Notes from the trail: Palin brings in Sheriff David Clarke and boyfriend Ron Duguay for rally, but only 50 show up


At a get-out-the-vote rally at the Dena’ina Convention Center on Sunday, only about 50 people showed up to support congressional candidate Sarah Palin, even though she had brought in well-known conservative Sheriff David Clarke, and Palin also plugged in her also-famous Florida boyfriend Ron Duguay into the lineup, after Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka demurred from being at the rally. (Photo credit: Twitter, “Makeadifferencewillya” account.)

Early versions of the flyers for the rally had Senate candidate Tshibaka on it, but she said weeks ago she could not be there due to a scheduling conflict. The final invitation did not have Tshibaka anywhere on it, but substituted in Duguay:

A mechanical bull was in the hallway. Just not many people to ride it. The room holds over 3,000, and felt absolutely empty, according to one attendee.

Chamber debate: For Monday’s Anchorage Chamber of Commerce debate for congressional candidates, only Nick Begich and Chris Bye have RSVP’d. Sarah Palin isn’t showing up and Mary Peltola is sending a tape.

HIPOW: At the 53rd HIPOW banquet and auction in Fairbanks, the fundraiser for Catholic schools, only Nick Begich showed up in the congressional field. Gov. Mike Dunleavy was also at the fundraiser, which is one of the major social events of the year in Fairbanks.

Kelly Tshibaka, running for Senate, was spotted in Bethel, the Kenai, and Fairbanks at HIPOW. Sen. Lisa Murkowski was also at HIPOW.

Save the date for the Debate for the State: This is “the big debate” with KTUU, on Wednesday Oct. 26, and there’s a debate watch party at 49th State Brewery, starting at 6:30 pm, with the debate starting at 7 pm. It’s a free event to the public sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Analysis and live televised commentary by Matt Larkin and Ivan Moore. AFP will be providing one drink ticket per person and appetizers.

The Obama-Clinton-Biden link on independent expenditures: “Independent Alaska” filed its forms with the National Association of Broadcasters to show that they will have ads out soon for Mary Peltola for Congress, and those ads will also mention (read: hit hard at) Nick Begich and Sarah Palin. The ads are coming from GMMB.

Who is GMMB? They are the same group that brought us the Clinton White House, Obama White House, and Biden White House. Also, Kamala Harris. Also, Charlie Crist in Florida. And they did the campaign for former Gov. Bill Walker against Mike Dunleavy here in Alaska. Read more about that group here. Get ready for the October bloodbath sponsored by Mary Peltola.

Downing in Daily Caller: Suzanne Downing’s discussion of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s ad campaign against Kelly Tshibaka was in the Daily Caller all weekend as a front-page story. Read it here. The Daily Caller scored on the headline.


    • Exactly. Palin probably had to go round up a few drunks at the bars near the D’ Center and promise them a drink voucher if they would stop by for a photo shoot with Sarah. If Sheriff Clarke thought he was coming up for a Trump style rally, he sure got a surprise. And Duguay may want to change girlfriends again after this paltry turnout. The Palin days are long over.

  1. Palin does nothing. Shows up nowhere. She doesn’t want this job, she wants attention. That’s why no one shows up for her!

  2. Tshibaka didn’t show up because she knows Palin won’t win. Why be with a loser like Sarah Palin. However, having said that, I will still rank Sarah #2, after Begich #1. It buys a little insurance so as to send Peltola back to that hellhole known as Bethel.
    Rank the Red!!!!

  3. I considered showing up to shake hands with Duguay for keeping my alimony payments low. But then I considered that I promised Nick I would wear his campaign buttons if I did. That probably wouldn’t get me an alimony modification.
    Go NB3!

