Breaking: House majority proposes $1,300 energy check for Alaskans


Much as it did in 2008 when oil prices were high, the House Democrat majority has revealed its plan to pay qualifying Alaskans a one-time “energy relief check” in addition to the annual Permanent Fund dividend, whatever amount the Legislature agrees to pay Alaskans out of the 2023 budget.

“The check will help supplement Alaskans who are hurting from rising fuel costs, record inflation, and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic,” the House majority said in a statement.

The reality is, this is the other half of the dividend that was due Alaskans in 2021, when the legislative majority only paid half of what was statutorily due.

“Between the negative economic effects of COVID and escalating energy costs, our residents are suffering,” said Speaker Louise Stutes. “With the influx of new revenue, we are in a position to provide an Energy Relief Check to Alaskans and that is exactly what the House Coalition intends to do.” 

“The cost of fuel is skyrocketing across the country, but nowhere is that more acutely being felt than in rural Alaska,” said Rep. Neal Foster, the Democrat who co-chairs the Finance Committee. “An Energy Relief Check of $1,300, on top of the Permanent Fund Dividend, is exactly what Alaskans need now.” 

“As the Co-Chair of the House Finance Committee, I see the budget impacts that high energy prices are having on Alaskan families,” said Rep. Kelly Merrick, the Republican from Eagle River who has joined the Democrat-led caucus. “With the amount of revenue coming through the state right now, providing an Energy Relief Check is the right thing to do.”  

“Fuel prices could very well double by the end of the year,” said Rep. Bryce Edgmon, a Dillingham Democrat who re-registered with no party. “This Energy Relief Check will provide immediate assistance to the Alaskans who are bearing the brunt of these sharply climbing energy costs.”

In 2008, the Legislature approved an Energy Rebate, which was agreed to by then-Gov. Sarah Palin. But that year, they also received their entire Permanent Fund dividend.


  1. Hey Juneau,
    You have absolutely no excuse not to honor the original PFD formula. The PFD is flush with cash and oil prices are at an all-time high. So pull your heads out and do it right!!!

  2. This shows you how stupid the Democrats are. This check will guarantee that Mike Dunleavy will win re-election

  3. Oh look! It must be an election year!
    Our betters (“we have no money for greedy people’s PFD, thank you Mrs Van Imhof) are attempting to buy your vote AND hope you will vote “No” on the constitutional convention question, so they can continue “business as usual” next year!!!
    Return to the statutory formula and cut the budget!

  4. Quit playing games with the public, junior politicians. It’s Dunleavy’s full statutory PFD, or nothing. The money is completely available. Anything less is just further appeasement for your dictator in wait, Bill Walker. …….. the guy who hand-picked his deceased, old partner, a pedophile, who is a sitting target this fall.

  5. Must be an election year. They hope this will help us forget all the stolen PFDs. Vote them out anyway! And vote for the constitutional convention to put an end to their malfeasance.

  6. I got married with my Palin payout. Brought another person to contribute to Alaska and a daughter emerged form the union also benefiting Alaska from the wise decision of Sarah.

  7. Right action for the wrong reason.

    Your PFD; that/those of your children was stolen. Repeatedly. First by an individual who is salivating to return to office so he can do it again! And again. And…………..

    Be honest. Don’t disguise the PARTIAL repayment of what was taken from you as the legislature is attempting.

    Call it what it is!


    Confession is good for the soul and it might be good for your chances at re-election.

  8. Democrats — and RINOs — just can’t get enough OPM (“Other People’s Money”). It’s the best way to buy votes right before an election, after all. Just remember, all of that money they are giving you came from *somewhere*, and in this case, it’s from your PFD. Gee, thanks for that……..smdh.

  9. “An Energy Relief Check of $1,300, on top of the Permanent Fund Dividend, is exactly what Alaskans need now.”
    It is not “on top of,” you lying P.O.S., it’s part of what you stole and owe us in the first place.
    Stop pretending like you’re doing us a favor by giving back part of something you stole.

