Shocker: Biden cuts funding for archery and hunting classes for kids


President Joe Biden, while threatening to withhold funds from states that refuse to push gender ideology in schools, has now defunded archery and hunting programs in schools across America.

The anti-hunting decision came as an unusual interpretation of the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act,” which passed last year following a series of school shootings.

Under color of law, Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona made the decision to halt federal funding for programs that provide “training in the use of a dangerous weapon.” That includes, according to the Biden Administration, hunting and archery programs.

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who supported the bill, stated at the time that it was a response to the demands of the American people for decisive action to protect students and educators. She said it was a very “targeted” bill that would not infringe on Second Amendment rights.

The BSCA amended the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which had provided funding for hunting and archery programs since 1965.

Alaska, which has a strong archery program supported by the State Department of Fish and Game, highlights the benefits of such programs on its website.

According to ADF&G, archery is a sport that fosters success irrespective of age, gender, size, or physical abilities and over 200 schools in Alaska now offer archery programs. The department cites statistics showing that school archery programs lead to increased student engagement in the educational process, improved classroom performance, and reduced dropout rates.

One of the major concerns raised by critics of the decision is the potential impact on the mental health and well-being of students. Defunding these outdoors programs could reduce access to communal activities that promote friendship and outdoor engagement, potentially increasing the prevalence of solitary screen time, which has been linked to various mental health challenges among youth.

Forbes magazine reports that students who participated in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) were 40% more engaged in the classroom, and over 90% of them intended to seek out more outdoor opportunities. NASP says that 1.3 million students from nearly 9,000 schools across the country participate in its programs.

The International Hunter Education Association, another organization affected by the funding cut, has a mission to promote safe, responsible, and ethical practices among hunting educators.

As schools have started to cancel their hunting and archery programs due to the funding cut, some lawmakers are taking action. Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee has introduced legislation to amend the ESEA. His proposed amendment would allow funding for training students in archery, hunting, and other shooting sports.

Republican Senators John Cornyn of Texas and Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who both voted in favor of the BSCA, are now criticizing Cardona’s interpretation of the new law.

Today, Rep. Mark Green introduced the “Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act,” cosponsored by Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina.

“Children in Tennessee schools should not be prevented from receiving safety and skills training in archery, hunting, and other shooting sports by the Biden administration. The classes President Biden wants to defund aren’t only about hunting and archery, they are about teaching young Americans how to respect nature and to focus on a goal. The Biden administration’s decision to strip funding for these important classes doesn’t just miss the mark, it misses the entire target.” 

“The Biden administration’s decision to cut funding for these classes is a direct reflection of his disconnect with many Americans. We are a nation of hunters and fishermen. While President Biden lives in his own Swamp, Tennesseans are hunting and fishing in them,” he said. 

Rep. Green continued, “The attack on these educational opportunities is another clear example of how this administration does not respect federalism. We already saw the Biden administration take away Title X healthcare funding from families in Tennessee because of our state’s pro-life laws, this is another attack on the values Tennesseans hold dear. If schools in liberal enclaves don’t want to teach their students these skills then fine, but forcing those views on communities that cherish this tradition is wrong.”

Rep. Green emphasized the significance of hunting as a cultural tradition with deep historical roots. He said the Biden Administration’s decision to defund these programs encroached on the values and preferences of the citizens he represents.

This story will be updated.


  1. Hey, lets all grab popcorn and watch the Kabuki Theater coming our worthless ‘Republican’ Senators.
    They absolutely had the power to stop this law.
    They were told to oppose it by their conservative constituents.
    Yet, they willingly decided to stab us in the back, and hold hands with Democrats.
    And this is the predictable result – public schools with Riflery and Archery programs are defunded.
    But look at the bright side!
    Now our school board can spend all that money on transexual training for your children!

    • Yet you republican shaft kids all the time. Anti-public schools, anti-child tax credits, anti-social security, anti-medicaid, etc, etc… Call call BS on you posers. You selfish brats hate kids.

  2. Yes, please keep us posted Suzanne. We need more programs like these they want to defund, not less. Specifically, gun safety teaching should be MANDATORY in every school in Alaska.

    • I saw a bunch of religious wackos from Victory Bible Camp carrying semi-auto up Lions-head trail for a casual hike. Talk about extra weight and stupidity. They forgot their water though. Derp! The chances of encountering a bear or criminal activity were about ZERO in a million. Can you explain to me what they were thinking? Thanks!!!

  3. The sooner everyone accepts the fact that a small group with extreme ingroup preferences runs this country and tells Biden what to say and do, the sooner everyone will understand why everything going on is against the best interests of the people.

  4. This is the problem with a government so far away deciding that it assumes that it knows best for everyone. When I was in school in the lower 48, we had archery programs and we learned concentration, respect, and skills needed in every day life. I don’t expect big government people to understand the average American of whatever skin color or ideology. But maybe it is time for big government to let the locals make laws instead of them. The old adage that the further away the government the less effective and respectful of human and local right it is certainly holds true here.

  5. They’re already using this bill to push that anyone who sells a personally owned firearm needs to have a FFL.

  6. Why would the regime want future Americans who know how to handle “dangerous” things like a bow? Of course it is up to the parents to teach their children proper usage of fire arms and respect for nature. I know the reality of course is there are now two generations of “man-children” who’ve never held a gun or bow in there life. Sad.

  7. I’ll give the regime credit for one thing, they are persistent and never stop. Everyday we are having something taken from us. Supposedly for our own safety, to save the earth, and to keep us from dying. I wonder how I’ve lived as long as I have without these wonderful and insightful individuals.

  8. How delusional do you have to be to think that tossing out Hunter SAFETY lessons makes schools safer?

    It certainly gives a lot of insight into what passes for Democrat “logic.”

  9. I do not see this as about guns/archery. It is about stopping people from being independent.
    If people have the skills to take care of themselves without relying on the government, that just makes it more difficult for the leftists to take full control. Hunting? Nope, that might allow you to feed your family without going to the store. Gas stoves? Nope, that might allow you to cook without the all powerful party overseeing your electric use. Internal combustion powered vehicles? Absolutely out of the question. You might be able to travel without having earned the political/social credit required for time at a charging station.
    And, if you think that sounds scary, just wait until the Central Bank Digital Currency gets rammed down our throats.

  10. Ummmm. Wait a minute here. Just WHERE in the Constitution is funding authorized for a Dept of Education? Federal subsidies means federal DEPENDENCY and CONTROL, remember? Conservatives are not necessarily constitutionalists. Ron Paul would agree with me.

  11. So, cut funding on something that’s been proven to be good because many districts/states have seen the total devastation of “gender ideology” in their communities and refuse to submit to that narrative. Again, brought to you by the idiots that somehow keep winning elections.

  12. Teach your children Archery, Gun safety and screw the corrupt criminal puppet!! Those is where you stand up and do what is right. Do not comply with ANY MORE “Bidenary” BS!!

  13. FYI Also why Biden locked up more land to “protect” land up by Eagle Summit. People who hunt moose up there now can’t because of the massive land over reach! They want this entire country weak and ripe to slaughter. NOTHING more!

  14. Don’t want to teach kids about proper weapon safety, yet will give any 18yr old a gun as soon as they join the military…

  15. “Teach the children quietly for some day sons and daughters will rise up while we stood still…” Mike & The Mechanics “Silent Running”.

  16. SHOCKER: Republicans killed the child tax credit, schools whenever they can, and everything that has anything that funds ordinary families. POSER.

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