Confirmed: Sen. Lora Reinbold banned from Alaska Airlines for 30 days


Update from Alaska Airlines: “We have notified Senator Lora Reinbold that she is not permitted to fly with us for her continued refusal to comply with employee instruction regarding the current mask policy. This suspension is effective immediately pending further review. Federal law requires all guests to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during travel, including throughout the flight, during boarding and deplaning, and while traveling through an airport. 

Original story:

Sources tell Must Read Alaska that Alaska Airlines has decided Sen. Lora Reinbold is no longer a customer they wish to do business with for the next 30 days.

An email has gone out to all Alaska Airlines personnel telling them that Reinbold is on the company’s no-fly list, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Must Read Alaska has confirmed this with two other sources with knowledge of the letter, but has not confirmed it with the airlines or Reinbold. Update: The airlines said it has no comment at this time. The message to employees appears to be part of the updates that customer-facing employees receive at the beginning of their shifts.

On Thursday, Sen. Reinbold was seen in a video in a confrontation with airport security and Alaska Airlines personnel who were telling her to raise her mask above her nose in the Juneau International Airport. The situation on the video was tense. Employees in the downstairs area at the airport said they felt threatened by her in a separate interaction; that episode has not been seen on video, however.

Alaska Airlines is enforcing federal law, which says people must wear nose and mouth coverings in airports. Bystanders said that in the downstairs part of the airport, where check-in and baggage claim is, Reinbold was not wearing her mask over her nose or mouth.

Her refusals to put on her mask while a passenger on the airlines and also within the Alaska Capitol are well documented. Recently, she was fined $250 for not properly wearing her mask while in the Capitol.

Must Read Alaska sent a text message asking Reinbold if she was aware of the sanction placed on her and she has not answered that question.

Update: Reinbold responded:

“I was reasonable with all Alaska Airlines employees. I have been flying on Alaska Air for decades amd am an MVP gold. I inquired about mask exemption with uptight employees at the counter. The timing of complaint and a specific employee is of keen interest.  I have been assured this be looked into. I was respectful of Alaska Airlines policies. We had a pleasant safe flight with happy flight attendants and great talented pilots.   I hope to be on an Alaska Airlines flight in the near future.”

She then posted a note to Alaska Airlines on her Facebook page:

“Ak Air: Until there is a fair determination, after thorough review of both sides, I believe this should be confidential. I learned about Ak Air decision before I knew there was even an inquiry and before I had a chance to talk to or discuss this with anyone at Alaska Air. I never recieved a warning via a yellow card per their policy either. There was no due process before a temporary decision that is “under review” was made public. Alaska Airlines sent information, including my name, to the media without my knowledge nor permission. I do believe constitutional rights are at risk under corporate covid policies.”

Reinbold is not in the Capitol, as she boarded that flight on Thursday to head to Anchorage for the weekend. It’s unclear how she will get back, but her options are to charter a flight or to drive the Alaska Highway to Haines, and board a small plane, a state ferry or private boat for the final stretch.


  1. Ak air lines banning people like fakebook now?
    How the hell is Lora going to get to and from Anchorage and Juneau now!
    Who will be next! ?
    The governor needs to do his job! ??

  2. The vaccine passport that will lead to tracking and controlling us is the hill to die on. Masks are a minor hassle.

  3. All legislatures need more iconoclasts like Reinbold. That said, some of her crusades are nothing more than pissing in the wind. Reinbold needs to learn to pick battles that are big enough to matter and small enough to win. Now apparently Alaska Airlines has had enough of her theatrics and that will significantly hamper her participation in Juneau.

  4. How long are the people in Eagle River going to tell the rest of us what a wonderful job this clown is doing for them?

  5. Have we achieved herd immunity? The numbers seem to say so… So I applaud Senator Reinbold’s obstinacy. It’s past time to take off the face diapers folks. Me? If I have to fly (or whatever, like shopping at Costco…) and wearing a mask is required to board, then wear one I will, however reluctantly and resentfully. Voluntarily, won’t happen – I like to breathe. I smell a court case challenging mask orders.

  6. “Federal law”. What’s next? If we don’t keep fighting this mask insanity, what’s next? Fight like hell, Lora!

  7. This senator is the only one that is standing up for all Alaskans’ civil liberties and constitutional rights both state and federal, those who say otherwise are either ignorant in the political realm or are trolls in on it!!!

