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Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Social media leftists send their greetings to Don Young

The keyboard warriors were laughing online at Congressman Don Young for contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus, as was announced by him on Twitter on Thursday.

Some examples of the hundreds of comments made on Twitter on Thursday:

Laughing Hannah:

Victim blaming Jonathan:

Moral high ground Maggie:

Abject crassness Dave:

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • @AkTwoSheds has introduced a new term to the intellectual dialogue of the left – a “fucking maroon”……..

  • The sad irony is that these young idiot douchebags have probably caught and spread more coronavirus than Don Young ever realized ever existed, and they will never know it and will never care to know it.

  • These are the people who will be the first casualties if there is a new civil war.

  • If Gross or Galvin caught the Commie Virus, would Republicans wish them ill will? No, because Republicans don’t roll that way. But I do admit, I secretly wish Gross would catch it and live in lock down.

    • Well, apparently one secret Republican rolls that way.
      In truth, you are almost certainly not alone.

      • Hell no he’s not alone, I view these people that I listed as enemies of the state and domestic terrorists and even in the oath it has a clause for foreign and domestic meaning there are people amongst us that wish to do our country harm.

    • Read SunTzu’s “The Art of War” as to tactics. Most of his advice also applies to politics, debate, sports, etc. Do not engage in a battle if you are unwilling to utilize the same tactics as your opponent. Example: if you enter a UFC fight, but you insist upon adhering to Marquess of Queensberry rules because you “don’t roll” with UFC rules, you will be defeated every time.

  • There might be a pale-pink shade to Congressman Young’s color tone … but maroon, I don’t think so! Change the water in your bong, @AkTwoSheds.
    A speedy recovery to you Congressman Young!!!

  • This is the problem. On the right, we don’t hate these people on the left. We, vehemently disagree (more so as they keep moving farther left and farther authoritarian) but they quite literally hate us. This is a moral thing to them. If we do not subscribe to the leftist orthodoxy we are heretics and blasphemers, and just in general a scourge that must be eradicated.

    • I actually hate some on the left. Hillary, Pelosi, shifty schiff, AOC……

  • Things that most Alaskans care about are, our freedom and liberties. We’ll have to come together to keep those close to our hearts, things that have been fought for and died for. The Left’s persuasion to go all socialist will NOT change Alaskans’ minds IF those minds are governed by common sense and love for our country. The thing that scares me now is the lead that Ballot #2 has gotten. If we are to ever come together for anything, it’s now to defeat Ballot #2 in the courts.

  • I spoke with Rep Young three months ago. He had the vitality and mental acuity of a man half his age. He has been blessed with a very firm constitution. Our state has been blessed accordingly. I will be surprised if this infection does him serious harm and I pray to Yahweh it does not.

  • What is more laughable they actually believe government as their best interest at heart, then it screws the people over as its doing under the safety guise

  • I have noticed, increasingly since oh, certainly George Bush, but actually since Reagan, that the Democratic Party has become the party of anger, hatred, contempt. Listen to any Leftist humorist, and you will notice that it is based on shared hatred, a recognition of shared anger, contempt, vituperation. This is just another example. Who wishes death based on political disagreement? A Democrat. All the time. I take it back. I goes back to the era when Democrats were still defending Jim Crow. The first political joke from a Democrat that I remember, is “Bury Goldwater before he buries you.” It is the part that took part in, and took great delight in watching lynchings.

  • Seems as if having “class” is extinct. This is horrible. Disagree with him all you want, but show some class and wish him well. Get well soon.

  • Fair enough.
    The country’s right side would be better if the Democrat leaders all died. Then we wouldn’t be bullied masked no longer. If there were no democrat leaders, all businesses can finally, fully, open, police can do their job protecting public safety, and no more masks!

  • This article clearly has no purpose other than to stir up partisan hatred. Shame on you, Suzanne.

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