  4. The GOTV rally planned for hundreds, if not thousands, had to be a huge embarrassment to Princess Palin — not to mention a wake-up call. With a 65% unfavorable rating, Palin has no chance of winning. This race isn’t going to be the recharging of Palin’s brand; rather, a possible short chapter in an upcoming book called the Ego of Ignorance (no Sarah, it’s about you, not your main dude Jerry Ward).

  5. Congressman Palin will not give an inch to the impinging democrats who want to weaken America’s very firm, historic rights to carry weapons without which we would not have any liberty. Pelto is going to cave. Sorry I missed Palin’s event (due to very severe family illness) just for the Sheriff alone. Thanks to him for coming up! Very worthwhile!

  6. Just a sign of the times. Our country is on a path to dysfunction. Good luck to the people that survive. Moose meat and cabbage will be harder to find. But vital and delicious.

    • Chris,
      Are you suggesting that a cabbage garden is good moose bait? Damn moose sure seem to like eating my cabbages!

    • Moose is delicious? The only people who think that are people who didn’t grow up on cornfed beef, cornfed venison, or ever eat elk, or well, just about anything.

      Grind it up, mix it with pork, and spice the h*** out of it. Nasty stuff if you know what good meat can taste like.

      At least Alaska has salmon.

      • You have literally zero taste buds, or zero taste discrimination, if you cannot recognize moose for the outstandingly delicious meat that it is.
        Now that nasty, musty, awfully gamy caribou meat, on the other hand ….

    • ‘Venger, there are three distinct candidates and only one conservative—Palin! You and your bamboozled cohorts want us to rank Begich as #2 to help boost him into congress as your preferred phony! No dice! Sarah or none at all!

      • Palin is no conservative, no one actually knows her politics because she is nothing but 100% opportunist.

        You’re being played, she must know she won’t win the votes, but she will win attention, which gets her rocks off.

        Mr. Duguay thanks you?

      • And this is why we have Mary. And will for years. Palinheads will deliver her the seat.

        She burned us badly by sabotaging Parnell to give us Walker. She’s doing it again by insisting on a coronation. This gives us Mary.

  7. This is a sad story. I feel sorry for Sarah. I’ll hold even more pity for Alaska if “Mary Mary , quite Constitutionally Contrary” wins a full term.
    We can still stop all this and Sarah holds the key. She can implore her folks to RANK THE RED, or be remembered as the political jack wagon that gave Alaska both Walker and Mary, ( pick her last name this week).
    Sarah, please do the right thing.

    • Fortunately the rest of the United States isn’t as gullible as is Alaska seems to be these days. It’s up to them to take the house and this seat in Alaska won’t matter more than a hill of beans. Many districts are turning red in the country and I look for it to be a landslide victory for them. The country is hurting and even brainwashed, blinder wearing Democrats know something has to change.

      • Nope. Wrong. Palin asking for votes to become a US Representative is definitely asking for money.

        Her upcoming book money(there would be one or two), her upcoming appearance fees, her foot in the cronyism door money.

        No, Sarah is asking for ALOT of money.

      • Oh jefferson, you rascal. You can be so easily triggered. I’m thankful the copper wires do not transmit your froth and spittle.

  8. Not much publicity on it, since the dark money attack ads eat up airways. All about desperate lying Murkowski now!
    BTW, one doesn’t see much of Begich either, so this whole article is another nothing burger. At this point, everyone knows MRAK is partisan. Just like everyone with an opinion. Can’t wait for the election!

    • And what major newspaper isn’t partisan? Don’t you remember candidates going around claiming they got endorsed by the New York times or whatever little rag they want to promote? What Suzanne is reporting here is the news. You claim it to be one-sided. Start your own blog and that way you can report whatever form of the news you choose to. The fact that she lets you get on here and piss and moan should prove something to you.