    Once your civil liberties are gone you will never regain them without watering g the tree !!!

  8. First of all, an executive order is not a “federal law”, and certainly not one by an illegitimate President who is a puppet of the Chinese.

  9. You have to be a complete idiot to get in a fight with AK airlines when you work in Juneau. All this proves to most Alaskans is that this women is a whack job.

  10. More oppression from the government and corporations that insist of following what is absolutely the dumbest idea ever, that some piece of cloth will stop a virus.

  11. F…Alaska air. Masks are BS at least for those who have been vaccinated. And besides if she was 6 foot away so what?

  12. No one has the right to force some else to wear a mask…except when they backed by illegitimate coercive force. Any federal law that mandates mask wearing is unconstitutional.

  13. Doesn’t Dunleavy’s wife work for Alaska Airlines????? There is something going on here that isn’t being reported. And the Senator is the only one standing in his way of another 2.2 Billion when he wouldn’t report what happened to the 1st 6.5 Billion????? Why aren’t Alaskans demanding where is the money SHOW US THE MONEY GOV.D. Alaska needs a independent forensic audit of the PPE money $6.5 Billion !!!! SB 76 is going to strip your civil liberties and change the Alaska state constitution without one Alaskan knowing what is happening because the media is being bought up.

    Alaskans deserve better the the corrupt politicians in Juneau everyone of those legislators are working to silence senator Reinbold because she speaks the truth that is why she was removed from the chair of Judiciary, she had the fire in her to ask what happened to the money because business’s in her district were wondering why they weren’t getting any relief. Imagine that a Senator who actually did what their constituent’s asked.

  14. If they felt “threatened” by this itty bitty woman, then maybe they just stay underneath their beds and not venture out into that scary real world…..

  15. I’m glad to hear this! Alaskans voted to move the capital. If the representatives can’t travel to Juneau, now is the perfect time to get the move done.

    We sure need many more like Reinbold. Because we do not, our country in a very dangerous place right now. Freedom is not free!

    Masks were not made to stop aerosols and will not protect against covid. Bottom line, it’s about people control.

  16. It may shock you to learn that people can have power over others that is other than physical.

  17. It is time to stop with this whole mask thing. Are we going to do this every time another virus comes? If you feel you need to wear one by all means do so. But many of us just think this has gone too far and many have ligitimate reasons why they cannot.

  18. I hate seatbelts but it is the LAW that we wear them.
    And this article is not a reason to complain about wearing masks. It is about a female clown that is hell bent on keeping her name in the media. Still amazed that people are making her seem like a martyr.

  19. When did flying on a private air carrier become a right and a freedom ensured and protected by the US Constitution?

    • I believe it became a right and freedom (with some folks) about the same time they also determined that wearing a mask was like giving up a kidney. And don’t think they will stop with flying, either.
      They won’t get the constitution involved as that’s too easy to disprove but, I suspect, this will come from their endowed creator. Heheh! And will provide much fun.

  20. If she drives through Canada, and defies their stipulations, its 6 months in jail and a $50,000 dollar fine.

    You can only get out of your car to get gas, and you have to pay for it at the pump, but most Canadian pumps don’t have a card reader on them, then, there is going to the bathroom. You cannot deviate off of your route. They are dead serious, and I hope she does not get into a mask argument with the border folks. I drove down to Juneau, and they are very anal in Canada.

  21. What does the Governor have to do with this. He had NEVER mandated a mask for anyone.
    The airlines are regulated by the feds. The idiot just elected says all airlines must require them.
    Lora, put your damn Mask on!
    You put the people Working for a
    Living in a terrible situation.
    Why do you want to cause them that grief? None of us want to wear them but that is what we have to do ugh now!

  22. I texted Senator Lora Reinbold regarding the situation and received the following text response with permission to share…
    “I was reasonable with all the Alaska Airlines employees. I have been flying on Alaska Air for decades, with no issues. I inquired about a mask exemption with uptight employees at the counter. The timing of the complaint and a specific employee is of keen interest. I have been assured this will be looked into. I was respectful of Alaska Airlines policies. We had a pleasant safe flight with happy flight attendants and great talented pilots. I hope to be on an Alaska Airlines flight in the near future.”

  23. Who needs hippy dippy airlines from Seattle anyway?

    In Alaska, protected air carrier routes are just as destructive as the Jones Act.

    There’s lots of private pilots and planes, not to mention charters. No doubt in my mind the Senator will find a ride to Liberalville.

