Spellbinding Wiccan art is new feature at Anchorage public preschool campus

Wiccan poster at King Tech Career Center in Anchorage next to preschool door.

Next to the preschool door at the King Career Academy and school district headquarters in Anchorage is a new feature for the start of the school year: A “free” table, underneath the display of a Wiccan blanket with the image of a moth surrounded by symbols of the occult.

This particular image is similar to what can be found on Pinterest and Etsy, and other sellers of dark arts imagery under the category of spell-casting, witchcraft, occult, and mystical images.

Alongside the occult display is an LGBTQ+ rainbow sign next to the preschool door.

This is the same school district that won’t allow Dr. Ben Carson to appear at an assembly on campus at the lowest-performing elementary school in the city. School Superintendent Jharrett Bryantt says he wants students to focus on things like back-to-school and safety.

ASD preschool classrooms are described by the Anchorage School District as striving to “provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment in which to foster each child’s cognitive (including literacy and math), language, social, emotional, and motor development. We believe that children learn best through meaningful play and in the context of responsive relationships. Teachers intentionally design learning activities to meet the unique needs of each child. The ASD Preschool program values the importance of families in early education.”

Story edited to reflect that the image is a moth, not a dragonfly, as readers pointed out. We stand corrected.


  1. Where are the Parents?? If I had children in the school district, I would be the first to organize a group to
    protest this indoctrination of our most precious commodity: OUR CHILDREN.There is no word for it but beyond

    • Is it any different than having any other religion in school? Personally, I think school is not the place for indoctrination of any sort either, but I just wanted to point out that Wicca needn’t be feared as it is a spiritual path that does NOT believe in harming others. That being said, I reiterate that religion/spiritual indoctrination belongs at home or church, not schools. WTF do these school administrators hope to accomplish other than pi$$ing people off?

    • Every time I see an ASD school bus loaded with children with strobes flashing I wonder what they are being hauled to learn. This is sinister.

  2. Another example of the inmates running the asylum. Time for Home Schooling Preschoolers. The preschool is paid for with our tax dollars so why are these people allowed to poison the minds of these precious children?

  3. The illustration is of a luna moth, not a dragonfly as you incorrectly claim. The symbols represent phases of the moon, which is historically affiliated with the luna moth. Note that there is no reference to the occult in the wikipedia article about the insect. ‘https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luna_moth

    • Sine, I mean Martha, that you, neighbor? You know EXACTLY what that looks like. Don’t waddle on here telling us adults that that is some innocent image. Save your lies and bullsh*t for mentally stupid and morally bankrupt turd people that you associate with.

    • THANK YOU for pointing out what is obvious to most of us thinking people. It is a moth, a creature of nature and the moon phases are, dare I say it, SCIENCE! So much teeth gnashing and pearl clutching for nothing. It is not a crucifix (an image of a man nailed to a cross, bleeding from a crown of thorns on his head) which I’m sure the complainers would be A-OK with.

      • Pam, I’m happy that you care about this notion called science, I’ll bet you were in the forefront in debunking the myth of “social distancing” the efficacy of masks and the safe and effective m-RNA jab these last 3 years.

        Thanks for standing up for SCIENCE!

      • Pam you are correct the depictions is of a moth and moon phases and in and off itself are not controversial. That being said the depiction has been absconded with to have another meaning by a group of people, who claim it as their faith.
        Take the rainbow flag. It used to be a nice display of colors of the rainbow to brighten up any classroom, yet a community adopted it as its symbol and now it no longer is the scientific display of colors of the rainbow (a natural phenomenon) but has another meaning.
        Then there is gender, scientifically there are only 2, male and female, yet we are now arguing about that very scientific fact.
        Pam being deliberately obtuse to the underlying innuendo, makes you either naive or agenda driven, your choice.

    • Remember not so long ago when the left, including their shock troops in the AEA were shocked, simply shocked at the notion of Christianity having any connection with public education? They bleated incessantly about separation of Church and State. Yet the first chance they get, they introduce yet another church into the public schools, this time, Wicca. Apparently separation of Church and State only apply to Christianity and not to Wicca, Environmentalism or Trans. Cheers –

    • Wicca has NOTHING to do with satanism. Wicca believes in not harming others. Christianity, historically, is the one that believes in harming people who don’t believe as they do. In any case, all that was hundreds of years ago, so let’s just keep ALL religions out of schools and leave that to the parents, eh? Schools should only be teaching the three Rs, not perverted sexuality either.

      • Harming people who don’t believe as they do? Christianity? Really?Show me on the doll where the mean old followers of Jesus hurt you. I’ll bet you really hammer down on denigrating fool we’re of Islam as well…don’t you? Or are you just another hypocrite?

  4. That is a Luna moth not dragonfly. But still, it is all a bit concerning. To say the least. It seems ASD had plunged off the deep end. I would never ever put my child into school there. I don’t know if it is too late to push Anchorage back in the direction of sanity. The Marxist globalist cult has succeeded in taking over and have the election process sewed up in their favor.

