Huge fundraiser for Assembly candidates builds momentum for turning the corner in Anchorage


According to long-time politicos, people have rarely seen such a big fundraiser for Anchorage Assembly candidates as they did on Monday night at the Main Event, off of Old Seward Highway at 76th Ave.

More than 150 people crowded into the Mardi Gras party for five candidates who hope to bring reason and balance back to the Anchorage Assembly — Stephanie Taylor, Kathy Henslee, Randy Sulte, Kevin Cross, and Liz Vazquez. The mood was festive, the room was loud, and several people came dressed in Mardi Gras costumes. Sources said $40,000 was raised between the five candidates, the event organizers said.

Emcees Rick Green and Dave Stieren introduced the candidates and ran a Jeopardy-style game show program with them, with questions such as, “Which Assembly member says he is not a Democrat but records show he only has donated to Democrats?” The answer, easily given by candidate Randy Sulte was Assemblyman John Weddleton, who represents south Anchorage, District 6, Seat J.

Assemblywoman Jamie Allard of Eagle River said she hopes to get some help on the Assembly. She has served as nearly the lone voice for conservatives for the past two years.

She pointed out the qualities that each of the five candidates would bring to the Assembly: Integrity, ethics, legal background, judgment, listening to the people of Anchorage, and working on issues that matter in an reasonable way.

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson attended and spoke. Also spotted in the crowd were congressional candidate Nick Begich and State Senate candidate Tuckerman Babcock, School Board member Dave Donley, and school board candidates Rachel Ries and Mark Anthony Cox.


  1. Love this TEAM. Smart, positive, diverse, and they smile. …….. something that the communists don’t know how to do .???

  2. Ranked choice voting.

    It doesn’t matter who votes as long as Barbara Jones controls the elections

    • There is no ranked choice voting in Anchorage. Ballot Measure 2 does not apply to local elections.

    • Ranked choice only applies to state and federal elections. However, mail in voting is still a big concern in Anchorage.

    • Huh? It was my understanding that RCV is the state’s new game, but there should have been no change to the “mail-in” voting in the Muni.

      • you are missing the point of the MA comment….Barbara Jones does not care what kind of voting system gets used she is all about finding a way to cheat to control the vote count results…

  3. That’s great and this new level of community awareness is do in no small part because of the great reporting of Must Read Alaska….now the trick will be to continue this new level of awareness into votes in April and again in November. There are a lot more of us than there are of them but people need to Vote at election time….

  4. It’s not enough.
    They need to get their names out there, all over the place. I am currently enduring Weddleton as my rep on the Assembly and I see two/three signs for him for every sign I see for Randy Sulte.
    People tend to ignore local politics, and when it comes time to vote, they will likely just vote for the incumbent. Their life is OK, they are too distracted national/worldwide news, etc… So the person currently sitting in the seat is fine by them.
    Get signs out there. Talk to neighbors, friends. Knock on doors, or talk to folks you see out on walks/hikes. The people in DC make a difference, but the local government can really screw up your day to day existence.

    Vote like your house value, your retirement, and your children are on the line. They are.

  5. Vote, vote, vote! And convince your friends and family to vote. Drive them to the polls if you have to. Have a neighborhood BBQ to celebrate! Overwhelm the system with legitimate votes. It all starts at the local level.

  6. Election officials are on notice.

    Sec. 15.56.060. Unlawful interference with an election.
    (a) A person commits the crime of unlawful interference with an election if the person
    (1) induces or attempts to induce an election official to fail in the official’s duty by force, threat, intimidation, or offers of reward;

    (2) intentionally changes, attempts to change, or causes to be changed an official election document including ballots, tallies, and returns;

    (3) intentionally delays, attempts to delay, or causes to be delayed the sending of the certificate, register, ballots, or other materials whether original or duplicate, required to be sent by AS 15.15.370; or

    (4) is contracted or employed by the state to print or reproduce in any manner an official ballot, and the person knowingly
    (A) personally appropriates, or gives or delivers to, or permits to be taken by anyone other than a person authorized by the director, official ballots; or

    (B) prints or reproduces or has printed or reproduced official ballots in a form or with a content other than that prescribed by law or as directed by the director.

    (b) Unlawful interference with an election is a class C felony.

    Sec. 15.56.070. Election official misconduct in the first degree.
    (a) A person commits the crime of election official misconduct in the first degree if while an election official, the person
    (1) intentionally fails to perform an election duty or knowingly does an unauthorized act with the intent to affect an election or its results;

    (2) knowingly permits or makes or attempts to make a false count of election returns; or

    (3) intentionally conceals, withholds, destroys, or attempts to conceal, withhold, or destroy election returns.

    (b) Election official misconduct in the first degree is a class C felony.

  7. Unless there is something done about unsecured and unwatched ballot drop boxes, the Woke commies will win again and again and again…PERIOD!

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