  24. Keep up the fight. I always have my mask draped below my nose. Why? I have asthma and these masks have doubled my use of Abuterol. I beat COVID at 56 years of age, I have immunity, antibodies, and I don’t need a mask. The 30 day mask mandate has gone on for over a year now. Time to fight back.

  25. I am sure it was some Commie Lib trying to cause her problems. Hopefully he/she/it will be fired over this BS.

  26. So many idiots on here. Lora is just a showboat. She must follow the law (yes, LAW) just like everyone else. She has to wear a mask because federal law says so. If she has repeat infractions then they can toss her. The governor has nothing to do with it, Lora did this to herself. She can row to Juneau for all I care. Eagle River, you may want to consider new representation. She has lost her chair position and can’t vote unless she is in Juneau.

  27. Now if 100,000 Alaskans can do the same thing warrenting Alaska Air banning them for 30 days that’ll be Amazing. Be like Alaska is trying to stand up for what is right! That Alaskans are the only ones to make decision over their health not the government and not a business owner

  28. Now if 100,000 Alaskans can do the same thing, warranting Alaska Air banning them for 30 days that’ll be amazing.

    Be like Alaska is trying to stand up for what is right!

    That Alaskans are the only ones to make decision over their health not the government and not a business owner.

    It can be called I am totally going Reinbold!

  29. I guess I am lucky or something. I seem to be able to go anywhere I want without a mask and nobody says a word.

    How come Lora all ways seems to be getting into an argument about it?

    I beginning to think this is less about the mask and more about the mouth.

  30. This is such a Joke
    Masks Masks Stupidness
    That’s why I have not flown anywhere. Yes I’m taking to you Alaska Airlines.
    I’m not wearing a F mask for six hours to Hawaii or anywhere else.
    Stop the madness and yes it’s not a law.
    It’s a bunch of Scared Afraid Little Sheep. Walk over to that cliff edge.

  31. Just to flatten the curve, its never going to stop unless we put up a fight.
    I was in that dark blue city today Anchorage/Portland 2.0
    No mask wearing for me in any store Fred Meyers, Carrs, Home Depot.
    Theres signs saying wear your mask, but I’m like blank you. It’s not a law, just a fake mayor trying to control you.

  32. The whole thing is a scam taking advantage of a national state of fear infringed upon people by media and government. Telling Senator Reinbold that Federal Law requires the wearing of a mask is a lie. There is a rule issued by the FAA against unruly passengers but that’s it. So if non-compliant passengers like Reinbold show any type of resistance the airlines just use the federal rule for “unruly” behavior and kick them out of the flight or impose a flight bann as happened to Reinbold. It’s a racket. If I was her I would take the airline to court for violating my rights, and they would lose as they are just being bullies under the color of law. I applaud Senator Reinbold.

  33. To those who argue that the flight attendands are just doing their jobs because a federal “law” was passed, and they are just complying with it: The flight attendants union lobbied heavily for the mask mandate, and many of their members want to make it permanent.
    To those “go along to get along” types who think anti-maskers should just shut up and put masks on, until this whole covid thing is over : the masks were never meant to be temporary. There has never been any sound medical or scientific basis for the public to wear masks. Fauci, the CDC and others are simply stalling until the next “mutant strain” or entirely new virus comes along. They will gradually roll out the idea tha the masks are probably going to be forever, because, you see, unfortunately, we now live in an age of viruses. The masks are meant as psychological conditioning, especially for children. They want kids to get used to them now. They will not stop with the masks. It would be easier for Reinbold if she didn’t know all of this, but she does. – M.John

  34. Get the shot. It worked for polio, small pox, measles, whooping cough…… Your parents embraced vaccines that have saved millions of lives. You are selfish cowards.

  35. If they report to work in Anchorage among the people they’ll will get the the budget completed in short order.

  36. We love Lora Reinbold in Fairbanks. My friend just flew Alaska Airlines 5 days ago with NO mask and wasn’t bothered at all about it. You should have reported on all of the beautiful flower bouquets of support she received and uplifted everyone. Or how “Seattle Airlines” took IMF money or it wouldn’t be flying at all right now because for too many years they’ve treated Alaska people very poorly, thus this article still points out that same airlines continues its poor treatment of paying customers. Why the continued attacks on other people’s representative? Not cool…did you write that shady anonymous text I got about “hogwash?”

