Alaska House says Ukraine has right to exist, and Putin is totalitarian tyrant hell bent on conquest of free people


The Alaska House of Representatives, on a votes of 34-1, rebuked the “unprovoked, unlawful, and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation in the strongest possible terms.”

Rep. David Nelson, who introduced the measure stated, “Tonight showed that the House of Representatives stands against a totalitarian tyrant that is hell bent on conquest and that we also support our allies and honor the bravery and heroism of the free people of Ukraine. I am thankful for the support of my colleges in the house minority and the House Collation.” 

Rep. Laddie Shaw, who served two tours as a US Navy SEAL in Vietnam, said, “Brave citizens taking up arms to preserve their homes and their freedom from an aggressive, totalitarian power – that’s something I’ve seen before. The Ukrainian people’s brave resistance hangs by a thread. [Russian President] Putin is doing all he can to extinguish the heroism we see out of Ukraine every day – let’s recognize their valor while it is still on display, against whatever comes.”

The “sense of the House” recognizes the bravery and self-determination of the Ukrainian people for defending their country and calls on the Biden Administration and the United States government to:

Resume the regular and uninterrupted supplying of Ukraine with military aid, including lethal aid suitable to counter Russian aggression;

Support the membership of Ukraine in the European Union; and 

Promote global energy independence from the Russian Federation, and domestic energy independence through the encouragement of domestic energy production of all types.

Rep. David Eastman of Wasilla voted against the Sense of the House.

Rep. Laddie Shaw, a Navy SEAL veteran, noted that Nelson is the only member of the House who is still in uniform, and quoted a saying that had touched him about the conflict: “If Russia stops fighting, there is no war, if Ukraine stops fighting, there is no Ukraine.”


  1. What about our borders our dividend checks our roads our bridges what about America first, where is our oath integrity where are our oath takers crying out for us. A invented war is what we get no way I want my money back an I hope the clown who voted for you wants there vote back. Look at our oath takers and what we get. We want oath integrity UNDERSTAND oath breakers GOD is watching you.

  2. In moving to provide “lethal military aid” “suitable to counter Russian aggression” in the current military conflict in Ukraine, I take it we are talking about more than simply sending rifles here.

    What types of weapons would be sufficient “to counter Russian aggression”? Cruise missiles? Nukes? Are we sure that any type of weapon, or number of ground troops, would be sufficient to do that?

    As one viral meme put it: “Everything I know about Ukraine I learned on the Internet in the last two days.” Knowing mainstream media, I won’t wager on how much of that information is accurate.

    This much is indisputable:
    If we send weapons to Ukraine, they will be paid for by Americans, rich as well as poor.

    If we should ever send troops to Ukraine, we will be asking our sons and daughters in military uniform to put their lives on the line.

    Are the people of Alaska truly asking us to make what amounts to a declaration of a proxy war in this conflict (not unlike when we were arming Afghanis during the Cold War)?

    This motion, which would appear to cross Russia’s long-standing “red line”, received zero public testimony, and less than twenty minutes of debate in the Alaska State House before it was passed.

    Is that amount of time “suitable” for so momentous a decision that puts us in direct conflict with a nation with whom Alaska shares a border?

    • Rational thinking is diffucult to find when the press has amped up the emotions of americans and quelched the information needed to make an informed decision.
      Ukraines history is littered with conflict after conflict.
      I have spent 5 days trying to hear both sides.
      So far, I am with YOU on this issue.
      Even willing to get my head cut off for saying it.
      But, Nato is not OUR friend and neither is the EU.
      The Sons of Tyrany are involved deeply in Ukraine.
      The evil ones that support USA involvment tend to make the case for us NOT to get involved, IMO.
      Beyond that, The USA has done worse in many places, than Putin is doing now.

    • The only “winners” in escalating this proxy war will be American weapons manufacturers, it certainly won’t be the Ukrainian people. Soros is laughing his ass off as he adds another country to his list of hollowed out, war torn economies that floods the West with millions of more refugees.

    • We are already sending weapons to Ukraine – except we are sending them from Russia because we buy over 500,000 barrels of oil, per day, from Russia. You know from the floor discussion that a.) there is no intent, in this sense of the house, to demand the president sent troops, and b.) lethal weapons were well described.

    • Eastman (if it’s really you) – there is no proxy war. Supporting Ukraine aligns with every country on earth except China. Is it this simple: you love Trump, Trump loves Putin, you love Putin?

