Chinese diplomats diss Anchorage and U.S. as a world power during tense day of meetings at Captain Cook Hotel


The first day of diplomatic meetings between China and the Biden Administration were contentious, but China got its message across: It no longer considers America the pre-eminent world power that has the moral authority to criticize China for anything.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with the diplomats at the Captain Cook Hotel in the first high-level US-China talks for the Biden Administration.

Blinken and his Chinese counterpart were to give two-minute opening remarks. Blinken gave his two minutes, but the Chinese remarks went on for nearly 20 minutes, while Blinken sat and listened to complaints and insults about U.S. policies, and the faults of America’s seemingly fragile democratic system.

“We will … discuss our deep concerns with actions by China, including in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyber-attacks on the United States, economic coercion of our allies,” Blinken told the Chinese in his opening remarks. “Each of these actions threaten the rules-based order that maintains global stability.”

China has said it wants a fresh start with the US, after relations had become icy under President Donald Trump. That fresh start was embarrassing to the Biden Administration.

China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi responded by shaking his head and giving an extended retort in Chinese, which was translated by one of his aides, in which he lashed out at the United States and blamed it for having a struggling democracy, bad treatment of minorities, and lousy foreign and trade policies.

“Well, you can’t blame this problem on somebody else,” Yang said.

“The United States uses its military force and financial hegemony to carry out long arm jurisdiction and suppress other countries,” Yang said. “It abuses so-called notions of national security to obstruct normal trade exchanges, and incite some countries to attack China.”

“I have to tell you what I’m hearing is very different from what you described,” Blinken said. “I’m hearing deep satisfaction that the United States is back, that we’re engaged with our allies and partners. I’m also hearing deep concerns about some of the actions your government is taking.”

Some of the tense exchange was recorded and broadcast by mainstream media:

The Chinese were not particularly happy to be in Alaska, reportedly complaining that it was cold. Anchorage temperatures dipped to -11 Fahrenheit overnight and are expected to reach 18 degrees on Friday, when the talks were said to continue.

“So far, the US’ aggressiveness and disregard for diplomatic protocol, and rapid and sharp counterattacks by the Chinese delegation, have made the world take notice,” the Times noted. It complained that Washington choosing Anchorage as a diplomatic host city was uncomfortable, as it is “one of the coldest places on US soil with a freezing temperature of minus 19 degrees Celsius [-2.2ºF],” the Global Times reported.

Chinese news outlets said the Chinese diplomats considered Alaska neither hospitable nor was the location good diplomatic etiquette.  

“We thought too well of the US; we thought the US would follow the necessary diplomatic protocol… In front of the Chinese side, the US side is not qualified to speak to China from a position of strength,” Yang said to Chinese news outlets.

“The old habit of the US hegemonic behavior of willfully interfering in China’s internal affairs must be changed,” Wang said.

The Global Times lauded Wang and Yang for their “vigorous counterblows to condescending U.S. representatives.” It assessed that the opening remarks of the talks, which will reportedly remain ongoing, were “beyond the expectations of observers” in their severity and bitter tone, blaming President Joe Biden’s diplomats for the acrimony.


  1. They’re responsible for the death of millions world wide due to their release and irresponsible handling of the ccp virus.
    Why any nation in the world would give them the opportunity to voice any opinions is beyond me.
    US has spent billions to cover cost of effects of virus. China should be responsible for that.
    We’ve really become a weak, weak country. They’re right about that part!

    • It might be working out pretty much as they had planned and then having controlled the outcome of the Biden Election it to may be working out much as they had planned..!!..

    • We owe China so much money they will soon declare ownership of US territory such as Alaska, Hawaii and Guam. We aren’t the legitimate owners they’ll say.

  2. Wake up, America. And NBA, and Biden Administration, and …. You simply cannot get in bed with China. And how lovely, to see Bill Walker lurking in the wings…. and being interviewed by our communist news station, as the knower of all things China. Bill was the one that brought their Prez here… he was also the one that brought AK Business leaders there – where their intellectual property was promptly stolen. I hope the Capt. Cook has put in some serious IT upgrades in their systems. I’d imagine all PII in their systems was stolen on day 1.

  3. “BAD TREATMENT OF MINORITIES”? In China, there are no opportunities for minorities. And there aren’t really any minorities except for the poor Chinese, which is actually a majority. The Chinese government tortures its citizens, kills their citizens, put them in forced labor, China harvests the organs of political prisoners, and makes prisoners in general work their fingers until they are bleeding shucking garlic for the world market. And they have the gall to claim we treat our minorities badly? To hell with the Chinese government. Let’s start dropping airplane loads of rifles, handguns, and ammunition all over China and let the oppressed Chinese citizens take back their government from the tyrants that run it now. We may be nearing the point of having to do that here in the U.S.

  4. I’m guessing our cowards didn’t mention the China virus they knowingly unleashed on the world!

  5. China wants to be part of the Arctic Nations yet they can’t take a -11 ° temperature in Anchorage. They are a joke along with the current Administration in DC. I’m sure Biden will appease anything for his Master Jin Jing Ping.

