Anchorage Assembly sets schedule to spend $100 million from American Rescue Plan Act


The Anchorage Assembly is preparing to receive what it believes will be roughly $100 million from the American Rescue Plan, and has established a public process to keep the public informed about how decisions will be made in spending the money. The Assembly plans to get 20-25% of the funds out the door quickly, but the rest of the process will continue through at least April 27.

The draft schedule of the public process and how you can watch or participate in it:

Friday, March 19, 11:10 am to 5 pm

In-person work session in the Assembly Chambers with meeting live-streamed on YouTube and GCI Channel 9.

  • The Assembly will review assessments of previous allocations and the framework for how the CARES Act money was spent in 2020.
  • The Assembly will meet with various stakeholders, including program operators, business associations, and individual businesses on major programs impacting small business relief, tourism relief, nonprofit relief, and community institutions relief.
  • The Assembly will also discuss initial allocations of about 20-25% of the dollars expected, getting a portion of the federal funding out the door quickly.

Tuesday, March 23, 5 pm

The Regular Assembly Meeting in the Assembly Chambers takes place. During the meeting, the Assembly will introduce a resolution with the initial allocations and set it for a public hearing and a vote, for a special Assembly meeting to take place on Thursday, March 25.

Thursday, March 25, 6 pm

Special Assembly Meeting, in person in the Assembly Chambers, will include a public hearing and vote on a resolution with an initial allocation of 20-25% of the dollars expected.

Friday, March 26, 5-9:30 pm

An in-person work session and town hall in the Assembly Chambers is scheduled, with the meeting live-streamed on YouTube and GCI Channel 9.

  • 5-8 pm, the work session will review federal guidelines and begin discussion to determine allocations aof the remainder of the funds.
  • 8-9:30 pm, a town hall discussion.

Friday, April 9, 5 pm-9:30 pm

An in-person work session and town hall will take place in the Assembly Chambers with the meeting live-streamed on YouTube and GCI Channel 9.

  • 5-8 pm, meeting to discuss and finalize allocations
  • 8-9:30 pm, a town hall discussion

Tuesday, April 13, 5 pm

Regular Assembly Meeting, in-person will take place in the Assembly Chambers with the meeting live-streamed on YouTube and GCI Channel 9.

  • Meeting to introduce the resolution or ordinance with final allocations and set for a public hearing, and vote for a Special Assembly meeting, time uncertain.

Friday, April 23, noon-1 pm

In-person work session and town hall will take place in the Assembly Chambers with the meeting live-streamed on YouTube and GCI Channel 9.

  • Review of resolution or ordinance with final allocations

Tuesday, April 27, 5 pm

Regular Assembly meeting in person will take place in the Assembly Chambers with the meeting live-streamed on YouTube and GCI Channel 9.

  • Public hearing and vote on resolution or ordinance with final allocations.


  1. I somewhere read that Anchorage spends up to $50,000 per homeless person over the course of a year. How about giving each of them a shower, new clothes and $5,000 cash when they board the plane on a one way ticket south to another progressive run city? Money ahead to lower taxes on the productive people and a kinder climate to be homeless in. Win/win. And maybe a few might accept the chance to improve themselves for a better life with a little seed money.

  2. Do not give the Assembly a penny that should be distributed by rhe State so it goes to the right people and not wasted. The Assembly can not be trusted with any money proven fact.

    • They have already wasted millions of dollars in sweet deals to their friends and brand new corporations. To bad the MRAK owner won’t let me post the info.

    • To cover the bonds they all vote for, nudge-nudge, wink-wink……… these public employees pay zero tax, yet reap maximum reward from the taxpayers.

  3. One month of meetings to spend 100 million dollars. 3 million a day.
    Can we wait for the elected Mayor to have a say?

  4. With this money, they will complete the job of turning Anchorage into a leftist city. Not a single socialist policy will go unfunded.

    • Correct! Then next year when the money has been spent, we the hapless taxpayers are on the hook to continue financing their largess.

  5. How is the special election for a replacement mayor not happened? Why does the temp mayor get a council seat? These things need to be addressed.

  6. Totally irresponsible. Like giving your 14 year old the keys to your truck and a case of beer!

  7. This Assembly will probably Squander the extra money all over again like they done using Cares Act monies. This is what Anchorage gets for allowing the City Councils and ASD school board turn so left, we have to endure their spending choices until we start attending City Council meetings and overwhelm districts with votes for new more conservative common sense council members. What does a wife do when her husband has a gambling problem and she still wants to give him respect as the man but she doesn’t want him to spend all the money he earns for taking care of her and the children?

  8. I’d like to recommend some high end tennis courts, maybe an ice rink grooming machine and while were at it some really nice groomed trails up there on that hillside!

  9. Funny, a mayoral election is right around the corner and now the assembly wants the citizens of Anchorage to be in the know and involved. Where has that attitude been for the last year? Interesting.

  10. So basically Anchorage and all the other cities that ruined their economies and racked up enormous debt get to be bailed out by people who actually try to live within their means? Sounds fair. Sets an impeccable example too.

    • All this time and not ONE municipal employee has been laid off or furloughed while thousands of private citizens have lost their jobs.

  11. Like most giveaways to local governments, they will piss it away. Little will be seen/gained from this boondoggle.

  12. I’ll be voting no on all bond propositions, the city is getting 100 million. Use the money for the improvements and then we can all enjoy a year without a property tax increase………….

  13. Seems like Anchorage is going along with the theme as it’s west coast brethren of L.A., San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. At this rate, this city will be ruined.

    • Definitely, I posted a comment about where about 3 million dollars was spent but the owner of this site would not allow them to be published. Makes me wonder.

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