Return of the radicals: New deputy solicitor at Interior fought to weaken Alaska voting laws


Natalie Landreth, newly named deputy solicitor for land at the Department of Interior, is a resident of Alaska, where she has been a litigant for liberal causes, such as last year successfully fighting to weaken Alaska’s voting procedures, through the elimination of witness signatures on ballots.

Landreth has also fought against Alaska Native Corporations being able to receive CARES Act relief funds.

She spent 17 years at the Native American Rights Fund, where she represented Tribes and Native Americans in treaty rights, public lands, aboriginal rights, and other land cases. A member of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma and a Harvard Law graduate, she will now provide legal counsel on public land use, natural resource management and land protection for the Biden Administration’s Department of Interior.

Still to be named is a much-sought-after political appointment of Special Assistant for Alaska Affairs, a position that is based in Anchorage for the Department of Interior. During the Obama Administration, the position was held by Pat Pourchot, a former member of the Gov. Tony Knowles Administration, and Steve Wackowski, who served during the Trump Administration and had previously worked for Sen. Ted Stevens.


  1. For those of us struggling in the trenches to make things go it just got a little tougher as the new administration builds more obstructions for us to overcome but Biden himself will soon be gone and it is what comes after him that might be more fearful for all Alaska, if that is possible…

  2. The proposition advanced in the story that: “Still to be named is a much-sought-after political appointment of Special Assistant for Alaska Affairs, a position that is based in Anchorage for the Department of Interior,” is arguably incorrect.
    There are not very many individuals clamoring to be appointed to this position, largely because it not viewed as a particularly important job. The job of Spec Assistant to the Secretary for Alaska Affairs matters, but it is not viewed as especially significant in terms of setting or carrying out policy in regard to issues impacting the land, water and other resources belonging to the citizens of American that are located in Alaska.

    Not sure the slant in the story about Landreth being a lib is correct, either. OK, she advocated that the witness signature for casting a vote be suspended during the pandemic. The circumstances seemed to warrant the adjustment. Even if you think the circumstances did not, the judicial review confirmed deviation of witness practice during the pandemic. Blame it on liberal judges, spin this on the false pandemic, argue that this is another plot by the perfidious Democrats, etc., etc., but once again Governor Dunleavy’s Attorney General got smoked. And the bit about picking on the poor little Alaska Native corporations is precious by half. This was basically an intermural fight between big Native corporations and smaller tribal entities. The Native corporations were trying to hog up on CARES Act funds allocated by the Congress that was seemingly designated for tribal entities. Landreth advocated on behalf of the tribal entities against the big corporations. How does that make her some sort of liberal to be scorned? Based on the slender evidence in this article, Landreth appears to be doing her job and successfully, which is more than you can say about Kevin Clarkson, Clyde Sniffen, Governor Dunleavy’s top lawyers.

  3. She’s part of the agenda to make whites a minority, or at least minimize their voice, in America. Strangely, as an Alaskan Native, I’m against that agenda … largely because it includes citizenship for illegals, and open borders.
    The net result may open the door for America to become another failed socialist banana republic. Too many “new voters” who don’t share American values. A “revolution du jour” land.
    Yes, the whites done did us dirty, murdered millions of us … but where else do we have to turn now? America, and it’s well being, is the only good option we have.
    I’m not saying forgive and forget. I’m saying hate them if you must, but don’t cut off your noses to spite your faces.

    • Joe, weepy-eyed apologists for the Left usually don’t spend much time at this site. Being informative is a good thing.
      Taking down a premise vis-a-vis pursuasive argumentation for the Left is a fool’s game at MRAK. If you have a genius prowress that we can’t see through, congratulations. But so far, we cast you with all of the negative particulars. Don’t depart, but please be honest with your assertions.

          • No wonder you two (Chrissy and Johnnie) are so in the dark. You can’t tell the difference between literary styles, vocabulary usage, nor affinity to subject matter.
            Should Geldhof or I feel the most offended , or complemented?

      • I’m saying things that Natives need to hear … how things really are, and not what they’ve been indoctrinated with.
        If you’re not native, you’re commenting on things in the blind. You don’t have the world view I’m addressing.
        If you are Native, you sound too white for your own good.

  4. Makes sense! Biden will fill all Federal positions with the most extreme individuals to undercut your rights as an American and push to shutdown energy production in Alaska. We are in the fight of our lives to preserve our Constitution and Representative government. The Biden Administration is on a mission to erase our rights and destroy the America we know and love. When I say this to people I sometimes get that deer in the headlights look almost like they are totally unaware and can’t understand the predicament we are in. People must wake up and understand that corruption is corruption! It isn’t about making your life better, it’s about POWER & MONEY period! We absolutely must not allow these individuals to run roughshod over our way of life and impose their chains on us. We must hold the line and press into our elected representatives for measures to guard our precious freedoms forever. Corruption must be called out and rooted out!

  5. Great. So she hates fair elections for Alaskans and she hates native corps. Does she stand at the airport and flip off tourists? I mean who is there left to alienate. Great choice for the Manchurian Candidate. More people that hate our state.

  6. The democrats will try to hurt our state and it looks like many of our own residents will help them. These are not Alaskans.

  7. Alaska Native people have the highest COVID-19 mortality rate yet she fought against her community, and Alaska Native Corporations to receive COVID-19 funds. I guess she believes CIRI, SCF, and the Alaska Tribal health system did not need the money to fight COVID-19. Good to know

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