Shame game II: Forrest Dunbar asks ‘What is our equivalent’ of Must Read Alaska?


Among the trove of emails between the deeply progressive Assemblymen Forrest Dunbar and Chris Constant, all retrieved through a painstaking public records requests, is one in which Dunbar seeks to find a website on the Left that is equivalent to Must Read Alaska, so he can leak information to it.

In the exchange, the two Anchorage Assembly members are discussing an email they received from someone who works for the federal government, which they are tut-tutting about, because the sender used a federal email addresses to comment on the Assembly’s COVID-19 policies.

The man who had written to the Assembly used his Department of Defense address, which is a violation of federal rules, to send a public comment to all members of the Assembly asking them to end the emergency orders that had crushed the Anchorage economy.

Dunbar, in his email to Constant, claims that if it had been a “progressive” citizen using the federal email address to send a political message, that conservative Assemblywoman Jamie Allard would have forwarded the email to Must Read Alaska, or MRA as he calls it.

And then he wonders to Constant where he can send the email to on the progressive side, so as to expose or dox the federal employee.

Must Read Alaska sources say that a progressive blog that focuses on municipal business launched a month later, promoting Forrest Dunbar for mayor, criticizing Must Read Alaska, Save Anchorage, and the Dunleavy Administration, pushing LGBT causes, and advocating for a recall of Assemblywoman Jamie Allard. Those close to the project say the progressive website is linked to Constant and Dunbar, but MRAK has not been able to verify the link.

The email exchange between Dunbar and Constant:

Check back with Must Read Alaska for more emails from the public records request trove.


    • These people are the most unprofessional for being assembly members. They act like children, looking for their next victim of their “bully” system of the woke. Disgusting what Alaska has become. 52 years living here, and we now allow people in city councils, assemblys and the like to be voted in when they have no clue what they are even doing. It’s like hearing about a bunch of school children bitching about the other “cliques”…. Get rid of both of them… They are not every close to being what is needed in this state. We need leadership.. Not more liberal woke malarkey…

      • lalaland
        or La La Land [lah lah land]

        Lalaland is a colloquial term for “being out of touch with reality,” usually due to bliss or ignorance.

  1. It’s not legal but I bet they email privately now. Not sure how that can be verified. Who is going to censure those two. Certainly not the assembly

  2. The Democrats behind starting the 2019 Recall Dunleavy they were so wrong. Now it seems we all riding the vindictive and retailiative train until it crashes destroying all aboard.

  3. He can’t be that dumb. ADN would be the first to fly it. Then their FacebookTwitter crony misinformation megaphones. Followed by nearly every other “news” retailer on the Internet.

  4. It’s going to get really dirty around here. This group is beginning to feel the heat generated by news stories on Must Read Alaska and by the copious comments deposited therein. Look for them to begin silencing their opposition through personal attacks. Leftist understand the use of force to intimidate their opposition.

    • Been a couple times, years back, when some government clown thought they could run roughshod over me. I just happened to have saved up enough to pay court costs, and “beat them senseless” at their own game. When you’re right, you’re right!
      The lesson didn’t change them, make them any better. It only taught them not to annoy me. They learned that I can’t be intimidated. It’s not even remotely possible.
      It is written that while the principalities and powers of this world can destroy my body, that’s the worst they can do. Only Yahweh can destroy my soul. Only Yahweh is to be respectfully feared.

  5. Is this the same Forrest Dunbar that used to be the ballet dancer at Civic Ballet in Anchorage back in the 70’s?

  6. I’m sure at this point, these two schoolboys are corresponding strictly via 1) phone; 2)in person; or 3)via private email accounts. Why Chris Constant gets elected is beyond me. He is nothing but a “neener neener” child. He almost makes Dunbar look mature. Please, please, please …. those in Constant’s district need to wake up and get this guy off the assembly.

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