Light ban: Biden banishes incandescent light bulbs


A Biden Administration ban on incandescent light bulbs went into effect on Tuesday.

Issued in 2007 during the Bush Administration, the Energy Independence and Security Act was to go into effect in 2012, but was delayed during the Obama Administration, and was reversed by the Trump Administration.

But in 2022, President Joe Biden put out a new rule — similar to the old rule — from the Department of Energy, which now bans the sale of incandescent light bulbs. It does not prevent consumers from using the ones they already have.

Incandescent light bulbs are considered inefficient from an energy perspective, using about 90% of the electricity they draw to make heat, rather than light.

Alternatives are compact fluorescent light bulbs, and LEDs.

Some specialty uses for incandescent lighting are not banned, including appliance lights, black lights, bug lamps, colored lights, plant lights, flood lights, reflector lamps, traffic signals, and marine lamps. The full enforcement notice is at this link.


  1. A single 60 watt bulb is enough to keep my well house from freezing. I bought two cases of bulbs on super discount. If I run out I suppose I can buy heat lamp bulbs, more expensive and use more electricity but it’s nice to have big brother looking out for us.

  2. Might want to stock up on flints, matches! Worse thing! It won’t even light a match under their asses!

  3. “It does not prevent consumers from using the ones they already have.“

    Oh gee, thanks. You mean government agents won’t be going door to door making sure I’m not using whatever light bulb I want?

  4. “Oh, silly paranoid right winger, government isn’t banning anything. You’re just making up stories.”
    Aside from the price point of the bulbs which were 1/20th of the cost of LEDs or mercury filled CFL bulbs….
    consider that in any temperate climate the lightbulb energy isn’t even ‘wasted’. I generally want heat in my house, it doesn’t really matter if some small fraction of it comes from the lightbulbs as a byproduct.

    The energy conservation freaks that Democrats cater to are on a mission to lower our standard of living by driving up the cost of every product we buy.

  5. This after lamp manufacturers donated how much to the dimwits? All those new ugly wrong color too bright lights require new fixtures. I’ll import mine from Mexico…

      • Try again I have never seen one gun that I own mad in China. Why do you want something cheaply made that has to with safety. Go ahead and keep shooting yours one day it will blow up in your face then we don’t have to read your comments. Oh, and try using you real name so we know who to avoid.

      • Once again, rule 5. However, this one fell flat. In fact, it was a total loss on your part.
        Instead of scoring a hit, you outed yourself as totally ignorant of the firearms industry, laws, regulations and gun culture in general.

      • 1. wrong, I worship Jesus Christ – I use guns for defense and food. 2. your animus is seriously off topic – so much so as to be laughable.

    • Sadly no bulbs are made in USA anymore. Albeit the incandescent are safer for health and the environment than the LED’s and CFL’s and produce less blue light. Go figure. It really isn’t about environment it is a war on energy, period, to further power and control over all of us.

  6. This is just the start. 4 more years of Biden will produce bans on rice, beef, and most of the foods that we need to keep us healthy. These people work for the Davos crowd, not us. If you think I am kidding, check out the world.economic forum website. It is really scary. As for banning anything, if a better product came along, people naturally made the switch and the old outdated one fell by the wayside. Simple economics. No big daddy government needed to tell us what to do. Remember?

  7. There was a study that LED lights hurt the eyes and can cause damage to the retina.
    This would be just about right.

  8. Don’t forget the author of this foolishness was Bush 43. One of the “best” democrats to sit in the White House.

  9. OK, it is true that incandescent bulbs expend a lot of energy on light, significantly more than CFL or LED bulbs. But…
    What is the energy/environmental cost of manufacturing LED/CLFs compared to incandescents? Also, what is the end of life environmental and energy cost?
    I am not an expert, but I am pretty sure that you can run dozens of incandescent bulbs for their entire useful life and not exceed the total lifetime energy cost of a single LED/CFL. Incandescent bulbs are simple devices, they are manufactured out of readily available materials that take almost no effort to source, and the manufacturing process is pretty simple… add heat to the glass is the bulk of it. On the other hand, LEDs and CFLs need dozens of parts, circuit cards/electronics, rare earth minerals, plastics (Oh NOES! That evil petroleum!) etc..
    This is not about energy, or saving the environment. It is about control.

  10. I’m glad that I heard about this insanity, more COERCION from our beloved leaders, and stocked-up on dozens and dozens of different incandescent bulbs last year. I’m set for the rest of my life — until they start sending out the Bulb Police door-to-door, to sniff out subversive incandescent insurrectionists.

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