Sen. Sullivan bill would end U.S. cooperation with International Criminal Court, after I.C.C. moves to issue arrest warrant for Israel’s Netanyahu


On Monday, the International Criminal Court chief prosecutor announced he is seeking arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders to charge them with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan has responded with a Senate resolution to remove the United States from the I.C.C., which is an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal seated in The Hague, Netherlands.

His bill is titled, “Stop the ICC Act.” It calls for a prohibition against cooperating with the ICC and prohibits funding for the Palestinian Authority, a supporter of Hamas, as well as prohibits funding for the I.C.C.

I.C.C. Chief Prosecutor Karim A.A. Khan announced that he was “filing applications for the warrants of arrests” for Netanyahu, and other senior Israeli and Hamas figures who have played key roles in the ongoing war in Gaza.

A panel of three judges will decide whether to issue the arrest warrants. The process could take several weeks. If the judges agree, then Benjamin Netanyahu, other Israeli leaders, and Hamas leaders could be arrested if they left their own borders.

Earlier this month, 12 Republican senators threatened the ICC with sanctions if it moves forward with an arrest warrant for Netanyahu, who has been drawn into a war to defend Israel from Hamas terrorists after an Oct. 7, 2023 raid conducted by the terrorist organization that killed several hundred Israeli citizens and kidnapped over 200. About 100 have been released. Israel says another 100 hostages are still being held captive in Gaza. There are another 39 bodies of hostages that were killed but not released by Hamas. Israel has only been able to recover 17 bodies of hostages.

“The ICC’s false moral equivalency between Israel and Hamas is reprehensible and dangerous,” said Sen. Sullivan. “Israel is facing a threat to its very existence from a barbaric enemy that actually uses civilians as human shields and welcomes civilian casualties as part of its strategy. Republicans and Democrats have rightly condemned the ICC’s outrageous arrest warrants for Israeli leaders, but now we need to back up those words with action. We must end American cooperation with this rogue organization and stand firmly with our strongest ally in the Middle East—the only democracy in the region.”

The legislation can be read at this link.

Sullivan has said multiple times that Israel has a right to defend itself.

“America stands with the people of @Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East, as they repel a widespread assault launched by Hamas terrorists today at the conclusion of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot,” Sullivan noted on X/Twitter on Oct. 7.

“Israel has a right to defend itself and its existence against any terrorist group or its backers, including the largest state sponsor of terrorism—Iran. We must support this right of our close ally during this horrendous attack on innocent Israelis,” Sullivan said in October, a sentiment he has repeated. “The terrorist regime in Iran must know that the United States is watching its actions very closely.”


  1. Well done, Senator. These judges apparently have 0 knowledge regarding war against an enemy that breaks conventions every chance it gets.

    • I agree, The Palestinians started the war, so the one that justly needs aressting is Palestine President (Hamas) Mahmoud Abbas for killing more than 1,200 innocent civilians in a surprise attack within Israels border.

  2. The Law and Order Party speaks again, not those laws and not against our allies. The Netanyahu Government of Israel has inflicted significant civilian casualties and disregard for the Palestinian people. Hamas is its own issue, and their leaders deserve to held accountable as well and by all appearances of the ICC will be. As long as the defense industry can profit from the conflict it will continue. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is the driving force!

    • Did you bump your head, or just listen to NPR again?

      The problem with being a zealot in a bubble is you have no clue how wrong you are and how idiotic you look.

    • Palestine started something they can’t finish and should have thought of the consequences before launching a surprise attack against U.S. Allie Israel. Very simple.

    • Clueless.
      When hamass uses schools, hospitals, and human shields to protect themselves, innocent civilians get hurt. The Israelis are doing everything they can to prevent civilian casualties, but hamass insists on placing innocents in the way.
      The genocide that islam and muslims are perpetrating against Jews has been going on since 613AD, but you have nothing to say about it. That a single human still draws breath in Gaza demonstrates Israel is not committing genocide.
      The Israeli Defense Force places themselves in harms way to protect the innocent.
      The palestinians place the innocent in harms way to protect hamass.

    • Yeah, we should just leave the Hamas alone because they break every law there is, hide behind civilians and children, indoctrinate them into their terrorism organization, and continually attack Israel, right?

  3. Yes, let’s stop playing with them when they do something we don’t like. How adult of us. Especially when it comes to reflexively supporting Israel regardless of what they might be doing.

  4. I guess a broken clock is still right twice per day. Still not forgiving him for voting to confirm Deb Haaland.

    As a side note, the Palestinian Authority is NOT the same as Hamas. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip while the PA is the civil authority in the West Bank.

  5. This prosecutor runs around the world supporting and actively pursuing the prosecution of any organization which does not sit still for the Muslim causes and interests. He is also the brother of the current British Prime Minister. He is a member of an active Muslim Sect that promotes the “propagation and renaissance of Islam”. Gee, no conflict of interest here.

  6. During WWII the US and Britain dropped thousands of tons of high explosive bombs on Dresden, Germany. We killed at least 25,000 people. Was this a war crime? By the ICC standards Roosevelt and Churchill would be on trial.

    When we dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan an estimated 200,000 people were killed- to include thousands of children. By ICC standards Truman would be on trial.

    When Johnson ordered massive bombing of Vietnam and Cambodia an estimated 1- 3 million people were killed. By ICC standards Johnson would be on trial.

    Biden voted to attack Iraq in 2002 along with 76 other senators. We wasted one trillion dollars and killed an estimated one million people when Iraq did not have anything to do with the Sep 11 attacks on the US, or have weapons of mass destruction. By ICC standards Biden should be on trial for ‘genocide’.

    Andrew Jackson decided to remove Indians from the lands that they’d occupied for thousands of years- Trail of Tears- and an estimated 18,000 Indians died. By today’s standards Jackson would be charged as a war criminal by the ICC.

    Israel is attacked, over 1,000 were murdered, and the terrorists who started the war hide among civilians. The ICC then accuses Israel of war crimes because the ICC fundamentally hates Jews. Israel is being held to a different standard than has applied for the last 200 years.

    • M & Greg,

      The USA’s nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki really were major war crimes, and may have been occult driven. President Truman was a Freemason, and these “just happened to be” the most densely Christian populated areas of Japan. We nuked the Christians.

      Our leaders knew Japan was trying to surrender and was no longer a threat to us. Two quotes:

      “Japan was at the moment seeking some way to surrender with minimum loss of ‘face’. It wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.”
      – General Dwight D. Eisenhower

      “It always appeared to us that, atomic bomb or no atomic bomb, the Japanese were already on the verge of collapse.”
      -General Henry H. Arnold Commanding General of the U.S. Army Air Forces Under President Truman

      Tucker Carlson took a lot of heat recently for telling the truth about what we did, and Candace Owens backed him on X.

      Regarding Japan’s atomic bomb program, it was “relatively small, suffered from an array of problems” and was “unable to progress beyond the laboratory stage during the war” – Wikipedia

      Thank God, some of the uncomfortable truths about WW II are now finally being told (but still not by mainstream media), including President Roosevelt’s eight step plan to get Japan to attack Hawaii, so Americans would be willing to enter WWII.

      [real history] The Bombing of Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt sacrificed over 2400 American Seamen’s lives to bring US into WWII — By the time that Japan finally attacked, all eight steps in the intelligence memo had occurred. Prior to the invasion, most Americans were isolationists.



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