Governor’s Office staff must monitor and test for Covid-19


A new Governor’s Office policy, intended to keep Covid-19 from spreading in the workplace, says that workers who are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or who have been a close contact with a person who is Covid-19 positive, must be tested before returning to their duty station.

The State of Alaska considers someone a close contact if they were unmasked and within six feet of someone who was positive with Covid-19. If a person is fully vaccinated, unless that person is exhibiting symptoms, they are not considered a close contact, though they are encouraged to monitor their symptoms and consider getting testing four days after an exposure, the policy reads.

Staffers who have been a close contact should work remotely, monitor for symptoms and get tested four days after exposure. A negative test clears the staff person to return to work.

The Governor’s Office has contracted with SEARHC for testing in Juneau, and Beacon OHSS, Inc., for testing in Anchorage, where tests are done at the Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport. The Alaska State Legislature has arranged for on-site Capitol Building testing during the Special Session.


      • No, 0.3%. And that is taking the CDC’s inflated numbers at face value, which are absolutely and significantly inflated due to determining “cases” using the flawed and inappropriate PCR assey as a diagnostic “test”, and taking all those who died WITH the Wuhan Virus (but see #1) as having died FROM the Wuhan Virus.

  1. Now! I remember what this whole ‘have you been in a close contact with a person who is Covid-19 positive?’ report reminds me of! It reminded me of that public annoucement if you have tested positive for a STD or AIDS you must go to any sexual partner and tell them you tested positive. Hahaha.
    I am like how do you really know you had a close contact with someone who tested covid positive, unless!! They told you! Aaaaaah! Hahaha

  2. It’s not a matter of “must”. It’s a matter of virtue signaling” and preening.

    There’s leadership. Then there’s Dunleavy.

  3. I know several people who got vaccinations but are now sick with COVID. I personally recovered quickly from my COVID infection in April of 2020. I have yet to get any kind of symptom or other illness. Those with antibodies should have the same rights as those who have been vaccinated, perhaps even more (no masks required). This thought is backed by over 100 years of virology studies.

  4. When will Dunleavy wake up? Data now indicates the vaccinated are super-spreaders and the jabs contain dangerous contents like graphene oxide. If you have to use a fake test to determine a case without symptoms all you have done is added more fear and wasted more money. Stop the madness. Stop listening to the lies on MSM.

    Do your research – find out why is graphene oxide in the jabs? Find out why fetal cells are in the jabs? Did you know between Dec. 14. 2020 and Aug. 20, 2021 there have been 13,627 deaths from the jabs reported to VAERS, which is a passive reporting system and more than like only collects 1-2% of actual data. There were also 84, 466 serious injuries and 623,343 serious adverse events. Go to the site and look at the list of adverse events. Heart damage, strokes, hearing and vision loss and the list goes on and on. FDA’s recent approval of Comirnaty is a sham to trick people into thinking the jabs are safe and Comirnaty isn’t even available and won’t be available until the safety trials are completed. Then look at the reporting in Europe which is even worse. Don’t be fooled. Don’t believe me do your own research. Demand the truth!!! No more lies. Dunleavy needs to stand tall and tell the truth to all Alaskans. No more weasel hiding behind other lying corrupt politicians and fake science. I am sick of watching my friends and family die from the jabs, because they were fooled into thinking it was the right thing to do. If the CEO of Pfizer didn’t take the jab, what does that tell you? If doctors that have done the research, American Frontline Doctors, are being censored what does that tell you? If the information on damage from wearing masks is being censored, what does that tell you? NO MORE LIES! Why would you take a dangerous jab when COVID has more than a 99% survival rate, especially if you are young and healthy? Please do your own research – your life depends on it. Make sure you actually have informed consent which you are entitled to by law.

  5. Not just distances, but it can also locate churches (especially those with singers inside), it can find hair salons, movie theatres, bowling alleys, and it knows when its after 10pm so it can attack bars. It really is an amazing virus.

    • Only certain hair salons. And recent studies show that you are safe in certain upscale restaurants, wineries and Martha’s Vinyard.

  6. Hey fellow Vaxxers and Antivaxxers. Google: Johns Hopkins COVID 19 risk calculator. I ran the program on myself and found I have a 1 in 250,000 chance of death from the virus. I’m fifty nine. Ran the same program for a healthy 24 yo and he had a 1 in 500,000 chance. Seems like a reasonable question to ask is, which is more dangerous, the virus or the new vaxxes.??
    Stay sane and healthy out there.

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