    To add to that – many transplants from Anchorage into the valley, wanting more real property for their money, are bringing their clueless low information voter politics with them. Just read the comments on Matsu Valley News FB to get a glimpse of the shift starting out there. The valley has been lulled into conservative complacency and better wake up if they do not want to end up like Anchorage. I do hope I am wrong but I don’t think so.

    • You not wrong. I been saying and writing it – all the leftists in matsu need is have their patience and wait for those few active conservative matsu leaders die or move away; while hoping matsu conservative leaders don’t know nor understand God’s Word to teach it effectively and instilling God’s instruction in today’s matsu youth and young adults to carry the baton of faith and uphold conservative values and doing it intellectually and effectively. Matsu churches like Eagleriver when I visit the vibe is they moving toward God very slow while it’s Democrat -leftists are playing nice and quiet.

    • I think that my age group (60-70) is slowly fading away and the generation after us are liberal and lost. I see it here in my lovely community of Palmer…..makes me sad.

  5. Lawsuit needed …..
    (phony) “separation of Church (Wiccan) and State” is at stake.

    WHERE is the ACLU when you need them?

    Oh that’s right, busy making sure an encampment of alcoholics, addicts & thieves stays in place across from Davis Park in Mt View, our poorest & most vulnerable neighborhood ….good job

    Let’s hear it! Three cheers for the ACLU!

    • What do you expect from the antiChristian lawyers union?
      You’re absolutely correct – this needs to be subject to a “separation” lawsuit. Then, not to stop with satanism symbols, we establish the alphabet gender soup as a system of beliefs about God and His Creation – the dictionary definition of religion, and sue all the rainbow stuff out of the schools and state sponsorship. For all their biased “science” trying to establish that they were born that way, they have failed and now want to claim that “gender” is whatever you feel like it is… That is a BELIEF my friends.

  6. That’s a moth. And those symbols look like moon phases and sacred geometry. Witchy vibe maybe, but not necessarily Wiccan or occult.

  7. Not a dragonfly, it’s a moth. A Luna moth most likely as they become active in moonlight. The moth is used in satanic (wiccan) cults because they come out at night. Similar to them using bats, owls, etc. I don’t understand why they just don’t use the Screw Fly maggot as their mascot as it’s the most appropriate animal to represent their revolting beliefs and agenda.

    • That’s funny. When I look at the picture all I see is some cheap tapestry by some Boniboni company. They sell for 11.99 on Amazon. Marketed as bohemian psychedelic art. Some highschool kid probably thought it looked cool. Sort of like the black light poster some of you probably had hanging in your bedroom when you were in highschool. Somehow preschoolers are going to look at this and turn into devil worshippers. Maybe drink the blood of the children of conservatives. I had to look up Wiccan never heard the term before. Posters hear must lie awake at night worried about being attacked in their sleep.

      • That was some excellent minimizing and softening of a disturbing image shown to preschoolers. Going the extra step of taking the time to even to research that rag to legitimize that ugliness was a real PRO touch. For someone of your persuasion, I mean. 👁👁

        • If they would of hung up the same tapestry in color would it be disturbing? why don’t you take a minute and do some research. Not my style of art or something I would buy. But look at the same image in color and tell us what is disturbing. Simply googlie lunar moth tapestry. Why would a preschooler find a picture of a moth and the moon disturbing? I am fairly certain a pre schooler has no idea what wiccan is.

    • obviously you do not know anything about Wicca…they have NOTHING to do with satanism. They don’t believe in Satan. The Christians are the only ones who believe in Satan I think…I’m not sure about the other non-Christian religions.

    • The beauty of God’s Alaskan creation isn’t going to save us from such ugliness. We need to be strong in His Spirit and Equipped by His Word before encountering demonic spirits. People been living in their natural state of humanity because of generations don’t know or lack understanding of God’s Word or they never even heard of it.

  8. What a bunch of hoohah! The Anchorage School District should be taken to task by the Anchorage parents! Where the heck are they? Obviously NOT taking care yo make sure their children are in a space they need to be in!

  9. This sort of integrity co-op doesn’t interest me. Keep Jesus’ commandments instead and be happier.

  10. Parents need to revolt. Pull your kids out of these government schools until they can be fixed. There needs to be accountability. This is just another example of the disgusting trash going on.
    We that know the Lord need to pray for revival for our people. That God would send powerful preaching among us before it’s forever too late.

    • Which has what to do with elementary/Pre K anything?

      I like kabob. It’s not relevant to this issue.

    • Marlin- That looks like service provider be rubbing salt in the pain and wounds of the deceased Wiccan follower since they’d be in hell unless something happened between their last breaths and deaths. If the deceased can hear what’s happening that person be like the rich man in the parable of rich man and Lazarus when he asked Abraham if he is sent back he can warn his brothers how bad is hell, and the Wiccan person be living in it while service are being conducted. -shudder. They all think it’s fun and games until one summoned a demonic spirit. YouTube is full videos of former witches and spiritual mediums whom encountered a demon and that person ran away to Jesus and now are devoted Jesus followers and evangelistic about sharing Jesus with others. When they cried for Jesus to help them he rescued them.