    In other, but related news……gas yesterday at my local station was $3.79
    This morning it was $3.89, and this evening it had jumped again for the second time in one day to $4.09
    Thanks Pedo Joe…….

    • Explain how the higher fuel costs are a result of any action taken specifically by Joe Biden. He did not stop any oil production. He put a stop to future leases on federal lands. No oil that was being pumped out of the ground was stopped. Oil and gas production was slowed during the pandemic because of lower demand.
      This has not yet balanced out. Oil companies have outrageous profit margins right now and they are milking it. Energy costs are up around the entire world. If you chose to look to any other sources of information other than the conservative spin you would know that these prices would be here if Trump was in charge.

        • Again, explain a how any decisions from Biden have led to higher fuel prices around the world. He stopped any additional leases on federal land for oil production. That did not stop any current production. Ninety percent of oil production is on private land.
          Nine thousand leases exist that are not being drilled. That is a choice by oil companies. The Keystone pipeline was stopped. That oil is still getting to market. Our country is producing more oil than the first year of Trump’s presidency, before any pandemic slow down of production. The oil marked like any other resource marked it speculative. That is why prices go up and down so wildly. Conservatives are jumping on this opportunity to paint this as a Biden problem, must as Democrats would be if Trump where in charge. The reality is far more nuanced than the public discourse taking place.

  10. Talk about self grandiose chicanery!! We don’t need the legislature’s God like generosity! We need them to keep their self righteous hands off the Permanant Fund’s earnings all together and allow the original statute to distribute as designed! It is written, as how and what is to be done, follow the law! What a pompous body of clowns!

  11. What a bunch of hoohah! Get off your duff and give our PFD back! You owe us that. This made up energy check is crud!

  12. As the daughter of a very low income ($15,000 dollars per year), I am very much in favor of this. She lives by herself – by choice – and this would be a big deal to her. I know she’s not the only one. I am very conservative and so is she. Step out side of yourselves for just a minute and see the people around you. Not all are looking for a hand out

    • AKgirl, I believe you misunderstood some of the comments. The point here is, this IS each and every Alaskans money and has been “retained” by the politicians. The people we elected to manage our state affairs would rather see us apply for a benevolence program of their choosing, than have the funds go in our hands directly to do with as we need. They derive power from the strings attached. Everyone of us is owed funds that were cut, because they are OUR money and would have made a considerable impact on all. This is not and never was a handout! It is the monetization of a communally held assets.

  13. Hmmmmmm…
    1. How about just pay back the $13,000 plus the house Democrats and Rinos already stole from us?
    2. How about just pay the nearly $4200 for this years PFD?
    3. How about quit scamming us with your house version of the 25/75 pomv pfd, which is nothing more than Statue.
    4. How about filing this newest scam in the trash can where it belongs.

  14. They can find $1300 out of thin air when, allegedly, there is no money to be spared?

    Convenient, isn’t it?

  15. What about the 15,000 dollars Alaskans are still owed from previous years? Guess they would rather owe it to Us than beat Us out of it.

  16. Its really funny that you don’t see many Dems arguing against these statements. My vote is with those who fully fund the permanent fund and never play around with it again.

  17. They’re covering their rears by claiming to be paying for this out of the general fund, not the permanent fund. What’s the difference anymore? It’s become one big trough. As far as the legislature is concerned, it doesn’t matter which part they’re currently feeding out of.

  18. Alaska: Make sure who you vote for this year stands behind the PFD, not just in words.
    As Alaskans, we have been hoodwinked by quite a few people that outright lied about support for the PFD.
    Though, this “Energy Relief” check comes at a time when we really need a helping hand, it is still the other half of last year’s PFD.

  19. So how many of you who receive the payout, but complain about it here, will send it back or donate it to charity?

    Yep, exactly zero. That’s what I thought.

  20. For the love of God!! Gov Dunleavy has wanted a full PFD as part of his election campaign. Something Dunleavy has battled the legislature with since he got elected and they kept kneecapping him all the damn way!! Now watch em do a victory lap claiming their success! Hypocrites!!

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