Alaska joins 15 states in fighting New York’s attempt to shut down the NRA


Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor and 15 other governors filed a friend of court brief against the State of New York for its attempt to shut down the National Rifle Association. The AGs called it an abuse of power.

New York attorney general Letitia James is abusing the power of her office in her targeting of the gun-rights group and attempts to prosecute the group in New York.

“The statements made by the New York AG are nothing short of startling,” the attorneys general wrote. “The New York AG’s promise to ‘take down the NRA’ if elected, coupled with her description of the NRA’s advocacy as ‘poisonous’ and ‘deadly propaganda,’ makes it clear that the NRA’s message is the impetus for the New York AG’s dissolution request.”

The 16 attorneys general said the NRA should be allowed to “leave New York for greener pastures” in Texas because of the James’ “mission to destroy the NRA and silence its members.”

Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, and West Virginia joined in the statement to the court. All of those states have Republican leadership, while James is a Democrat.

In March, the NRA board approved a bankruptcy plan during an emergency meeting in Texas and the group has been in talks with AG James, but have been able to reach a deal. A trial over the bankruptcy pleading is set to begin on Monday.

“There is nothing improper about the NRA pursuing reorganization to ensure that it emerges intact from its ongoing battle with its powerful politically motivated opponents,” the attorneys general wrote. “Seeking to thwart responsible government oversight is one thing; getting out from under the thumb of government officials abusing their office is another.”


  1. The only future for Americana’s we knew it is secession. Remove New England and the west coast from the country and let them become their own socialist hell.

    Otherwise they drag us all down

  2. We have lost the First Amendment(In court documents recently filed by Syracuse University in response to a student’s lawsuit alleging free speech and due process violations, SU admits that it does not promise its students free speech. The admission is the culmination of SU’s disappointing history of violating its students’ expressive freedoms. ) due to “Cancel Culture, Politically Correct Speech, and general narrow mindedness.

    Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun is a phrase which was coined by Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong.

    Without the Second Amendment, all others will fall……….

  3. Why? Seems the NRA is a bunch of crooks. We should start our own gun rights group that isn’t corrupt.

  4. Our gun rights are under attack. It’s what evil regimes do to have total control over a population. What were Hitler’s first moves when he attained power in 1930’s Germany? He got rid of the local constabulary (replacing localized law enforcement with his own nationalized police forces (SS, Gestapo). He then confiscated all firearms. See a pattern emerging?

  5. Sadly, the NRA frittered away much of its effectiveness through petty infighting. I wish for a return to its glory but the current regime has to go.

  6. Very good Dunleavy and Company, great show of support … a few more states that should be on the list are missing!

  7. I saw this sign in a gun shop yesterday it reads

    No Mask Please
    This is a
    Gun Shop
    We shoot people with masks
    Jus saying …

  8. I canceled my membership years ago when the NRA morphed from a gun safety and sportsmanship organization to a rabid Second Amendment promoter, advocating for ridiculous things like arming teachers and Constitutional concealed carry. The vast majority of the population wants nothing to do with what they are selling these days.

    More guns in more places is amongst the last things this Country needs.

    Good riddance, and the sooner the better.

  9. Bravo, Governor.
    Pro-active is so much better than re-active. Keep Alaska free of communist dictates. We deserve better. America deserves better. I am wavering between supporting you and supporting “2nd best”, that being anyone anti-leftist and speaking up.

  10. The NRA has fought against the anti gun groups for decades. If it wasn’t for their strength in support of protecting the second amendment Americans would no doubt have suffered the loss of many more of our gun rights.

  11. After reading this opinion on this site I thought conservatives did not support non profits.
    “And Alaska has a huge number of non-profits; I’m told the highest number per capita of any state. I suspect that armed with a small team of forensic accountants, I could put a lot of people in jail, or at least remove their non-profit status. We on the Republican/conservative side of the ditch are on the back side of the curve on this because for us doing something that you don’t plan to profit from is an unnatural act.”

  12. The NRA is, and has been for years, both a source of education about firearms and their safe use and a defender of the 2nd Amendment. Personally, I don’t think they have gone far enough in defense of the 2nd Amendment. My feeling is that all gun laws are an infringement and are, therefore, unconstitutional. The NRA hasn’t gone that far (unfortunately). Oh, BTW, I am a Benefactor member of the NRA.

  13. Whidbey, so you are against constitutional carry? So, you are against the constitution? The NRA was always a gun rights organization.
    You sound like the typical Washingtonian trying to school Alaskans.

  14. America ( meaning most of the lower 48) is getting exactly what it asked for. They were too busy having a good time and did not watch what their corrupt politicians were doing.Alaska has had it’s share of corrupt politicians as well and still does. This last election proved that conclusively. Every single politician in America for the last hundred years has been corrupted in so fashion. Alaska should not even be in the mess that is the lower 48. At this rate, probably will not be much longer. They are trying and succeeding at changing Alaska’s constitution, that and we keep getting more and more people coming to Alaska for a free ride and they never worked a day in their lives in Alaska. When I worked out in Dutch, we had Philippenos that would come and work in the fishing industry. If they stayed on the island long enough, they were given Alaska dividend checks. They were not even American citizens, let alone Alaskans. I kept asking myself, how in the hell did this happen in Alaska? The conclusion that I came to was this, CORRUPT POLITICIANS THAT NO LONGER WORK FOR THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE WHO THEY SERVE.

  15. What waste of time. Dunleavy is more interested in creating good feeling from the voters to keep himself from being recalled. It will make no difference if Alaska is involved or not. The NRA problems are from greed and Russian involvement more than anything. How anyone could support the NRA in its present form is not understandable. The NRA have just use members dues to send the NRA leaders on expensive trips. Why support someone that will steal from you ?

  16. What we need are more “rabid second amendment promoters,” and fewer CRT and Equality Act promoters.

  17. Just bought a life membership with the NRA. We need a Charlton Heston back in the chariot.

  18. I don’t understand this issue. Is the NY Attorney General trying to legally eviscerate the NRA in every other state in addition to NY? In Federal court? If not, why can’t the NRA just clear out of NY state and let it become more of a Marxist cesspool than it already is? What am I missing?

  19. Maybe they just want to use up their tons of printed materials first … before getting new stuff printed up with a new address?

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