  37. Freedom is a 2 way street. Ms Reinbold is free to decide whether and where she will wear a mask. Alaska Airlines is free to decide whether it will transport passengers without masks. Ms. Reinbold does not have a right to force her will on Alaska Airlines.

  38. This is starting to feel like some sort of self produced/directed reality show. That might be the least healthy thing of this whole situation.

  39. There is no peer reviewed science that concludes that masks are effective in preventing the spread of Covid. There is , however., peer reviewed studies that have concluded that prolonged mask use can be detrimental to one’s health. Don’t be a maskhole!

  40. Lora Reinbold said “I do believe constitutional rights are at risk under corporate covid policies.” I sure would like for her to explain her understanding of how constitutional rights work.

  41. Some people are justifying the no fly listings under private property rights. They’re claiming that corporations like Alaska Airlines are a private business and that as a private business they have the right to refuse service to anyone who refuses to follow their commands.

    Is that true? Does an airline have the right to ban someone like this?

    Alaska Airlines is a publicly traded corporation. If you own stock then you’re an owner. That’s how it works. Can the corporation ban an owner from using the service?

    Alaska Airlines uses terminal facilities that are owned and operated by public entities. In Juneau the airport is owned by the municipality. The municipality is owned by the citizens. So does Alaska Airlines have the right to ban citizens from using its services as they use facilities owned by the citizens?

    Alaska Airlines relies on a federal agency, the FAA, to provide accurate and timely weather information…of course the FAA is owned, operated and paid for by the citizens.

    Alaska Airlines and all other controlled air traffic relies on air traffic control, provided by the government of course, for take offs, landings and in flight direction.

    And as Alaska Airlines earns revenue flying people around they’re traversing publicly owned airspace. American citizens own the airspace over our nation.

    So Alaska Airlines is a publicly owned entity that relies heavily, is actually totally dependent on publicly provided facilities and services and their planes operate in our airspace.

    This puts them in a completely different category than, for example, your local mom & pop coffee shop when it comes to refusing service. They’re using our property and services to make money from us.

    Then there’s the fact that Alaska Airlines is essentially a monopoly when it comes to commercial air service in SE Alaska. Delta may offer a few flights in the summer and the AMHS is a slow and inconvenient option providing you want to travel from Whittier or risk a border crossing. In all but name Alaska Airlines is a transportation monopoly in parts of the state.

    We use government to regulate businesses that have monopoly power over us. And we regulate non-monopoly businesses that try to discriminate against us.

    The “It’s private property and they can do what they want.” argument completely falls apart when it comes to the Americans With Disabilities Act or civil rights legislation or if the citizen happens to be in a protected class or when we’re dealing with public utilities. The examples are numerous…we even regulate privately owned vehicles used to provide rides from one place to another for money. Obviously private property rights aren’t absolute.

    The truth is that Alaska Airlines offers the only reasonable way for our elected representatives to travel from where their constituents are to our seat of government. By denying that travel Alaska Airlines is hindering our representative government.

    And, of course, Alaska Airlines is and has been getting massive federal bailouts that we, the citizens, are paying for.

    It’s time to put an end to these corporations misusing the concept of private property rights to punish us for not complying with their unreasonable demands or requirements.

    And if you support the idea that businesses can deny services that they offer to those they approve of where does that end?

    Airlines are throwing people off flights and imposing bans over masks that don’t protect you or anyone else from an airborne virus. They’ve even banned people for wearing clothing with political slogans that the airline personnel object to…but that are totally legal.

    Private businesses should not be able to deny services or ban people for behavior or free speech or anything else that is not a violation of legitimate law. Alaska does not have a state mask mandate but we’re allowing private businesses to impose them and that’s wrong.

    And if the time ever comes that the state does try to impose such mandates we should all demand to know where in the constitution we granted the government the power to force us to wear a mask over our face.

    Covid isn’t a real pandemic but even if it were each of us has the natural right to take whatever precautions we deem necessary to protect our health and safety.

    Government and private businesses need to understand their legitimate place in our society…and that place isn’t violating our natural rights under the pretense of a medical emergency.

  42. US Constitution: Right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Sometimes living in one place is not conduscive to life for reasons. For example if a person is threatened with harm or needs to travel for work or health care. It is a privilege for an airlines to have a business license. They must conduct business CONSTITUTIONALLY; if not if whimsical strong willed employees choose to interfere with the right to travel public transportation carriers can lose their business license. They invite sovereign people to use their services and the business must have clean hands. The Constitution has not been placed in a waste can. To not allow travel is false inprisonment. False inprisonment is a crime.