  11. Parents with children attending the Anchorage School District (ASD) should contact the State Attorney General and ask for representation against the Anchorage School Board and Anchorage Assembly that have allowed pornographic and occult indoctrination to be put in classrooms and libraries. Contact state representatives and log complaints against the school district. Demand funding be removed for any program that does not support actual education. Since the ASD performs so poorly on standardize testing there are procedures for State oversight to improve educational performance. Common core along with indoctrination is ruining Alaska’s future. Every Alaskan resident has an interest in improving education. Every child that graduates should be able to complete a job application, read, write, manage their finances, understand civic responsibilities, follow directions and be employable. Alaska needs creative thinkers that can stand up for themselves.

    As much money as the state spends on education Alaska should be first in performance, NOT dead last. If Mississippi can improve their reading scores because parents made it their mission, then Alaska should be able to do better than Mississippi.

    The recently hired school superintendent apparently didn’t meet the minimum qualifications as outlined in ASD policy. He should be terminated and someone that meets the qualifications should be hired. Every teacher should be screened to ensure they meet qualifications. Parents should have full access to curriculum. If I had children attending school these days I would coordinate with other parents and ensure a parent was in attendance EVERY DAY! Any teacher that goes off task should be reported by parents.

    All the pronoun crap needs to be stopped immediately. Parents Rights must be restored. What is done in secret is never in the best interest of anyone, let alone precious children.

  12. How many people voted in the last school board election? When parents are not involved other actors will sway their kids .

  13. Moth or dragonfly, don’t get caught up in pedantics. The issue is the action far more than the symbol.

    It’s at best questionable and inappropriate in public school. Especially in Elementary/Pre K.

    Imagine if the display in question was a cross and a Protestant flag. The outrage would be deafening.

  14. This isn’t art, it’s there on purpose, it’s indoctrination. Get your kids out of these grooming centers before it’s too late.

    • The father of all lies never forces his agenda on anyone; he always lets us choose. Example: pulling children from the wicked public schools will be very expensive for parents in both time and money; a hard choice; but, the right choice.

  15. Let’s get over it. Fact: we and this planet exist under a curse caused by the choice of our forefather Adam and Eve; we suffer and die accordingly. Fact: Satan is in temporary control of this broken earth upon which us broken people live. Fact: Satan’s symbolism is everywhere; on our money, in the media; in the design of our national capital, etc. Fact: most of us consider it honorable to “pledge allegiance” to a symbol, an act of idolatry He says is detestable to Him. We must simply turn from all all such things and follow His Word.
    “And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart.”—Jer 29:13
    “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”—2Chron 7:14

  16. I feel sorry for parents who are perhaps recent immigrants (regardless of legal status) that put full trust in our school system. Schools like this poison brains.

  17. Let’s all read the bible, after all it is the word of god. Which god, Iam not sure? Is it Zues, Methuselah, Oden or some other god? Please clue me in as to which mythological superstitious being I am supposed to pray to. It is all a bunch of BS, and speaking of bunch have you checked your panties lately?

    • You think you have the sole prerogative to the so-called separation of church and state? Why are you not upset that here is a myth displayed to children in school? Ironically Wiccans claim their practices to be a religion and demand protection under the first amendment.
      I suppose you think, it is only our myth that’s bad, but yours is A-Okay. You demand the right to object to Christianity in the classroom, but ridicule parents who object to other displays just as the one above.

      • Wrong! I object to any indoctrination in the classroom, religious or not! What Q-laid are you drinking?

        • Well, I am glad to hear that you are against ANY indoctrination in the classroom. So out of curiosity why pick on the bible then? Why not condemn the Wiccan display, as it is the topic of discussion?
          Oh and how do you feel about CRT, or LGBT….in kindergarten? Aren’t they indoctrination as well at that age? Kids in preschool have no concept of either God, race or gender and take anything an adult will tell them at face value and the truth.

  18. Other than this image what other proof do we have that Wicca is being taught? Our do we just assume everything now a days? This is not news, this is someone’s opinion with out evidence. And unless I see LGBTQ+ on the sign, all I see is a rainbow back ground (weird how rainbows corollate with children life) with “All are welcome”.
    Also, not that anyone listens by these comments, Wicca is not dark arts, evil, or Satanic. They believe in harmonizing and treating others with kindness and respect.

  19. Imagine being mad over what someone probably found pretty and just decided to hang up because they found it pretty and can hang it up

  20. There really is no need to worry about this. Modern day witches don’t actually hold any real magical power. They can cast illusions on the unsuspecting, but that really isn’t magic. Shoot, the witches of old could at least heal a wound or break a fever with herbs and other reagents. Nowadays witches are just trend followers.

    However, there are those who truly practice the dark arts, but their idols are not cute insects like the moth.

    Look up Spirit Cooking with Marina Abramovich.

    Serious, this article is like focusing on the Pillsbury Doughboy when you should be paying attention to the Staypuft monster marching down the city streets.

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