Close race for mayor of Utqiagvik to be determined Monday when final few dozen votes are tallied


Elizabeth Asisaun Toovak leads the Utqiagvik mayor’s race by 29 votes. Tookvak has 184 votes, with Forrest Deano Olemaun in second place with 155 votes. Third vote-getter is Martin Qalgilan Edwardsen, with 98 votes. Seven people in all ran for the seat.

The final remaining votes, 63 questioned and absentee ballots in all, will be tallied on Monday, Oct. 10, when the election will be completed for America’s most northern city. The unofficial results for the Oct. 4 election also show Justina Wilhelm, who was unopposed, will remain on the City Council for Seat A, and Corrine Tuuq Gutierrez-Edward, also an incumbent, is leading for Seat B.


  1. Utqiagvik has a population of nearly 5000, and based on those numbers less than 500 actually turned out to vote.

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