  43. IVAN, you would know, wouldn’t you? All you communists who are so self satisfied with your abuse of the rights of others are going to have your day of reckoning.

  44. Any airline that sells BLM shirts through its gift catalog is a carrier that I avoid. Alaska is a woke business that has gone through the roof with wackiness. They no longer serve Alaska and Alaskans. They serve politics. Try putting batteries into a jet aircraft and getting off of the ground. Now, I fly any other carrier BUT Alaska.

  45. This lady has kinda made her own bed- but that said, what a petty, petty, company AK Air has turned out to be. I mean this is just classless. They get rid of the little prayer that came with the meal, they started selling Marxist America Hating BLM gear, and now they are openly targeting this lady- who look- deserves most of the bad press she gets- but I mean, come on AK Air. You guys are pathetic. Stay out of politics, dial back the woke, and just fly the damn planes! Most of your pilots are normal conservative patriotic Americans.. why don’t you try putting in a corporate class that reflects the make up of the people that fly for you? You carry our name but hate everything about Alaska and it shows.

  46. What is FAA? It is an agency. What is the root word for agency? What is an agent and what are her limits? Do agents of a free man have more power than the man thus making the agent sovereign over the free man? What is the US Constitution? Could you think of it as a permanent limit of power for “government”? It is.

  47. The problem Lora encounters is about her demographic: curvacious, attractive short woman with a keen intellect. That sort of woman should get equal respect as a stupider, larger male. That would be equality and Constitutional.

  48. Alaska Airlines is also selling BLM merchandise in their online store and openly supports this anti-American Marxist organization. Should it surprise anyone that they are banning people from flying?

  49. PJ,
    You sure used a lot of words to say that AK Air is following the regulations and Lora has no constitutional right to fly on a private, and well regulated, air carrier.

  50. Despite Reinbold picking her battles and despite the pandemic, this is a clear case of WHY WE NEED THE CAPITAL on the road system. A simple, if costly, solution to guarantee Alaska residents maintain their representation!

  51. Steve your legal theory is ignorant and askew. Does Alaska have a door OPEN to the public? Yes. Do they have financial transactions? Yes. Do they have a waiting area? YES. they are “In the PUBLIC”. And are therefore liable to the Constitution and must conduct themselves in a Constitutional way. They may not segregate people from their rights to travel whimsically or they can lose the privilege of having the business license.

  52. FAA is not a pillar of our form of government. We have in our representative republic form of government 1, Executive Branch; 2. Legislative Branch; 3. Judicial Branch. WE don’t have the bar branch or the agency branch. If you see extra legs of government they are foreign to our form of government and illegal and don’t belong there. They are sharia law. We don’t make new governments at whim or everyday. WE have a perfect union of fifty nation states of being with the guaranteed republic as our form of government.

  53. This wouldn’t be an issue if these legislators had actually moved the Capital after we voted for it. Having the Capital in Juneau is nothing more than organized crime conducted out of reach of most of Alaska.

  54. Many sheep on this thread keep talking about “Federal Law”.
    I can’t seem to remember though when it was that the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate passed a law mandating wearing a face diaper on airline flights, with the penalty for not written into the “law”……or the President signing said legislation into law.

  55. Sen Reinbold knows the law. If she chooses not to disobey the law then she gets a 30 day suspension.
    If she does it again, she may loose more time on Alaska Air. Its only her loss.
    She is the only one that looses, nobody should care if she flies or not

  56. AK Air is not consistent in its policies. I traveled from Atlanta to Anchorage via Seattle in January. There were 5 persons of color at the check-in desk and one of them was irate and swearing like a champ. Effing this and effing that at the AK Air clerk. That went on for about 5 minutes. BTW, he had no mask on. Then he and his mates boarded the flight and 2 of them were NOT wearing masks. The flight attendants did NOTHING to inform them of the mask policy. Could it be that they were persons of color? Probably.

  57. G Aleutian, you do not know what you are talking about. All your post are just BS. Alaska Air has the same right as any business to refuse service to anyone it choose, regardless of all the crap you spew.

