Bethel is hot spot for COVID with outbreak this week


According to the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation, 100 cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in the Y-K Delta on Thursday.

It’s 17 percent of the 584 cases reported by the State of Alaska’s COVID-19 dashboard on Thursday. The delta is home to about 25,000 Alaskans, less than 4 percent of the state population.

The cases in the Y-K Delta are causing concern at the Alaska Native Medical Center, where the hospital says it worries it will run out of beds and staff to meet the needs of all the incoming patients.

“The Alaska Native Medical Center is experiencing a significant increase in patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Concurrently, the rising numbers of people impacted by community spread of COVID-19 is impacting the staffing levels of essential health care workers, who must quarantine or isolate after infection or exposure. If this trend continues, our hospital will not have the physical bed space or staff available to provide the level of care our community will likely need,” the Alaska Native Medical Center wrote.

ANMC Administrator, Dr. Robert Onders said he supports Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s statements encouraging all Alaskans to stay home if possible, limit gathering sizes, and wear face coverings when in public.

The Bethel Region’s cases went from 10 to 50 to 100 in less than a week. Nov. 11, there were 29 cases. By Nov. 12, the number was 64 and one death.

On Nov. 13, the 100 cases were reported across multiple villages:

14 cases in Akiak

42 cases in Bethel

2 cases in Chevak

1 case in Hooper Bay

1 case in Kongiganak

21 cases in Kwethluk

Numerous cases in Napaskiak
Village of Napaskiak states the total number of cases should not be publicly provided. (Math suggests that the number is 15).

2 cases in Scammon Bay

2 cases in Toksook Bay


  1. Sadly some of us have been warning about this for months, while some prefer to pretend nothing is happening or simply believe conspiracy theories. History is the harbinger of things to come. Global pandemics are nothing new, idiots pretending they don’t happen are nothing new.

    • Beaureaucrats trying to cash in on them are nothing new? Politicians trying to exert control and drive debt are nothing new? Media sensationalizing nothing new as something new is nothing new?

    • Exactly. I don’t believe this “covid” farce / scare / tactic – anymore. I wear the same mask stuffed into the bowels of my purse, whenever forced to. Does it work? Apparently. Do I like it? No. Until people start dying every day ( wait – they do, from old age, cancer, car crashes etc….) I’m just going to play along – not by fear, but by force.

  2. People need to stop getting themselves tested. They need to go do a little more research on other places who did the testing and what hospital malpractice is happening on admitted patients into the hospital that they supposedly do test positive for covid19, so they do die. Preconditions is leading that deceased american patients are having family members currently fighting court battles trying to change death certificates. ANMC is no different than another hospital full of corruption and incompetent staff. They couldnt even detect a deceased man’s heart attack sending him away twice before he returned dead on 2014. ANMC nurses never assisted another aged man nurse’s call to use his room bathroom before falling hitting his head in the bathroom on 2008. ANTHC is a poorer excuse of health care provider. Furthermore I am finding out by the strict code enforcing style occuring on Rural Alaska just how socialistic native populated rural alaska native communities. The only reason why ADN produced its recent story everyone get themselves tested is Anchorage socialist democrats need more tests they claim as positive.

  3. The idiots are those are standing in line for the welfare free covid test, now Anchorage socialist democrats are encouraging more tests thru ADN’s headline: MORE TESTS! Anchorage need the cases up, they need to find more idiots before they can legally impose more socialistic restrictions as other cities and countries enabled. 534 idiots in Alaska who actually fell into the fear trap and took the public paid test!? I am not surprised. Everyone I met who claimed saying they tested positive all are laughing and saying the same thing their sickness if any was a two day cold.

