Skip day: Peltola ditches House Resources budget hearing after not defending Alaska or holding Interior Sec. Deb Haaland accountable

House Resources Committee, where Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola walked out.

One day after Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola acted against energy development on the North Slope, Peltola skipped out on a House Resources Committee budget hearing featuring Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, who is responsible for executing so much of the Biden Administration war on Alaska.

Although she made a brief appearance, Peltola asked no questions of Haaland, and slipped out shortly after arriving. It appears that most of the Democrats on the committee staged a coordinated walk out, Peltola among them.

Over in the Senate, there was a similar hearing with Haaland. There, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who endorsed Peltola in 2022, criticized Haaland and President Joe Biden for locking up Alaska.

“Our environmental record is second to none. We’ll put it up against anyone out there. But now it’s effectively being held against us because Interior’s decisions are punishing us for decades of responsible development,” Murkowski said. “The Department needs to follow the law. They need to follow the law, they need to consult with all Alaska Natives – all Alaska Natives – and frankly, I think clean house at the BLM.”

“This administration is sanctioning Alaska. Sanctioning Alaska, while you’re boosting foreign resources, and you don’t pay attention. You overlook the pollution, the human rights abuses, the regimes that it enables, from Russia to Iran,” Murkowski continued. “The administration has effectively reduced Alaska to nothing more than a debit card to pay off national environmental groups in an election year. I know that’s tough, but we can’t look at it any other way.”

On Tuesday, Rep. Peltola refused to support Alaska in the Alaska’s Right to Produce Act, voting simply “present,” after sending a note to all the Democrats in the House telling them to vote no.

Then, during the House Resources Committee hearing that featured Haaland, Peltola vanished when the criticism of Haaland intensified. She had not made a single comment on the record to hold Haaland and Biden accountable.

Instead, it was Arkansas Rep. Bruce Westerman, the committee’s chairman, who defended Alaska and let Haaland know how damaging the Administration policies are to the 49th state:

“America is in jeopardy, and we need to take immediate action. Congress holds the power of the purse, and we will not just rubber stamp an administration that completely disregards oversight authorities and the communities most impacted by their decisions. The Biden administration continues to recklessly spend American tax dollars with historically devastating results in communities across the country. Despite its claims to the contrary, at every turn, this administration is ignoring local voices and silencing community input in pursuit of a radical environmental agenda,” Westerman said.

“Just this past month DOI threatened the entire western way of life by finalizing an anti-multiple-use rule, locked up a massive reserve of domestic energy in Alaska with blatant disregard for indigenous voices and dealt a crushing blow to American mineral production,” Westerman continued.

“Every community is now a border community, as we have seen illegal drug cartels target Indian lands, threatening their members with violence. The permitting logjam threatens infrastructure projects nationwide, and the regulatory headaches are made worse and worse by each rulemaking handed down by D.C. bureaucrats. Today is another critical step forward in our continued commitment to hold these bureaucrats accountable and put a stop to Biden’s unchecked spending spree,” Westerman said.

Congressional candidate Nick Begich took notice.

“Yesterday, Peltola would only vote ‘present’ on a bill critical for Alaskan jobs and national energy security. After embarrassing our state by waffling on the Alaska’s Right to Produce Act, she couldn’t even be present in the House Resources Committee to stand up for Alaska against Sec. Haaland. Alaska is voiceless as long as Peltola is our representative,” said Begich. “What good does it do Alaska to have Peltola in office when she is not showing up for the meetings? She talks about how important itis that she is on Resources, but she’s not even there.”

Watch the House hearing that Peltola skipped out on at this link:


    • She is just grandstanding to calm the voters.
      Why has she not fought for us?
      She is not Alaskas friend.

  1. She’s a pawn. Bought and paid for. Her handlers are pulling the strings. It’s almost like you can’t hold her accountable. She needs to watch it. Could find herself in a park after hours with a self induced abnormality in the back of the head if she votes the wrong way. Washington isn’t playing around

  2. Hmmmm… Remember last years Bethel’s Gag a Maggot Tour??? Yeah, you know with the First Lady, Secretary of Interior, 80 some odd Secret Service Agents, Air Force transports hauling armored cars…. All to promote what is a waste of Billions of dollars (except for the money that ends up in select corporations and politically connected corporate or family members pockets), just to campaign for Mary Peltola????

    Yup, broadband that nobody wants out here. We bought our own Starlink.

    Besides the fact the legislature voted to buy into this scam… Don’t overlook the main point… This was an operation from on high to guarantee Mary’s fidelity to not only Binbiden but the evil Secretary of Interior that’s killed Alaska’s financial prospects, but allowed nearly unlimited drilling permits in her home State.

    Pelota just sold out her own Tribe on the YK Delta last week, now the rest of the State this week.

  3. I believe there are some unnamed players in DC that take these things seriously. No way would I go there and serve. There is a reason guys like Paul Ryan and Trey Goudy got out. Potentially dangerous times.

  4. Peltola didn’t say anything and left because, her husband (God rest his Soul) – Haalands direct report, the first US House of Representatives, house husband of Alaska who was totally committed to environmental narratives died in a plane wreck and his late wife is now supporting a gold mine – digging for gold on the tundra – I think she left because of those types of things.

  5. North Slope Natives will hopefully take notice. She is thumbing her nose at them. She’s doing the same with Pebble Mine and the Natives in that area. We’ll see what they do soon.

  6. The Peltola disaster is there because Begich- from a very, very Democrat family runs to split the republican vote and ensure a Democrat- traitor victory. Republicans are going to have to get smarter, and end RCV.

    • Why do you continue to lie? Begich was in before any other candidate. It was Palin who split the ticket.

    • It may end up that we will have to pressure our legislature to end RCV. The legislature has the power to do this, but they won’t.

    • If we Alaskans don’t get Begich in that seat and get Peltola out we may as well pack up our things and move to the lower 48! Cause there will be no economy/need for us here to make a living!

  7. She’s Alaska’s very own Nancy Pelosi. Without the white suit and without the prestige. Quickly racking up her votes to reach Lisa’s level of WTF actions.

  8. And, George Soros just donated $4 million to her re-election campaign. That pretty much says it all. If Alaska Natives vote for her because she’s Native they are as bad as others who vote for someone because they’re white. We all need to understand that everyone wants something from the Federal and Alaskan budget. It’s not there–we no longer have industry to support us in Alaska and our country is at the point of no return with the national debt. Let’s choose the best person to look out for our state and country- neither Deb Haaland nor Mary Peltola is that person.

  9. Sounds like puppet Biden whose strings are pulled by “ greedy “ bureaucrats in DC,two /triple faced morons

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