Sullivan blasts Biden over ‘holy war’ on American energy


In an interview on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle on Monday, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan demanded President Joe Biden and his administration end their “holy war” against domestic energy production.

Sen. Sullivan revealed that he sent a letter to the president in advance of the State of the Union outlining specific actions the Biden administration can take to restore domestic energy production in order to lower skyrocketing energy prices and to help America’s European allies be less dependent on Russian oil controlled by President Vladimir Putin’s regime.

“The Biden administration needs to wake up to the fact that we’re in this new era of authoritarian aggression led by dictators from Russia, but China as well. And you’ve done a great job focusing on that,” Sullivan said. “I’m sending a letter to the President tomorrow, before the State of the Union, with a number of Republican senators saying you need to course correct on some key issues in one of the biggest [areas]—exactly what you said—the holy war. You’re right. With the far left, it’s a holy war against American energy. It’s driving up the price of energy for American working families, it’s laying off workers in my state, the great state of Alaska, and here’s the other thing. It’s empowering dictators, like Putin. It’s killing us in three different areas. It makes no sense. But you’re right. It’s a holy war for so many on the far left.”


  1. Environmentalists are true wackos, and will destroy our country. That’s the irony. They say the energy companies are destroying our world. Total BS.

    • Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill, global warming – these are the products of energy companies. Conservationists want to save a bit of our world for our offspring and the other creatures with whom we share this planet.

  2. He should have never voted to confirm Haaland as the Bureau of Land Management Secretary. He is just as much to blame for this war on Domestic Energy. I wrote him before the vote and expressed my concern that this woman should have never been confirmed. You Sullivan are to BLAME

  3. If this guy doesn’t understand that he voted to confirm what is happening then he needs to be gone. We need to clean house. But there probably isn’t anything better waiting on the bench.

  4. Senator Sullivan…if you are so against this “holy war”…why did you, Murkowski and Young… all confirm Haalands nomination? It’s like the fox and the snake crossing the river…you knew what she was before her nomination!!
    PLEASE STOP ‘kissing ass’ to the Democrats. They do not play fair!!

  5. I have been running Alaskan oil and gas companies and investing in Alaska since 1983 and I am happy to hear the change in the leadership from being a state for PRO BIG OIL COMPANY MONOPOLIES to now pro-investor of all sizes.

    However, where is the leadership that wants changes to Alaska’s kangaroo administrative oil and gas agency courts system and change the high cost of many stupid anti-oil regulations?

    Alaska’s unreasonable high cost of drilling keeps investors away, it keeps Alaskans poorer and Russians richer and happier.

    Texas has a good system maybe the Alaskan leader should realize the state owns all the Mineral rights on the state land that no other state has, it is simple for the state to have drillers to increase oil and gas production and increase the state’s royalty income.

    Alaska could eliminate all taxes and be better off with more oil and gas production and increase income. Alaska could produce more oil and gas than Russia and make Alaskan wealth shine like the sun.

    It is time to vote out all the bad leaders at are anti-oil and gas and repeal all the bad oil and gas laws then the people can make Alaska great again and drill baby drill!

  6. This is nuts! We are supporting Russia’s war on Ukraine by buying fuel from Russia! Everytime you fill up at the pump you are helping Russia! We need to get our energy independence back!

  7. Dan you forget, only American petroleum contributes to climate change. Oil drilled in other parts of the world don’t contribute and should be ignored, nothing to see here. Maybe the climate change groupies will see all the fires, smoke, and pollution from Putin’s incursion (that we are paying for) and see things differently. Don’t hold your breath on this.

  8. Senator Sullivan is correct, this holy war against domestic energy production must end. The current war in Ukraine lays the festering wound open. The US is helping to fund this war by purchasing nearly 1,000,000 barrels of oil and refined oil products each and everyday. Europe has put themselves in this position by going green and farming their energy production out to Russia, they are funding this war. The last time we beat Russia in a cold war we did so by growing our energy production and disturbing the power base that the USSR had built up, we’ve allowed Russia to get to this point by shutting off our domestic production and importing Russian oil.
    The Biden administration hasn’t approved of a single oil lease, except that of a single court ordered lease. On his first day in office Biden singlehandedly shutdown the Keystone pipeline. The Biden administration has now authorized the release of 80,000,000 barrels of oil from the US Strategic Reserve since November, while Democrats are begging Saudi Arabia to produce more oil.
    Why aren’t we producing more oil here in Alaska and here in America? Why are we sending good jobs and the most environmentally friendly oil production overseas to authoritarians and war mongers? Why are we funding the killing of innocent women and children by buying blood stained Russian oil?

  9. On the other hand, the US government just earned $4.3 billion in offshore lease sale for wind – not oil.

    • That’s nice, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are funding Russian aggression by purchasing billions of dollars of oil from them every month.

    • I’d be very surprised if that number is true, even if it is, how much of it will be returned as a subsidy? If these offshore wind turbines are built how much will that cost raise the rates of those who will be purchasing the power?

  10. Dan you have a lot of “splaining”to do to get Alaskans to forgive you for last few votes ie Haaland. Not to mention the infrastructure debacle that did very little for Alaska while unleashing the IRS on hard working Alaskan’s. We thought we sent a fighter tp DC so get out there and fight. Get in the media and fight for Alaska

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