Anchorage Assembly sets special meeting to override Mayor Bronson’s first veto


A special meeting of the Anchorage Assembly has been scheduled for Tuesday for the purpose of overriding the mayor’s veto of a “houseless lived experience advisory board,” (HLEAB) which is a pet project of Assembly members Felix Rivera and Meg Zaletel.

The advisory board made up of homeless people and formerly homeless people was an ordinance passed during the last assembly meeting, and it was vetoed by the mayor, who said there are plenty of efforts underway to help the homeless, and there was no need for yet another board.

The Housing, Homeless and Neighborhood Development (HHAND) Commission is the group the municipality has to deal with homeless and other housing issues. It costs money to staff commissions and the mayor thinks that the HHAND Commission is adequate. The Assembly had 21 days to override the veto.

With the Assembly controlled by the liberal majority, it’s likely the veto will be overridden easily, with only the Chugiak / Eagle River Assemblywomen Jamie Allard and Crystal Kennedy likely to vote against the override.

The meeting takes place at City Hall at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The Bronson Administration has been in quiet negotiations with Assembly members Zaletel, Chris Constant, and John Weddleton to come up with an agreeable plan for moving forward on a homeless solution. The group, facilitated by Admiral Tom Barrett (ret.) has spent over 30 hours so far over the last two and a half weeks; the path forward should be announced in coming days.


  1. Here in Juneau we have more and more of these increasingly powerful, non elected committees. We have the EOC (emergency operations committee) which sets forth mask mandates and shuts down businesses. We have a Systemic Racism committee which has the power to review all business conducted by the assembly. They have implemented a tourism “czar” being paid over $100K per year to dictate our tourism (I imagine they will have power to restrict cruise ships). We have more and I imagine even more committees are being invented as I write this.

  2. If they do, then Anchorage residents just have increase their involvement at city council meetings and start nominating conservative residents to replace these current communist members, Make their crowd’s time short.

    I wonder what social efforts First Lady Deb Bronson can do. The office of the First lady of a city, state, nation is a full time job, and it lot more important than political couples today realize. The work a First Lady can do sometimes is the added influence that can help her husband push things through among city leaders on and behind the political stage by her grace, imagination, intuition, and intelligence she puts into community gatherings, involvement in groups, the building or rebuilding a community’s culture, and her involvement in the the preservation of community’s histories and arts.

    • Correction: We have an Assembly of insane, bratty children throwing tantrums, and doing their damndest to destroy this city in every way possible.

  3. Forget the Assembly if they overide this tell them to find their own space do not allow them to use any Municipality property

  4. Is it possible that Meg or Felix would like that “lived experience” of homelessness in their home? So much credibility could be gained if they were compassionate with their own money or home. Heck, maybe Felix could hire one to mow his lawn. But I doubt it. Instead, we’ll fund another board to better understand homelessness.

  5. Hope Mayor Bronson figures out how to defund this lousy board or how to divert the funds into an account to completely steam clean and disinfect the building. It stinks.

    • I don’t think he can defund them since the Assembly is the one that holds the purse strings? But as a Resident I think we should withhold our Taxes and the Mayor can deny them a place to hold any meetings because I do believe that the City Manager controls the buildings owned by the Muni.

      • Steven, you have hit the nail on the head here! What decent and right-minded Anchorage residents can and should do is go on a TAX STRIKE and withhold all possible taxes from the municipality, most importantly property taxes, until the Bolshevik majority in the Ass-embly is turned out of office. Yes, simply STOP PAYING TAXES TO THE MUNICIPALITY!! What are they going to do if even 10% of Anchorage residents do that?
        We have all the power over these sociopaths, if we will only act together to exercise it.

  6. Thank you Jamie and crystal for standing up for your constituents of assembly district two. I would like to see the communities of Eagle river, Chugiak, Peters creek, Eklutna, Thunderbird falls. Including JBER. And corner of Muldoon with Bartlett high school break away and make our own municipality. Make our own decisions. It is our right and our voice that makes the way. Will you agree?

  7. The assembly persons are not adjunct mini mayors. They are not the executive. If they would like to run for mayor that would be fine. The Dems have done this in state government as well. They are trying to suspend the role of the peoples’ mayor in Anchorage and the smooth running of a representative republican form of government guaranteed to each American. We are tired of this.

  8. “houseless lived experience advisory board”
    The mark of a real liberal is the ability to come up with names like that.
    The misuse and abuse of language seems to be a special gift they share.
    Seriously, I couldn’t have come up with a totally descriptive yet stupid sounding label like that in a million years.

  9. Waste more time and money you worthless assembly members. Can’t wait to vote you out. Audit the cheating elections!

  10. I am so sick of Rivera, Zalatel, Dunbar, and Comic Book Boy and their pandering to those that want something for nothing and/or they don’t want the City’s help in the first place but these clowns think they should get it no matter what! Please just leave before the Mayor t-bags you again like he did with his new Chief of Staff!!! LOL!

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