Shapeshifting: Congresswoman Peltola changes her official congressional website name to reflect her original ‘Sattler’


Congresswoman Mary Peltola has a last name history that can be confusing: She started life as a Sattler, then became a Kapsner, a Nelson, and finally Mary Peltola. It’s made it difficult for researchers to determine which name she used as a legislator when she voted for a state income tax.

Now, as of this week, Peltola is morphing her name again. Her official page at the U.S. Congress has gone back to her first name, Sattler, combining it with her most recent married name, Peltola, which has Finnish origin. Gene Peltola, Mary’s husband, claims Yupik and Tlingit heritage, rather than Finnish heritage, as the name suggests.

See the newly revamped Sattler-Peltola congressional website.

Sattler is a name that comes from Middle High German, and means “saddle.” The surname is also found in other European countries.

Mary Peltola’s father, Ward Sattler, was a white man from Nebraska who went to Colorado State University, graduating in 1963. He taught in rural Alaska, married a woman who was part-Native and they had 11 children. The Sattler name is politically advantageous to Mary Peltola because Sattler was a Republican who ran for the Alaska Legislature in 2004, 2006, and 2008. And because there are so many of them.

Mary Peltola never mentions her Caucasian heritage. She identifies as Yup’ik, from her mother’s side. Gene Peltola leans on his own Native, rather than Finnish connections, to advance his career as well. Most recently, he was with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Congresswoman Peltola is, by shapeshifting her name, angling for both the Democrat advantage and the Republican advantage of her non-Native father.

On her campaign, she hasn’t quite caught up with the changes. It’s still


    • Avenger, I am confused. If you don’t care what she calls herself why do you care about her gender and pronouns?

  1. Anyone but Mary Sattler-Kapsner-Nelson-Peltola-‘Sattler-Peltola’ on November 8th. Protect your Second Amendment rights.

    • Mary whatever name she wants to use, is campaigning now telling us all that our “rights” shouldn’t be taken away by our federal government. She doesn’t explain what rights that she is worried about though. However, I suspect that she is referring to abortion rights that were wrongly given by the 1973 SCOTUS with a 7 to 2 majority opinion written by Justice Blackmun claiming that an abortion was a “right” implicit in the 14th Amendment. The present members of the SCOTUS have rightly decided that the “right” to an abortion is not present in our U S Constitution and therefore is a “states’ rights” issue only, upsetting millions of people. This whole scenario proves the old adage “that rights given by a government can be taken away by the same government.”

  2. Finnish people . They are an admirably physically
    beautiful peoples. Beautiful faces, beautiful sweet counternance, and beautiful traditional regalia. And their families and community are intact. Just like the sons of norway. Native alaskans can learn something from finish, norwegians, and isrealies.

    • Jen, You say Finns are “admirably physically beautiful; beautiful faces.” As compared to what other ethnicities with less physical beauty? The only redeeming factor in your comment is your honesty in brazenly revealing your prejudice as you rank-order entire ethnicities according to your biased perceptions.

    • I’m not not sure what you’re trying to imply. As you obviously are ignorant of among other things, most Alaska natives come from strong families. Why must you always focus on the negative all the time? The same could be said for non-native Alaska or non-native anybody. This was a very racial statement of yours. I know some great Alaskan families and they have beautiful children and their bond is strong. Happy native American day by the way.

        • Columbus Day became a national holiday to help combat racism against Italian amerikans
          The libtards took that away from my people… I need reparations for my anguish
          The largest Mass lynching in American history took place on March 14 1891
          guess who got lynched? Italians! Now our day is gone… Given to the indigenous peoples

    • The Vikings are still waiting on reparations from those Finnish pagan witches who plundered their plunder……

  3. Palin. Her last name is the same as it was 20 years ago.

    Palin will not vote to ban firearms. Palin will not vote to increase our income taxes. Palin will not embrace Joe Biden. Palin will not support Nancy Pelosi. Palin does not support open borders. Palin does not support defunding the police.

    Democrats are destroying our economy, our cities, and our country.

    Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

  4. Get with the times Suzanne. It’s not about your name. It’s what name you identify as.


    Scott Trump

  5. A very confused, mixed-up woman. Don’t let her confusion bother you. Just because she changes spouses every few years, the voters know who she really is:
    A Democrat woman from the Bush, who cares not for White folks.

  6. I believe Finland has strong traditional yupik arctic tribes as well. Some keep reindeer but are well integrated into the Finnish heritage with their own unique language and customs and history. Finland is not at all racist like Alaska is by a long shot. Being multicultural is not a dichotomy but normal. Finland is fabulous.

