democrats are the teflon Dons of the political world.

  17. We need the following (at least) resignations: President Biden, Secretary of State Austin, National Security Advisor Sullivan, and JCS Chairman Milley. Please honor America and resign to save it.

  18. I was weeping for my country and countrymen before, but now I’m barfing at the comments by these trolls in shame – there is a reason we lost Afghanistan, and ignorant trolls (all of them on this site) are a major part of it. The U.S. does not leave its friends, let alone its citizens behind. Semper Fi.

    • Everyone on this site is saying that if Biden hadn’t been installed we wouldn’t have had this tragedy in Afghanistan. I haven’t seen any comments saying we should have left citizens or allies behind.

  19. Sullivan is on Team Biden. He needs to own it and accept that he is partly responsible for what happens with a Biden presidency. Sullivan had options to not be a RINO, he just choose poorly. Sullivan voted to certify Biden’s election in the Senate. Sullivan was part of the 19 RINO traitors that voted for Biden’s Infrastructure bill. Sullivan needs to get a clue. If he was up for reelection today, Sullivan would lose!

  20. Where was the outrage from Senator Sullivan when we abandoned the Kurds? Sullivan seems to like corrupt regimes like Karzai’s and to misreport information. The remaining US Citizens is closer to 100 than 200

  21. Were you showing us the same rock-ribbed conservatism last week when you voted for Biden’s $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill? The one where $437 billion goes to actual infrastructure and the rest as DNC pork?

    OK, let’s see if you really mean what you say. Where are the articles of impeachment for dereliction of duty by our Commander in Chief?

    Put up, or shut up.

    • Haha… When you want to make your military time seem relevant but you’re not a man of inherent courage.

  22. Never thought I would see the day when a senator threw a president under the bus. I did. You and princess lisa threw a president under the bus. You’re just a closet democrat.

  23. Come on Dan…are you that dumb to think otherwise? You have blood on your hands now for allowing the election fraud to go forward. Your are pathetic!

  24. Hey, Dan, keep voting for the leftist wishlist bills and you will see more of the same. You, Murkowski & Young have given them power beyond belief.

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