    “Right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness” that’s from the preamble to the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
    One of these days someone crying about how their constitutional rights were violated will actually understand what their constitutional rights are. They might even be able to actual point to which rights were violated from the Constitution, instead of just crying sheep or confusing the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.
    Just saying the words constitution and rights doesn’t mean anything when you can’t back it up with, you know, actual constitutional rights.

  59. The rules are simple … mask over mouth and nose. Anyone can comply. Why rock the boat when you know you are going to lose? Taking a stand against the federal government and a private company? Stupid is as stupid does.

  60. Alaska Airlines is a completely lost, woke, pink Rainbow garbage of a company. Better to never travel out of state again than give them one penny of your money. This is been going on for years. The flaming homo flight attendant I had last time in first class, flaunting every bit of his whatever lifestyle told me everything I needed to know. All done with them. Plus he did a bad job. Pink / homo I guess entitles one to do a s* job as a first-class cabin attendant. It’s an indication of how rotten to the core the entire organization is right up to the top. I did complain through their customer comments system regarding service, with no mention of the creepy orientation of the offender, but of course they never responded they don’t care. It’s all rainbows and unicorns. Stop flying Ak Air. They stink to high heaven. Until we all vote with our feet and pocketbook this madness will continue. Wake the h* up people.

  61. I love this lady I’ll be voting for her again. Maybe she should run for governor or even replace Lisa Murkowski. It almost sounds like the rest of the sheep in Juneau wanted to keep her out they apparently don’t do well when someone actually can stand up for themselves.

  62. Harbor Guy-“Alaska Air has the same right as any business to refuse service to anyone it choose, regardless of all the crap you spew.” I know a baker that begs to differ.

  63. Remove the Eskimo image from Alaska Airline jets. As far as we are concerned, it is RACIST. This airline is making fun of OUR native heritage. Better to put the face of Karl Marx on the tail. Better yet, put the sicle and star, paint the tail red and rename your airline……… Commie Carrier.

  64. Jay, I believe the baker won that case in the end. But having said that the issue of the airlines regulation of wearing a mask and a baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay person is two different issues. But if you support private business then if that private business says we want our customers to wear a mask then you wear a mask or do not use that private business services.

    I see now where your misunderstanding is, when speaking of government and the private sector we call the government “public” and non-government “private”. AK Airlines is a private company, Lora Reinbold represents the government and is a public servant as in the whole “We the People” which comes from the preamble to the US Constitution.
    A key to understanding that both you and Lora seem to miss is that the US Constitution is a set of guidelines for how government is to function and restrictions that tells the government what it can and cannot do regarding citizens rights. A private company is not the government, Lora as a government representative should know this.

  66. Scott Ogan…I don’t know when you last traveled through Canada, but most Canadian gas stations have pay at the pump card readers. Haines Junction certainly has them, and that’s the only place you’d need to gas up if you’re headed to Haines from mainland Alaska.

  67. Kudos! I too now avoid flying on North Seattle Airlines as much as possible. It used to be an all around outstanding company. Welcoming and warm, professional yet real with a big family feel. But over the years the Seattle crowd put their stinking Woke taint on what was once a grand institution. Shame. I’ll not go out of my way to fly with them unless absolutely necessary because of the way they treat customers like chattel, non-science based mask requirements and their moronic support of the BLM/ Marxist/leftist agenda all while they tell me I don’t fly because I’m “afraid of catching Covid”. Idiot propagandists.

  68. The US Constitution IS THE LAW. Nothing else is. If you don’t think so you are poorly or incompletely educated. If you went to “law school” did you pass? If you “passed” ask for your money back.

  69. The US Constitution IS THE LAW. Nothing else is. If you don’t think so you are poorly or incompletely educated. If you went to “law school” did you pass? If you “passed” ask for your money back. Harbor you don’t know what I’m talking about. Typically I am talking about the US Constitution. You feel comfortable displaying your ignorant disrespect in Homer. You have no business attempting to prepare a budget in the legislature. Next time you run for office tell everyone you think the US Constitution is BS.

  70. RIght. If you don’t know them you don’t have them. I don’t know everything. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary is a good place to start. Unalienable rights are absolute and predate governments. A republic is our right today that defends not impugned our dignity. Rights are the law. Hale v Hinckle. Rights to due process. Bill of rights apply due to assembly of delegates being men of sound mind belong to the people why it is called a BILL of Rights. Fixed perfected rights are life and liberty. Political rights are not all there is. The right of personal liberty locomotion is an absolute right without any restraint except by due process and the consent by a jury.

