Berkowitz’ face still the brand for online Anchorage municipal job hunters


Say you’re looking for a job as a stormwater inspector, seasonal work in Alaska.

Anchorage has a job for you, or so it appears at The pay is decent for summer work, and it’s a union job. Your boss, it appears, will be former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, whose countenance graces every municipal job listing at the online employment listing.

Berkowitz hasn’t been mayor since Oct. 23, 2020, after his career went down the drain when it became known that he and news anchor Maria Athens were involved in a special relationship that included private photos. He resigned and hasn’t been heard from since. Athens has left the state.

Perhaps one of the first duties of the new mayor, who will be sworn in July 1, will be to ensure that Berkowitz’ face is no longer the face of Anchorage, especially when it comes to job seekers.

The mayoral runoff is underway between Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar and ballots must be mailed or dropped by May 11 to be counted.


  1. Those “jobs” , such as Parks and Recs, that are temporary but require you to join the union are only so that the squirrel club doesn’t have to actually do what they are paid for. They tell the applicants that if they do a good job that they will be retained. Pay your union dues and maybe next year we will keep you on. This game has been been going on for years. Nobody gets full time but they pay through the nose in union dues. Good luck this year when it’s more lucrative to draw unemployment. Maybe Parks and Recs will have to do some minimal labor for once . Probably not.

  2. If his photo is still up I will have to assume that all the jobs come with free Berky hairy butt pics.

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