  6. They should have set up a nice big screen TV and had it playing The Sand Pebbles while the talks were going on.

    Then again, there’s probably a reason I’m not a diplomat.

  7. Can the United States or Alaska survive economically if this kind of oil and gas insane red tape and high-cost appeals continue by our own government?

    This happened just because the explorers can’t get a simple permit to fly a plane to observe things?

    China and Russia built a very long pipeline and it was done quickly, how long has it taken to get the Liberty discovery permitted. since the 1980s!  Liberty Unit had just been stopped again by the currents system, ask anyone, why Alaska can not attract meaningful investment, see the Fraser Institute on ranking oil and gas jurisdictions.

    I feel energy companies will try to get along just to go along in my view. They are wise and will do what it takes to not make the Government mad in my opinion.

    Many people believe our own government is stopping too much oil and gas activity in Alaska at every chance they get, how can our oil & gas industry survive?

    Why can’t someone lead Alaska away from pricing and regulating the oil & gas workers out of Alaska and out of business? We need someone to lead with new ideas to save Alaska from this nightmare that hurts oil and gas workers. 

    • Oh … but, we do have our champion fighting for our industry. Look no further than Daddy’s Little Princess!!! Look no further than the all of the O&G jobs and opportunities generated by her influence and leadership. Surely she is due appropriate accolades for the low employment and abundance of development on the North Slope.

  8. Can Alaska survive economically if we can not find
    investment from China and other oil and gas-consuming nations like them.

    The state only has a few remaining exploration companies, Alaska is dying for investment in oil and gas!

    China and Russia built a very long pipeline and it was done quickly. Look how long it has taken to get the Liberty oil discovery permitted, since the 1980s and it’s not even online yet!

    Why can’t someone lead Alaska policies away from pricing and regulating the oil & gas workers out of business?

    We need someone to lead with new ideas to save Alaska from this nightmare of bad policies that hurts oil workers and the people of the state.

    • Good to see you here Daniel. With Fed land being so iffy lately, maybe you might want to consider Alaska or Native land.

  9. Oil will gradually recede as an energy source, and natural gas is abundant and available but not in the locations where it is needed most, which does not include Alaska. To plan our future based upon flagging energy systems that require immense infrastructure probably isn’t the best idea.
    To base our future on the methods Russia and China use probably isn’t, either.

    • Greg R, battery powered jet liners no doubt? Sure, we don’t need no stinking oil!
      You greenies are so full of yourself that there is little room left within you to hold any knowledge of how the world really works.

  10. The fact of the matter is that China & Russia use our own media & “useful idiots” like Bill Walker to advance their nations status, strength and power at the detriment of our nation. President Trump was accused of xenophobic behavior, however, our socialist media and liberal politicians rarely, if ever point out the “China First” or “Russia First” policies that have been in place for hundreds of years. And are even stronger today.

  11. Indeed, Steven. Can you imagine these Chinese “officials” being in Fairbanks back when the temperatures used to drop to -70 below this time of year? Hell, -11 below is a heat wave for us, LOL, and probably for you guys down there in Anchorage, too. I do echo the one comment: What else are these Chinese being shown while they are up here? Did they get a nice tour of the military bases, as well? It is creepy to know they are up here right about now. For I see no good thing coming out of it.

  12. There are consequences in elections. This was completely foreseeable to any savvy diplomat that is familiar with Chinese foreign policy. They already believe they have surpassed the US in world geopolitics. With the Biden Administrations complete misunderstanding of China and their incompetence to negotiate from a position of strength, this is just the beginning of some very dark days for America as our international position will be dismissed and the Chicomms will exploit our weakness to gain global superiority. And just to think this has all unraveled in only sixty days into this guys presidency. Everything he touches turns bad, i.e. open borders, equity focus, killing America’s energy independence, crushing new taxation, and political division. Biden is going to ruin America.

    • Go find a Bidden-Harris supporter and thank them personally. Surely, they deserve recognition for their great political foresight.

  13. I think China and the world has learned that the “rules based order” never applies to any Democrat. Since the age of Obama, who I voted for, I watched in horror at the complete lack of respect for any sense of self imposed discipline and adherence to law and order. North Korea and Iran watched Obama invade a weakened Libya that had recently disarmed themselves of all weapons of mass destruction. They watched Obama’s well armed mercenaries invade (and fail to topple ) Syria to build a massive gas pipeline (of all things) to Europe. We should not expect any respect from any nation in the foreseeable future.

  14. Interesting meeting from a lot of angles….the Chinese know they control the current White House as they controlled the election and put Biden in place and the White House knows they did not win the election without the CCP as well….and not it appears Biden may completely fall apart before they planned on it happening but Commie Harris can and will be relied on to allow them to push their agenda ….will they work with Putin or will Putin get in their way..??