  4. Strange how no one mentions the flu. Free flu shots have been pushed all over the country and especially Alaska. That must be because of wuhan v. Flu is a “corona” virus too, just like the common cold and it is reaching peak season in America, this year supposedly being more ‘viral’ than usual, not wuhan v. There is a flu ‘pandemic/epidemic’ every single year with hundreds of thousands of mostly elderly with accompanying health issues being the victims and taking that last trip. Now, in order to keep Americans and the rest of the world under their thumb, the leftists know no other malady but wuhan v. Phony remedies like remdisivir for the phony disease. Not saying the wuhan v is not real. Just the ‘danger’ associated with it for everyone is not real and real cures and treatments that work for those adversely affected are being ignored for the big pharma money makers that do not work.
    A positive ‘test’ is not a “case”. Up to 60% of the PCR tests produce phony results (see Elon Musk. 4 identical tests for him in one day with two positive and two negative) Hospitals have increasing issues, mostly due to flu and plain old age. Not wuhan v. They have cut their ‘strained’ staffs because no one is going to the hospitals for issues that could be remedied by genuine treatments.
    The weasel Fauci just announced that now is the time for Americans to “do what they are told” by him and leftist pushers of phony information and country wide lockdowns. Zink(e) is right there with him with her advice for Alaskans to succumb to leftist demands for control and intimidation.
    Again, Gov Dunleavy disappoints. I thought he was stronger and more conservative in his quest to “protect” Alaskans. Instead, more destroying small business and the economy.

  5. How many false positives? How many asymptomatics? How many second tests for confirmation? Give us the particulars, not just the media scorecard!

  6. This is out of hand again, probably due to the recounts going on right now for the election. Anchorage is scaring people by ordering up temporary morgues for all the “dead bodies” they anticipate. So terrible to scare the population this way. Shameful on both sides and it needs to end.

  7. Why is it that, for 6 decades I have been told a virus moves through a population based on it’s method of transmission, until enough of the population has been infected or the transmission method was eliminated. But this virus is intelligent enough to avoid Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes? I am of the opinion the whole thing has been blown all out of proportion. 655,000 people die in the US of heart disease on average per year. I don’t see anyone taking away cigarettes or forks and spoons from people.

    • Cigarettes by law are restricted to those of a certain age, countless lawsuits have been filed against cigarette makers, taxes have been levied upon cigarettes, the government has spent untold millions if not billions trying to get people to stop smoking or not take up smoking…and you don’t see anyone coming for cigarettes…
      There’s no need to come for forks and spoons since most people who eat fattening and sugary foods don’t use a fork or spoon, they use a fast food wrapper and an extra large soda cup. The government taxes those items because they aren’t actually food, the fast food joints put the calorie count next to the item when you order them by law…and you don’t see anyone coming for forks and spoons…
      All of that said, heart disease isn’t new. Our ancient ancestors suffered from heart disease, virtually every well preserved body of people from thousands of years ago from all over the world suffered from clogged arteries or plaque build up in their arteries, it is the human condition. This is a new disease, it’s not even a year old, we don’t know the long term consequences. This disease in no way shape or form relates to heart disease. People die from all kinds of things, this brand new disease now happens to be one of them…let’s not pretend it isn’t.

  8. As long as there is funding for finding “cases”, cases will be found. Whether or not this is the Chinese SARS-COV-2 virus that has given us all a national case of the vapors, or one of the thousand other Coronaviruses that have been recorded. You can find a DNA/RNA fragment of anything in a sample of goop pulled out of a body. Sometimes you can get a positive result out of nothing at all, because of the flawed testing methodology. When the funding dries up, so will all this nonsense.

    But the lockdown mechanism seized on by these lawless governors and mayors will remain forever. Whenever they feel the need to oppress the people, they will trot out another medical emergency.

    • I weep for the conservative cause if what I see written here is what some think the meaning of conservative is. Fortunately I know it’s fear and ignorance that some are confusing with political belief.
      It’s a global pandemic, it’s happening and it’s real, there is almost no reason to fear just maintain social distance, wash your hands, and wear a proper mask when needed. No big deal, stop acting like it is.

      • Welcome to what I’ve been saying for a long time buddy. Our side is getting gaslit and these are the consequences. We’re sick of the media lying so now everything the say is a lie and anyone remotely lining up with them is a “leftist”.


        Turning them off so we can stop reacting and using common sense will go a long way, but the current environment probably only means it gets worse. Too much betrayal.

        • I’ve learned a lot this year. There is just way too much stupidity in our world today and everyone thinks that their opinion matters…myself included. There’s virtually no understanding of how to think let alone what to think, people simply regurgitate what they are told without actually digesting any of it. And you’re correct, it isn’t getting better anytime soon.

          • I think we’re just going into our silos until after the conflict happens at this point. I don’t know if any can find or even wants to find the brakes.

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