    • great point about the mugashadian. how are we to be sure they dont wind up in the hands of the Ukrainian underworld or like the john McCain sponsored azov battalion. I seem like the US federal government is consistently funding and giving weapons to its futures foes at our expense

  3. David Eastman voted against this! Gasp… wait, didn’t Eastman serve in Afghanistan as a soldier in the U.S. Army? Perhaps his experience there has led him to view things a bit differently. Perhaps Eastman is guilty of being a bit cynical about the “reports” coming to us regarding the events and causation of this crisis? I wonder…
    Meanwhile this same body of Legislators is working to promote outdoor recreational equity, and trying not to fund your PFD. Go figure. I wish more Legislators would tend to their business and quit wasting time on grandstanding votes like this.
    BTW, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I have however come to believe that Putin is off his rocker and that Ukraine invited this upon it’s self by the actions of it’s leaders, I do pity the Ukrainian people however. But when your leaders are as corrupt as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton bad things happen, oh WAIT!

  4. Okay… Now what? Pass a tax, send lawyers over there to help? Makes as much sense as anything else that’s come out of the Peoples State House lately.
    How about a resolution condemning communist China for their support of the Russian invasion?
    Or a resolution against doing any business whatsoever with communist China, which also happens to be a totalitarian regime hell bent on conquest, particulalrly of America?
    Or a resolution directing Permanent Fund officials to divest the Fund of all comunist Chinese assets. “China says no to sanctioning Russia amid Ukraine bombardment, vows to continue ‘normal trade cooperation'” (
    Pull those off, Dave, you’ll be a real hero.

  5. So apparently Eastman admires not only Hitler, but also Putin. Aside from that he seems like a great guy, and a good role model for his kids.

    • Hey Nom, not sure where you get your ideas for comments but in this case it sure wasn’t from reading Eastman. I’ve noticed that the low IQ types always go with the “Hitler” invective, you certainly haven’t been an exception to that rule.

  6. The Ignorance of some people. Just Remember this is the same mainstream media and Our same government hand feeding you all this Russia-Ukraine situation propaganda and they are the very same entities that lied to the people for over 2 years about Covid, and many other things. Remember they also were the ones that said the Canadian Freedom convoy participants were terrorists and Nazis too, while the Canadian government kneed, kicked, beat with gun butts, and jailed peaceful protesters. Maybe Eastman figured this was a bunch of wasted time virtue signaling of all the state legislature, especially when most of them don’t know what’s really going on and have actual state work to do.

    • Zip. Where do you get your news? Those missile attacks on apartments in Kiev – is that propaganda to you? Seems your anti-liberal ideology is strangling your intelligence.

  7. While everything in the “Sense of the House” may be true, ending the war in Ukraine will require that Russia’s security concerns be addressed. So far, the West has not taken Russia and Mr. Putin seriously. No one has to like Mr. Putin or Russia to conclude that an agreement to end the war needs to include terms that Russia wants. That said, there are many that think that Russia and Putin must be defeated either militarily, economically, or both. That objective may be difficult to obtain against a nation with thousands of nuclear weapons. (Readers can now return to their viewing of “Patton.”)

  8. The democrats will exploit the Europe war to push its green new deal through its great reset. Guess what else is occurring — a great evangelism is happening since there are no atheists left in Ukraine. The atheists have all retreated and fled.

  9. Talk, is exceedingly cheap….When we have decided we ‘really’ mean it, America will take some sort of definitive action…likely, it will start with collective hand wringing followed by a group hug….

  10. Let’s fix the mess the politicians have created right here in our back yard first including strengthening our southern border.
    While I pray for the citizens of Ukraine, the government/NGO’s are nothing more than a money laundering operation for the elites.
    10% for the big guy.

  11. Our own borders are invaded! Our own totalitarian US government is corrupt as much if not worse than the Ukrainian government. Like minded does things together. Go figure!
    I’m not saying I don’t care for the innocent in the cross fire in Ukraine. My prayers are with them.
    Let’s go Brandon!

  12. Even though some people might not understand it, this measure does not authorize the transfer of lethal arms to Ukraine. That decision was already made by President Trump (twice) and President Biden (twice), as the measure itself points out. This measure certainly doesn’t authorize the use of nukes as some ignorant people have claimed, it is symbolic and shows support for those fighting against tyranny. While some might have only recently learned of a country called Ukraine by their social media feed, many of us have known about it for decades. I don’t know where or how a sense of the house for The Alaska House of Representatives could possibly have crossed an imaginary “red line” that Russia has, that’s utter nonsense.
    It’s sad that some people claiming to be conservative are by no means conservative but ideologues of ignorance.

  13. Most of the folks commenting here appear to be much wiser than our elected representatives. Thank you Representative Eastman for the courage and wisdom in your no vote. Funny how the one that is under fire seems to be the only person representing our state that has any understanding of the situation. I’m reminded of the saying “that if you’re taking flak, you must be over the target.”

  14. Accusations do not equal truth here on earth or God’s temple in heaven. I have seen plausible reports that evil foreigners have funded dangerous bioweapons labratories that make the Wuhan labs look like kindergarten. Of course built among human shield civilians for moments such as this. Also, the evil human trafficing industry is in the bloom of freedom in the territory of Ukraine while Zelensky dances an ugly, undressed jig (There is a ghastly video). Juneau can get behind “that”. Alaskans? Not so much.

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