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Friday, August 7, 2020
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State Troopers’ recruitment video too hot for YouTube to handle because of 10 seconds

Ten seconds at the end of a recruitment video for the Alaska State Troopers was too politically charged for YouTube, which has rejected an ad placement by the Department of Public Safety, Must Read Alaska has learned.

In the video, the grand landscapes of Alaska are shown, and the values of being close to the communities are woven into the pitch for law enforcement officers to come north and apply to become a member of the storied Alaska State Troopers, if the jobs they’re stuck in in the Lower 48 seem to be losing their luster or if they don’t feel supported by their communities.

At the end, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy says a few words — 40 words to be exact:

“Hi, I’m Mike Dunleavy, Governor of the Great State of Alaska. I support law enforcement because our public safety depends on it. So if you’re thinking about making a change, think about coming to Alaska we’d love to have you.”

This week, the Department of Public Safety was notified that Google/YouTube canceled authorization of pay-per-click advertisement as it was interpreted to be political and potentially an election advertisement because of Dunleavy’s comments supporting law enforcement and encouraging people to apply to the DPS ranks. The ad could only be placed if the governor’s words supporting law enforcement were removed.

The advertisement has not been actually deleted from the platform, but the department is not able to pay for mass distribution. While it can still be viewed and shared organically on YouTube, censorship can severely limit the DPS’s ability to reach potential applicants. 

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Too obvious. A Recall Dunleavy organizer tipped off You Tube owners. It was probably Scott Kendall, Bill Walker’s old Chief of Staff and brother in law of Grier Hopkins. Vote Hopkins out of his House seat!

  • More censorship. You can see Russia from your front porch now. We all can. I din’t see the same treatment for Democrats.

    • What I see is the former Soviet Union, not Russia, and it’s to the south and east, not the west. Actually, Russia isn’t looking too bad right now. Might be a great place to go when the shooting intensifies in North America.

    • No you can’t. Only from Gambell and Diomede.

    • I definitely see Russia from the front Porch when the Trump mandated the hospital to bypass the CDC in reported COVID-19 case number, and the day after some data dissappeared from the CDC website.

      • The Communist Disease Center. Another invention of government to control the flow of information so that Democrats are in charge. God Bless Donald Trump and the USA.

    • Perhaps the head of the AST should voice those words of support and welcome. Think You Tube would pass it then? He isn’t running for anything!

  • Ridiculous! Have we devolved so far as a society that its controversial for leaders to openly support their own Law Enforcement officers?
    It should be expected! I am working on part of my application for this elite team right now. It would truly be the honor of my life to be able to join them!

    • I know many troopers up there personally. Difficult job

  • Screw YouTube.

  • U-Tube, Twitter and Facebook are fully bought and paid arms of the socialist Democratic Party and will stop everything favorable to any believe (Conservative) that they aren’t told to support. I think the State should remove every access symbol, advertisement and link to any of these sites and shut them down in the State. Stop using and helping those out to destroy you. You see how petty they can be!

  • What if the video showed a wacked-out BLM protestor with a weapon, pointed at someone and an AST officer coming to the rescue?

    • Probably ok.

    • I doubt if I BLM would be coming at anyone with a loaded weapon, it’s been my understanding that don’t have “BLM” protestors up here and I believe that coming at a police officer with any sort of weapon would be fatal given the climate of America right now, my advice to anyone being that reckless would deserve anything that would happen, it time for people to realize that the time for being reckless is at a standstill!

  • How stupid. I’m wondering if it’s not so much political but that he’s supporting our police. I’m so sick of everyone being offended by every effin’ thing.

    • Ditto, what a bunch of whiners……

    • Yeah. Politians getting butt hurt. Teacher unions saying they won’t go back to work unless the cops are defunded. It may be time to start over.

  • Suzanne, let me know when you’re ready to launch a Freedom First social media site… I’m in.

  • Dunleavy was required by law to affirm this upon entering office:

    “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Alaska, and that I will faithfully discharge my duties as Governor to the best of my ability.”

    He was doing exactly that in his statement.

  • Censors are working hard at the social media platforms.

    • I know, right! It’s like literally any time someone who isn’t a right or conservative tries to post here it gets removed immediately! Nobody seems to care about the true meaning of being a frickin conservative these days

  • Boycott any Alaska business that advertises on YouTube.

  • I am boycotting YouTube. I saw something on TV that was offensive and I stopped watching television. I head some liberal on the radio criticizing Governor Dunleavy, so I just stopped listening to the radio, except Rush and Hannity. The Anchorage Daily News is a communist rag and I refuse to even touch it. I hate books and they are way too expensive. Same for all other media except my gun magazines. The radical liberals are just like the virus, and if you aren’t careful they will infect your body and brain.

    • The liberal infections and diseases have been handed down for about two generations. Put Democrats and Lefties on higher doses of drugs and booze. The 60’s radicals already have their right leg in their graves.

    • Welcome aboard, brother Eric. The ADN, for certain, will also suck out your precious bodily-fluids!

  • I just ordered my thin blue line garden flag today.

  • I am confused about the lack of understanding of some commentators on this board. Only the government can censor anyone’s speech. Thoughtful people realize government edicts and laws are ultimately enforced at the point of a gun….. meaning, if we refuse to conform, we will eventually be arrested. If we resist, we can be fatally killed with a government-issued gun as a matter of legal procedure. Speech censorship could easily be a proximate cause your death-by-government if you resist.

    As to Youtube, it is a private platform. It is entitled to make its own rules. If you don’t like their rules then don’t participate. Really simple. Calling it censorship or “soviet style” is the epitome of ignorance. In fact, the soviet style would be to compel Youtube to allow speech they disapprove of–act of totalitarian fascism–soviet style. You want change? Start a conservative Youtube platform and quit whining.

    • Agreed

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