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I have read several letters to the editor in the Anchorage Democrat Daily News demonizing Sen. Dan Sullivan for being a Republican Party lapdog and other nefarious activities.

They chastise him for voting with the GOP over 90% of the time. Not sure what the other 10% was, but I intend to talk to him about that.

I would like to point out that Sen. Sullivan ran for office on the Republican ticket because he agreed with the Republican platform. It would seem to follow, at least for anyone with common sense, that he would vote to support that platform.

The people of Alaska elected him based on his beliefs in those political ideals and his pledge to vote accordingly. so far he is right on track and all indications are he will continue on that path. There are still some people in politics who represent the people who elected them. They are mostly called Republicans.

So, let us take a look at this party lapdog issue. First, we had the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court vote. All but one of the senate democrats voted no. It would seem that more of them would have had some misgivings about a 30-year-old accusation with no witnesses, no location and no timeline. I am sure many of them did but voted the party line. That would seem a bit lapdogish.

Then we have impeachment one and two. There is the video of then vice-president Biden bragging when he threatened to hold up one billion dollars in aid to Ukraine unless they fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son. So that was not an impeachable offense, but President Trump asking the new Ukraine president to investigate the situation was? All the democrats voted yes.

Now I am not a diplomat, and there are a large number of people in Alaska who will attest to that, but still seems to be a double standard. Again, could this be lapdogism?

Next, we have the second impeachment coming from the house with no investigation, no witnesses and no activation of brain cells. This farce went to the senate where the house prosecutors offered no facts as to President Trumps involvement, showed video of a bunch of brain-dead fools attacking the capitol and then spewed crocodile tears all over the sitting senators. Many of whom were asleep or playing video games on their cell phones. Also, there was the issue of it even being constitutional.

Chief Justice Roberts took a pass on overseeing this sham. Probably because judges tend to not want to be involved in political stunts. Somehow not one democrat was concerned about this, so they all voted yes. Not sure if this is a case of lapdog or just stupid, probably some of both.

I could go on with examples of Democrat party line votes such as Obamacare, but I think the point is made. Those accusing Senr Sullivan of being a lapdog need to look in the mirror and then try to deal with what they see. Living in a glass house has some downsides. The nattering nabobs of negativity can revel in the fact that they now have an incompetent machine democrat in the White House and a spendthrift congress. What more could they want?

I think it is time to dial back the hypocrisy. Sen. Sullivan is voting the way Alaskans want him to. That is why we sent him to the swamp. Also, because none of the rest of us wanted to put up with all the Washington D.C. BS. So, we talked him into doing it. I am sure he will keep up the good work.

Bob Bell is a civil engineer who ran for House in 2012 and is the author of Oh No! We’re Gonna Die Too: More Humorous Tales of Close Calls in Alaska’s Wilderness


  1. His vote for Halland was not what most Alaskans wanted. She will destroy the very business that gives 80% of the $ for the State Budget.

    • I endorse this statement. Sullivan said, he had a conversation with her and she made promises. Is Sullivan really that stupid? Radicals never keep promises and make a habit of lying to get what they want. Either Dan is quite gullible or he lost his spine on this vote.

  2. Bob, thanks for the “let’s dial it back” response to some folks’ frustration over someone making some decisions in someplace most of us would not want to be.

  3. Bob, Sullivan’s vote for Deb Haaland as Secretary of interior just finalizes for me his inconsistent stand not only with the nation’s Republicans ( strongly condemning the Senate takeover by insurrectionists disguised as Republicans) but Alaskan Republicans, as Haaland has zero interest in development on federally held land in Ak ( over 50%) and is a strong environmentalist.

    • I agree that I hate that he voted for Haaland. At least he didn’t say it was because she is a woman or native American! Instead, he stated pretty much flat out that it was a political move. That’s honest! She was going to be confirmed whether he voted no or yes. He chose “yes” in hopes that just something might help the relationship between Alaska and basically an “antiAlaska” person.
      I am glad he’s giving it a shot. Personally, I think any bowing to the left is fruitless, but we all gotta learn! Maybe we’ll get lucky.

      • It WAS because she is a native American! He has an “in” with the native vote and he doesn’t want to lose that. Native/rural Alaska isn’t fully Democrat in ideology, but it is fully controlled by the Democrats. Sullivan, as a Republican, needs their vote, and since he has a native wife, he has their loyalty. But to have voted to not confirm Haaland would have been ginned up by the Dems as white supremist, and there would go his chances for reelection.
        So yeah, it was a political move, but not exactly what he said it was.