  71. Gee G Aleutian, you need to think outside of your tiny box. That airline is operating off of Federal Stimulus, State and Municipality airports, funded by three different goverment sources and flying a protected flight route.

    They have no right to ban anyone for something as trivial as a mask if they are vaccinated and they’re own pilots make the news today with pictures of their pilots flying with their masks worn on their chin.

    Keep up the fight Senator.

    Are you one of the sovereign citizens? You’re really sounding like one. Nobody is denying Lora her ability to travel freely, they just aren’t allowing her to use their for hire services. Even a freeperson like yourself can understand that concept can’t you?

  73. The people, are sovereign. We have enumerated and unenumerated rights in the private and the public. Governments are in existence to defend the US Constitution. There is little evidence they are interested in doing this. I’m in no such group. I do adhere to the US Constitution. It is ruined by Alaska.

    Assuming you are the same person but forgot how to spell your own moniker, I will take your last response that you identify with the sovereign citizen movement since you did not deny such. I wish you well upon your travels, please feel free to disregard any of my statements here and going forward do not reply to them in any manner. Thank you kindly.

  75. Sovereign citizens movement is some concoction to obtain secret insurance funds based upon another secret scheme to label, define,and predict eventual worth of any birth certificated person in the US. You raised the lie and associated it with me however I spell a nom de plume. I deny tbose are values associated with me. The word sovereign is used in the US Constitution which is worthy of defense like Lora Reinbold does and you primly do not. The Sovereign is God who gave all Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

  76. Lora Reinbold is picking the wrong fight. She needs to step back and look at the whole picture.

    I heard about her most recent showcasing from a person flying through Juneau just after Lora chose to flex her public-official-pick-on-the-workers-for-political-gain fiasco happened in the Juneau airport.

    Before readers get all uppity and think I am a leftie, let me assure you I am all about freedom. And frankly, while the Left started it, both sides have become ridiculous in hugging their corner of the room. Now back to the topic: Lora and masks. Bear with me as I set the basis of what I am about to write.

    First of all, a business has the right to ask it’s customers to wear one yellow sock, purple bunny ears and a polkadot hat if it wants to. A consumer has the right to either go along or go somewhere else. I staunchly defend the right of a business to operate as it wishes. Let the market determine if that business thrives. Think like a Republican, Lora.

    Secondly and most importantly, where does Legislator Lora think the mandate for masks on ALL public transportation with Federal oversight originates? It is not the flight attendant, it is not the regional supervisor, it isn’t even the CEO. It comes from our lovely Federal government. Choosing to repeatedly attack working people just doing their job under conditions mandated by the Federal government is just an illogical option. With all Lora’s legislative connections, why is she not using legitimate means to send official messages uphill to the Federal government instead of picking on working class people? I get it, much of the meddling into our personal lives and liberties is beyond annoying, but go at it logically, not emotionally.

    Thirdly and finally, having worked with and for airlines, I know what it is like to deal with the Lora Reynolds of the world. From that perspective, I was delighted to hear she was banned from the airline for 30 days. What other choice would the airline have? And yet, this is the result Lora probably wanted. It puts her in the news. Meanwhile, the airline is trapped between Federal mandates – of which they can be severely punished, and dealing with a noisy abrasive self-entitled state legislator determined to pick on those individuals who are trying to provide her a service. In the world of relationships between service providers and consumers, she is a rotten apple. I learned a long time ago, sometimes when running a business, it is best to toss out the rotten apple. Not everyone should be served, especially if they are upsetting other consumers. Maybe she can use her “grounded” time wisely and more effectively to direct legitimate efforts in her State legislative capacity toward changing things in our current oppressive and tyrannical Federal government.

    She has choices.

    I listened to the recording of her phone explanation. It does not match the story I heard from my acquaintance who flew through Juneau and the big kerfuffle she created. Her tale seems well spun and crafted to try to save face.

    In an aside, I am also fed up with her battles with my governor. I voted for him.

  77. The right to refuse service to anyone,,,, except of course…… Better get two masks for both sides of yer mouth.

  78. The price of freedom is your compliance. Good luck getting your freedom back from the crazy people who have nothing to do but run for office. (Anchorage Assembly) Unfortunately, most conservatives are being responsible and going to work every day.

  79. I wish news reporters had any curiosity regarding the US Constitution. If they did perhaps they would defend it also.

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