  9. I was there, the speeches were well done, if some were a bit long. Got interviewed by channel 4 newsperson. The guy from AKGOP. Was not an NB3fan . Clarke went out of his way to mention that some candidates want us to just accept that they are conservatives

  10. Sarah got dumped by Kelly Tshibaka at the last minute. Sarah plugs in her boyfriend from Florida for star power. Sheriff Clarke throws hats to a tiny group of people. The media goes silent, doesn’t even write a story? What’s the deal, Ryan Binkley? Didja run out of reporters? KTUU, didja even send a camera?

    Imagine for a moment that Don Young rented a facility for 3,300 people, and and only 50 showed up. Would the media just ignore that? Imagine Peltola rented a hall for 3,300 and only 50 showed up.

    You guys in the media are trying to keep Second Place Sarah from dropping to third, because we all know if Nick is in second place he wins. The actual story is the Alaska media doing their part to keep a democrat in office.

    • Until we get rid of RCV and the vote stealing machines, we are doomed!

      One thing is for sure, if you vote early, you are purposely allowing them to alter your vote. They want you to vote by mail early because they can have their paid goons either throw out your ballot or alter its vote. We need to all vote on election day in large numbers. If we have to use their corrupt system due to Dunleavy’s lack of action, we can at least make it hard for them to cheat! The main objective is to get Mary out of that seat, or she will fall in line with the corrupt left and doom Alaska energy and the 2nd Amendment. They manipulated the vote to get her in, don’t let them do it twice! We need poll workers and observers, get involved and report abnormal procedures and anomalies right away!

      • That may be true, but RVC (thanks, Porcaro) is what we’ve got right now.

        Deal with it after the election. Can’t change it during.

    • Not so much that but Palin can’t get in office. I don’t believe there’s that many stupid people in Alaska. I thought a lot of them migrated to Seattle or Portland. If I was to hear her squawking on the television I think I’d throw a shoe at it just to shut her the hell up.

  11. Fifty people might be an inflated estimate from that photograph. Maybe Nick Begich will now come in ahead of Sarah Palin and ranked-choice voting can get a better test.

  12. I followed the link and read the Daily Caller piece on McConnell, Murkowski and Tshibaka. I certainly agree that the McConnell PAC advertisement against Kelly Tshibaka hits below the belt. That said, Ms. Tshibaka has created this situation by failing to explain the nature and extent of her seventeen-year career with the federal government. This time included the entire eight years of the Obama regime. At one point, she worked under the ultra-evil James Clapper at DNI. Senator Murkowski has made several serious errors, for example on Kavanaugh and on Obamacare. Even if that is true, Ms. Tshibaka has not provided a good accounting of her professional experience. Alaskans need to understand who she is and her skills. Endorsement by Donald Trump does not help.

  13. I went late (5:30) to get a yard sign for Mrs. Tshibaka.
    There were 70 – 80 people (I count crowds to keep my mind occupied, even in church)
    They didn’t even have yard signs! I can’t believe it. No Palin signs, no Tshibaka signs. Unreal.
    There were some cheap paper signs to hang in an apt window though
    It was billed as a ‘fund raiser’

    Wait until Mrs Sattler Kapsner Nelson Peltola Sattler-Peltola speaks at AFN. Huge crowd.
    That will be BIG news & might just give her the win

    Don’t worry though, if we run ONE solid Rep against her in 2 years, she’s toast.
    We got rid of Sneaky Senator Begich after 6 yrs, we can vote her out too, w/ ONE good candidate.

    • Wait, did you just say you count heads in church to keep your mind occupied? I’m sure that’s going to go over like a ton of bricks with God as to your motivation for being there. Sound like a bean counter to me.

  14. I have no animosity towards anyone because of race, creed, color, or any other distinguishing characteristic. What matters to me is the sincerity and quality of the individual. The most qualified individual is the best person for the job. In the case of filling the seat of the late Don Young, I have no doubt that Nick Begich is without question the most suitable candidate to represent Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives. Rank the red, Begich 1 Palin 2.

  15. palin you are a has been, go away!
    50 people should be a wake up call, drop out and make Alaska great again!

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