        • There are so many squaw men here in AK. I’ve met a number and had them hit the bricks. They all have some preconceived romantic fantasy of native women.

  4. I have been writing Bob Bell’s name in as I voted for the Anchorage mayor the last couple elections, but this year I am going to vote for Dave Bronson and hope he finds something Bob can do to help him get the city back on track after the election

  5. Several telling things. First of all, does the AK Republican Party plan on running someone against Sullivan the next time around because he missed a 100% lapdog rating with the locals, who tell all the faithful what to believe?
    There was no Republican platform for the past election. The national GOP admitted it. Didn’t even bother to try. It was Trump or the dump.
    I’m gonna take a pass on the Kavanaugh thing because it was a he-said/she-said kind of thing, but he sure didn’t come off well to me except for his fondness for beer. Bottoms up Brent!
    Regarding the first impeachment, Biden withheld the funds from the Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor because he wasn’t doing anything. This was acknowledged in the international community. The guy was corrupt and refused to indict his criminal buddies in the Ukrainian government. Had nothing to do with Hunter Biden. The investigation into him hadn’t found anything. On the other hand, Trump asking the president of Ukraine to “do us a favor” in order to get money from the US sure sounds like extortion to me. In fact, it sounds impeachable.
    Regarding the second impeachment, it is true that there was no investigation. That is because the Senate, the group who was supposed to be running the trial, refused to investigate. They didn’t even try. Because there was no investigation, no witnesses were called. Had there been an investigation, things might have turned out differently. That is probably why Mitch and the GOP controlled Senate chose not to investigate. The trial was a Republican sham, ergo, no activation of brain cells. And as far as the GOP goes, it isn’t looking good for the future.
    I like the “nattering nabobs of negativity” quote. This, as we may recall, was promulgated by Spiro Agnew, the sitting Vice President, who later did time in federal prison for corrupt behavior when he had been governor of Maryland. Probably not a good person to quote if pushing integrity is the game.
    And last but not least, I’m all in favor of dialing back the hypocrisy. A good place to start would be right here in this article with its many misrepresentations, which, sadly, along with a myriad of others, may become the lasting legacy of Trump and the GOP mob.

    • “Regarding the first impeachment, Biden withheld the funds from the Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor because he wasn’t doing anything.” Regardless of the context, there certainly wasn’t any “extortion” there, huh?
      “The trial was a Republican sham, ergo, no activation of brain cells.”
      Kinda like declaring two weeks before someone takes office that you are going to impeach him then spend two years and who knows how many millions on a “sham” trial, then try to impeach him two weeks after he leaves office.
      “GOP mob” – Was that the same mob that burned Seatlle, Portland, Santa Monica etc,etc?

      • With regards to extortion on the first impeachment, one could say the US was using persuasion. It was to remove a corrupt politician from office, which was seen as a way to clean up the Ukrainian government. Extortion? Maybe, but not for the personal advantage of the person who happened to be POTUS and who was the one making the request.
        Regarding impeachment for cause, the trial was a sham because the GOP lead Senate refused to entertain a real trial; you know, one that presented evidence and called witnesses. He was impeached while in office but tried as a citizen. If that were not permissible, he could do whatever he wanted the last two weeks in the office without any consequences whatsoever, no matter who ruled the Legislature.
        The GOP mob I was referring to was the one that stormed the Capitol and resulted in the deaths of five people. Nothing to do with Seattle, Portland, Santa Monica, or Fantasyland.
        Thanks for the “GREAT LECTURE” compliment. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

        • I got news for ya Greg, there’s a corrupt politician in office and it ain’t in Ukraine.
          I guess real trials only use forged warrant applications?
          Thanks for being in DC on Jan. 6th checking voter registrations. I guess federal buildings on the West Coast aren’t as hallowed ground as the Capitol?

  6. Haaland is bad news for resource development in Alaska. Sullivan blew it but Murkowski has done far worse.

  7. Thank you Bob for your perspective. We need to have more Alaskans understand that politics is never 100%. Sometimes you have to give a little and with Haaland, Dan told us straight up why he did what he did. May not work, but he was honest with us, and that is a rare commodity in DC.

