Sources: Charlie Pierce announcement of running mate on Saturday will ‘shake the political landscape in Alaska’


Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Pierce will introduce his running mate on Saturday at a meet-and-greet fundraiser at Pizza Paradisos restaurant in Kenai, starting at 5 pm.

Pierce let it slip on the Dan Fagan Show (650 KENI) that he would be making the announcement this weekend. Pierce, who is the mayor of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, joined the race in late January and is running on the slogan, “Results, Not Rhetoric.” Before being elected mayor of Kenai, he was on the Assembly and was a business executive with Enstar, a natural gas company.

The campaign has been mum about who the lieutenant governor candidate will be. In past elections, candidates for governor and lieutenant governor would run separately for the primary, and then join as a ticket for the general election. But with Ranked Choice Voting, governors must pick a lieutenant governor to run with them.

“This will shake the political landscape in Alaska,” a campaign source told Must Read Alaska.

Meanwhile, a Charlie Pierce for Governor sign was spotted in Utqiagvik (Barrow), the furthest north town in America. Could the running mate come from the Arctic? Pierce is not saying.

Utqiagvik business sports a Charlie Pierce for Governor sign.

Pierce, in his second term as Kenai mayor, is challenging incumbent Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Rep. Chris Kurka, and also no-party candidate Bill Walker and Democrat Les Gara. Others are expected to join the race. Dunleavy has not announced his lieutenant governor running mate, while


  1. Childish grandstanding like a used car salesman, or one of those infomercials. Just announce the name already. I would have a difficult time supporting someone who plays games with teasers like this.

  2. Kurka as his Lt. Governor wouldn’t shake the political landscape in Alaska. If he announces Palin as his Lt. Governor would that shake the political landscape in Alaska? Even if he announces that he will be running as Governor Dunleavy’s Lt. Governor I don’t think that would shake the political landscape in Alaska. We’ve had some pretty politically odd pairings lately.
    Now Mark Begich as his Lt. Governor, that would shake the political landscape in Alaska.

  3. If we recall He stood up against the covid lock-downs and locking down the businesses in his borough. He also was stood up for the early treatment of Covid with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine while the medical hospitals and medical associations were outlawing it..

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