  7. I have a friend who lived in Bethel a few years ago. She told me that promiscuity and STDs are off the chart in Bethel. hmmm.

  8. At least this woman took the names of her husbands.
    Can’t say that about a lot of liberal Democrat woman like Lisa Murkowski. our daddy’s girl.

  9. You bet you! People say, “Oh! Alaska is SO backward! Alaskans are SO backward!” Well, we ARE the ends of the earth ? you know. For crine outloud! Jesus said “I have others I must bring”. And, he’s “bringing” us whether you like it or not! Blessed be the name of the Lord! Yes. We need Jesus and SO DO YOU!

  10. I’m not sure how you live with yourself. If Catholic, you must spend hours in the confessional each week. Mary Sattler Peltola said, clearly that her mother is Yu’pik and her dad is Caucasian. She said it when she talked about her dad campaigning for Don Young in one of her first victory speeches. Look it up. Confess

    • Good point. However, NickIII does not to run from his heritage. He embraces it frontally by disavowing any political similarity to his left-leaning uncles. His conservatism is similar to that of his grandfather, Alaska’s earlier congressman, who was very conservative; pro-life, pro-free-market, pro-2nd-Amendment, pro-small-government. NickIII has conservative genetics.

    • Good point. However, NickIII does not run from his heritage. He embraces it frontally by disavowing any political similarity to his left-leaning uncles. His conservatism is similar to that of his grandfather, Alaska’s earlier congressman, who was very conservative; pro-life, pro-free-market, pro-2nd-Amendment, pro-small-government. NickIII has conservative genetics.

      Repetition compensating for lack of editing feature in the software.

  11. Every Trump backed candidate has scrubbed their website since the primary shifting from far right to more moderate for the general election. This is standard practice, Sarah Palin and Nick Begich seem to attract shrapnel when Peltola is attacked. This election will show negative campaigning does not work as well in Alaska as in the Lower 48. Peltola has already mastered the power of incumbency that she learned from Don Young

  12. Bryce Edgmon would be another one of that part of the world’s descent. I think he might have an ounce of native blood in him but he looks whiter than I do.. I remember when they were strapping around saying that he was the first native American speaker of the house. They play there at race card every time they can and pull it out of their back pocket. I don’t mind somebody being native because I’m part native myself but I don’t agree with somebody opening and closing it like a book. Stop being counterfeit.

    I used to watch Obama the anointed one gives speeches and depending on who he was speaking to, he could come off looking whiter than George Washington, or darker than Rastus down by the railroad tracks. What a phony and people fell for it.

    That one woman in Georgia I think is still waiting for her new car from him.

  13. Here’s today’s Peltola/Sattler headline written to help her connect with Alaska moderates:
    “In her few days in Congress before the general election, Peltola enjoyed Democratic support even as she straddled party lines; Political observers say U.S. Rep. Mary Sattler Peltolas willingness to break with Democrats will aid her reelection campaign. ”

    This is their playbook, because when Alaskans know the real truth, they would never vote for Peltola. She is a democrat and will vote with that anti-American party on the environment, on social issues, on industry issues, on gender issues, on land issues, you name it. She is bad for Alaska on all fronts. She’s on the team that wants to destroy America and if she’s our representative, it’s going to hurt Alaska badly.

    Vote Begich first, rank Palin second, don’t vote for Peltola! Please!!!

  14. I could care less her race, gender, or drag persona. All that matters to me is how she votes.

    It’s a sad mix of funny and ironic people getting worked up about a persons racial genetics. In this world nobody is pure. Most Tlingits have white or Filipino blood. Most black people have white ancestry. White people are a mix of damn near every ethnicity out of Europe, black, native, Asian, etc.
    And on and on and on.

    Worry less what someone looks like and more what they actually do.

    • Keep your advice to yourself please. Something’s happened to you lately for you to turn so negative about other reporters on here that don’t share your view. Try to be more accommodating after all that’s what this blog is for for people to air their difference of opinion in a civil matter without being name called. And if that’s not good enough for you then get your own blog. Yes sometimes topics tend to stray but usually they get back on track. What we don’t need is some little yipper from the SE of all places telling everybody to shut up.

  15. Quick question/fact-check: Her Congressional office says she’s been using her full name since being sworn in and checking the URL in the Wayback Machine seems to indicate that’s the case. Do you have any screenshots/caches/etc. showing that’s a change that did occur this week or recently?

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