    • I appreciate much of what you write Craig, but you and Bob Bell are completely missing the mark with your continued support for Dan Sullivan. Dan Sullivan is lying to Alaskans, and I’m sick of it. Dan knowingly voted in favor of certifying the Electoral College vote for a stolen and fraudulent election for the President of the United States! That is treason in my eyes.

      Dan said he believes that President Trump should have just accepted the fraudulent election.
      “…and I wish fervently that President Trump had accepted the results of the election, and more forcefully and earlier repudiated the violence on that sad day”.

      And what about that “violence” at the Capitol? Dan Sullivan knows the Capitol Police do not work for the Executive Branch nor Trump. They work for and answer only to Congress and the Senate. Dan absolutely refuses to come clean with Alaskans about why he is hiding the fact that someone ordered the Capitol Police to stand down and let the crowd into the Capitol completely unchecked!

      Who ordered that Craig or Bob? Maybe you can get your buddy Dan to come clean and stop continuing the false narrative. He doesn’t have to carry the water for the democrat machine and the rest of that DC swamp, but he is doing it regardless. The way I see it, he is lying to us, and he is putting blame on President Trump in the process.

      Now we get to see him capitulate to the socialists and communists, and carry out votes in favor of their staff such as Haaland.

      Dan is not being honest with us. Shame on him, and shame on those who support him hiding the facts from Alaskans.

  8. The GOP needs to stop making excuses for bad behavior by GOP members. His vote for the rabidly anti Alaska Haaland is unforgivable.

  9. The latest in a series of GOP placeholder do-nothing. It’s like winning the lottery! He’s probably big into constituent services. It’s such a good gig you can do it till you’re in your 80’s and slurring your speech like a drunken tugboat captain.

  10. Dan is done, he skipped and/or missed the stimulus vote, that passed 50-49, then he supported Haaland because he didn’t want to get left out in the cold by voting no.
    Greg R 30,00 is child’s play compared to your hero Obama or ol slick Willy. Poser.

    • Well, one outta three ain’t bad.
      But I digress. Trump was, without doubt, the most mendacious chief executive we have had since such things have been recorded. What really impressed me was about half of those 30K lies were spewed during his last three months in office. I’m surprised he was able to talk that fast.
      Of course, it was relatively easy. All he had to do was say “Stolen, stolen, stolen…” and leave out the part where he was the one trying to steal the election.

  11. Having a Republican occupy that senate seat is much better than having a Democrat in it and that’s more likely the reason Sullivan won.

    Unfortunately Sullivan failed to take a hard stance on the 2020 election fraud that cost this country the White House and both houses of Congress. We all know that Trump won but our senator just let it pass and had nothing substantial to say about it.

    Our Congressional delegation failed us.

    Murkowski, of course, is just a weak willed liberal who had to declare Republican for Daddy Murkowski to gift his little girl a senate seat. She probably celebrated when the Democrats cheated us. She certainly isn’t upset about it.

    Young has been our representative for so long, cutting deals and compromising with the Democrats, that he probably forgot what a principled stand even is…if he ever knew. His admiration and praise for the witch Pelosi reveals where his head is at. As long as Young can retain his seat he’s happy. The ultimate “go along to get along” politician.

    Sullivan, oddly enough, is the best of the bunch but that’s obviously not difficult. At least he can be counted on to toe the Republican Party line but is that really a positive when the GOP has become a weak kneed sister to the DNC, willing to flop down and roll over at the first liberal pushback?

    I’d never vote for a Democrat but none of these career politicians will ever get a vote from me again.

    It would be a shame to see a Democrat take their places but when our delegation just sits by and allows an illegitimate president to take office, multiple Senate and House seats to be stolen, our Supreme Court to simply ignore anything they’re not interested in, the border to be overrun, the deficit to explode (as long as they can get a share of the pork), and all the other BS these three seem comfortable with I’m not sure we’d really notice a difference if some liberal replaced them.

  12. Sullivan isn’t much different than Murkowski. He doesn’t appear to stand for anything but going along to get along. We need someone who fights for what is right, not settle for whats wrong.

  13. Two opinions above that I agree with are from: PJ OLSON / MARCH 25 and a reply opinion from ROBERT / MARCH 20.
    Here! Here! 🙂
    Greg R…. you get a stinker sticker 🙁

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