  15. Well they know they ARE correct. America is declining since the Biden/Harris Election.
    Every Empire has a beginning, pinnacle, and end. The Question is CAN China maintain their own Nationalism up agianst the Globalists-one world order when the pressure is on them? The Chinese will get their turn too. Heh heh heh hahaha

  16. Am I going to hell for feeling an unholy glee at watching idiotic, pompous America hating bureaucrats get b****-slapped?

  17. Do you see that in the spew of communist propaganda speech that they do not consider America a super power anymore? What do you think they would say when the idiots in DC bow to these people? The Biden regime is playing right into their hands and he handing Alaska and the Country over to them.
    Alaska needs to prepare for more of this propaganda because there is coming at time when the people are going to have defend this State from the what is obviously coming. All you have to do is follow what direction we are being steered towards and it is not pretty.
    If you do not see what is coming just keep your face diapers on and get every covid vaccine your being fed. You are obviously already adversely brain dead to see.

    • Yeah, we’re all kind of screwed here in Alaska. Thinking maybe I should move as there’s really now way out especially if they close the border to you unless you have the covid vaccine or if you can’t fly because they make the vaccine mandatory to do that too. I think that’s coming. You get China and Russia together and Alaska is toast.

  18. Elections have consequences. Elect a weak, corrupt fool and get pushed around by the bully on the block.

    Say what you will about Trump, this didn’t happen under him

    • Yes they do have consequences. We are supposed to be representative republic where you elect someone to voice the opinion and will of the people, but when elected THEY flip flop or change your consent to being forced to agree with what their agenda truly is. A good example is Kathy Giesel(spelling?) claiming she was for a full PFD yet once in control we have been left in the dark.
      This is how the majority of people get elected, they claim one thing and use the support of the people to just get elected because if they stood for what they really mean they would not be elected. By then it is to late and all you hear is just wait until the next election, then the next election……….etc. Nothing changes for the better.
      Now look at all of this Covid plandemic and you see once again it is not what people want, but those who are in office just say do as I tell you because I/we do not represent you we are better then you. The list goes on and on as to the topics they attempt to enslave us with.
      We are so close to losing Alaska/America to this type of dictatorship that no longer will we be the Country that is the last hope for humanity. I will not look to China or Russia to be any type of saviors for the world.

  19. The Chi-Coms are pretty full of themselves with having Uncle Joe at the helm and allowing them free reign to level their sanctimonious accusations while they deplete the mineral resources in Africa, leaving a wake of future economic depletion and environmental destruction of the continent. There is also the matter of military hegemony they project toward Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and all bordering nations of the South China Sea while they construct military islands and conduct daily military incursion flights to keep all at bay. It is rich to hear China criticize the US on treatment of minorities; I guess that the ongoing genocidal thinning of ethnic Uyghur Muslims is a demonstration of sound race relations policies, not to mention the prejudicial suppression of all religious activities in China, while leveling home churches and imprisoning congregants for up to life. Yes, China is a model of global civility. Next meeting should be held in the former city of Barrow in January for some real protocol chilling.

  20. War is just a furthering of Diplomacy… I suspect that the Chi-Coms are being audacious here for a number of reasons. First they are well aware that Biden is a rattled old man at best and they have got the goods on him because of his Son’s dealings. Secondly , if you listen to their rhetoric it is merely a rehashing of the Democratic party mantra, America, is Racist, and so on. Thirdly, and this is the most important reason, they understand Sun Tzu, they know that when you are weak, (think Navy) you act like you are strong. Their fleet has perhaps two Carriers , ours perhaps 17 total, plus 80 years of experience in fleet operations and tactics. Remember that Khrushchev placed missiles in Cuba after meeting with JFK, who due to his chronic back problems was sedated at the time of their meet up. K’s take away was that Kennedy was a sleepy school boy. Thankfully K was wrong. These are very dangerous times, we have an addled, corrupt old man as our leader, and the Chi-Coms know it.

  21. The CCP has learned from Japan’s mistakes from 1937 through 1941. The Biden administration hasn’t learned diddly squat. How could they? They’re mostly Biden’s faithful but incompetent appointees.
    We are so screwed!

  22. When you’ve paid of the US president you can do whatever you want. Taiwan now or never. Or wait for the vice whore to take over.

  23. The US was duped into shipping manufacturing to China with the delusions of millions of new customers and riches based on that idea. The facts are that this might be another Suadi oil deal, where the manufacturing facilities are stolen and put under Chinese control it the US refuses to cow tow to the Chinese, Germany is at risk of the same possible outcome.

  24. Good, didn’t want you commies here in the first place. Leave, and don’t let the door hit you in butt on your way out……..

  25. Biden’s Communist Chinese masters showed up in town to let us know that they are the boss now. I still can’t operate a pair of chopsticks with my left hand. I like stabbing my steak with a fork. And I will eat a plate of Korean kimchee over a bowl of bat stew anyday. The Communist Chinese have terrible table manners, belching between mouthfuls. Didn’t history teach these Commies anything? The US saved their skin from the Japanese during WW2.

  26. Anyone who pays attention to what is going on in the world these days knows that with Joe Biden as our president we are a weak nation. But hey, that is what America wants now. Sad!

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