Social status: Dunleavy takes Rep. Ilhan Omar to task for politicizing death at Capitol


Shortly after a man rammed his car into a police officers and lunged at police with a knife, causing a major security ruckus in front of the U.S. Capitol, New York Congresswoman Ilhan Omar took to social media to cluck about how much worse it would have been if the man had had a gun. An AR-15, to be exact.

“Heartbroken to learn another CP was killed while protecting the Capitol. My thoughts and prayers go out to the officer’s family and the entire Capitol Police force. The death toll would have been worse if the assailant had an AR-15 instead of a knife.”

Noah Green, who is evidently a radical associated with Nation of Islam, lunged at the officers with a knife after breaking through the north barrier at the Capitol. William “Billy” Evans, of the Capitol Police, was killed in the incident and another officer was injured. Green was shot, killed, and hauled away on a stretcher.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy of Alaska took notice and chided Omar for having politicized the already traumatic event.

“Truy despicable of you to capitalize on the heartbreak and grief of a fallen officer’s family to promote your political narrative. Officer Evans and his family deserve better from a sitting member of Congress.”

Dunleavy just this week joined 15 other states in filing a friend-of-the-court brief defending the NRA from an attempt by the New York attorney general to put the pro-Second Amendment organization out of business.

Omar represents Minnesota’s fifth district. She supports strict gun control and universal background checks.


  1. She, and the rest of the ‘squad’ are truly despicable people looking to capitalize and exploit any misfortune or misery meeting their (despicable) narrative. It is disgusting that people would vote these vile ignorant unamerican creatures into congress. But today many within the sacred halls of our government qualify as vile. Do they really represent the people of America? We are in deep, deep trouble.

  2. Latest death at the US Capitol was truly a hate crime. Black man killing a White cop. ……………(crickets….)

  3. Everywhere the liberals have their way making a complete gun ban, they see only more knives and cars used.

    I bet Noah Green was a liberal if he voted and if he could vote, he sounds like an upstanding liberal in commi-D.C.

    The most liberal of them all have actions a little like Noah, I don’t know what how far a liberal will go to the left.

    Noah reminds me of liberal mask shamer calling out others for not wearing mask, all that is missing in their tirade is a knife in their hand as they are yelling, ” will you stand back if you not wearing a mask.” hahahaha

  4. “She supports strict gun control and universal background checks.”
    So did Mao, Stalin, and Hitler. Just sayin’………

  5. Perhaps if Noah Green had not been weaponized by The Nation of Islam, the death toll would have been lower.

  6. The attacker in Colorado was a Syrian born follower of Islam as well, yet neither of these were considered “terrorist” attacks?

  7. Dunleavy trying to get some name recognition in DC and the Anon nut jobs by beating up on Omar. It is the kettle calling the pot black, by politicizing the comment of Omar Dunleavy is taking a opportunity to benefit himself. So who is politicizing?

  8. Ok next time, it will be rocks in a pillowcase as his weapon. Taking away are knives next.
    Stop the madness we need to defend are self from this unhinged government.

  9. Dunleavy? Isn’t that the guy who gave his job to Dr. Zink and then went into a Covid Bunker to never be seen again? Who let him out?

  10. How about doing the work Alaska hired you to do? AOC’s babbling won’t effect us as much as Princess Lisa or a runaway legislature.

    Stop preening and get to work. Ben Stevens isn’t around to cover for you anymore

  11. Were there advertisements for crisis actors in the recent weeks? We are done with misleading internationally stories placed round the world to accomplish anti-US Constitution political ends. Those who are against the US Constitution need to be isolated from the American population and definitely removed from Congress.

  12. Of course Omar wants our guns taken away from us. She wants us weak and unable to defend ourselves when her brethren try to hurt and wipe out the infidel. Just like the American president needs to be a natural born citizen of our country, I feel that ALL members of congress et al., need to be natural born citizens of the United States of America! WTF were people thinking when they elected a Somalian Muslim to represent them?!?!

  13. Suzanne, how come the ‘reply’ button isn’t working so we can reply to someone else’s comment?

  14. KAREN KIRKPATRICK, in 2015 Biden made a speech clearly stating his intention to replace the majority of citizens in the United States with minorities (look it up). Prior to this George Bush (both) stated their ‘conservative compassion’ to bring impoverished masses from sh!thole countries to dilute the wealth and good lives enjoyed by most Americans. They strategically placed these people where they would overwhelm and outvote the established citizenry. Thus the move to ‘Fundamentally transform the United States of America’ stealthily started a generation ago and we are seeing the fruits now.

  15. Take a look at the relatively new Canadian laws prohibiting carrying knives without an approved or specified reason. So far as I can see if you are carrying a pocket knife and law enforcement finds out then either you keep your mouth shut and don’t answer questions about why you have the knife, or else you have a plausible reason for having a pocket knife. If you are carrying a fixed blade knife, including in your vehicle, then the law may go less easy on you. If you have a hunting knife in the glove box of your truck it had better look like you are going hunting. It’s all pretty strange, and hopefully the laws won’t be enforced except to pile on violations by drug dealers and the like. But Canada is today on knives where they were 25 years ago on handguns. Canadians don’t have rights the way Americans do, nor would Canadians be willing to defend their rights if they had them. At the same time I wouldn’t put it past the Canuck government to enforce these knife laws on Alaskans driving through Canada to get from one part of Alaska to another.

  16. KUBOTA2, I had a standard issue AF survival knife confiscated at the border. I pitched a fit and demanded to see the law and they finally relented and returned it. But the laws are tightening.

  17. “Noah Green, who is evidently a radical associated with Nation of Islam.” Funny how this fact was censored by the media.

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