Resegregation: University of Washington will have ‘affinity housing’ just for black students this fall

Photo credit: University of Washington

University of Washington in Seattle offers a special resident hall exclusively for black students starting this fall. The University insists that this is not segregation.

“Black Affinity Housing provides a unique living experience for students seeking connection through celebrating Black culture and scholarship,” the university says.

The segregated housing is in partnership with the publicly funded Office of Minority Affairs & DiversityBlack Student Union, and ASUW Black Student Commission. Washington and U.S. taxpayers underwrite this resegregation project.

The housing will provide space to “promote personal wellness, social connectedness, and academic success centering the Black student experience.”

The goals of the housing segregation experience, according to the university are also to:

  • Build a community to enhance the sense of belonging and affinity to UW
  • Champion respect for Black culture, identity, and history  
  • Cultivate open and honest conversations surrounding individual and shared experiences 
  • Celebrate the rich and vibrant Black culture worldwide 
  • Promote self-growth and potential through opportunities for academic achievement, civic engagement and career preparedness both in and outside the university community 
  • Create lifelong friendships and a meaningful network of likeminded individuals 

Black Affinity Housing will be located on the 8th floor of Lander Hall on West Campus. The floor accommodates 125 students through single, double, and triple rooms.

Alaska students attend medical school at UW through the WWAMI program, a multi-state medical education program for Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho. Some 20 Alaska students are accepted each year.


  1. There is not enough face palm in the world for this. We literally had to send the National Guard into schools in the south to end this exact sort of thing.

  2. The h— it’s not segregation. What BS. It’s probably illegal as h—, if that matters anymore.

    Democrats have always treated black people like cattle. Wonder if the black community will ever realize it.

  3. It isn’t the amount but how high one can stack Cow and Bull Manure. The UofW. has set a new standard, and the fun will be the “Crackers” requesting similar privilege. Of course not to be allowed.
    One just has to laugh at the stupidity of these “Wizards of Smart”. and laugh I do.
    Cheers, AmJ

  4. Just make sure the water fountains and the restrooms have signs directing White students to a different floor. And in case some misdirected White student gets off on the wrong floor, please call security immediately and issue a trespass against them.

  5. This is silly college kid nonsense, all campus residents at public schools get the same crap housing.

    But its really not that significant. The University I attended has a Hillel House (for Jewish students), a China dorm (mostly for Taiwanese students and language majors), and an “Italian-American” dorm. Goody for them for missing the point:

    One of the many benefits of an on-campus education is the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn how to live and study and work with a wider group of people than your childhood provided. Kids who self-select and only want to stay insular odten regret missing the chance to learn how to exist in the wider world.

    It may shock you to learn that most campuses have housing for students who get to choose who gets to live with them. They are called fraternaties and sororities. Scandal!

    Anyone who does anything but roll their eyes at this is taking these students far too seriously. And anyone who is asking “what about all-white dorms?” is being daft. “Black-American” is by a matter of actual reality, has a culture as significant in our fabric as “Italian-American” or “Irish-American”.

    Its been my experience that the self-selecting kids eventually want to branch out and meet the rest of society, and much like Hillel House, being 18 or 19 and living away from home, maybe living with peers and feeling safe at dinner eases the transition into adulthood. Its not basic training.

    This is a non-issue, unless you like getting mad and saying “white people could never!” Sweet child, whites do it by calling it “Irish” or “Italian” or “grekk-American” or somesuch.

    If you see this as anything but student nonsense, perhaps you should examine why “white” is the default, instead of “ethnic-American”.

    Its possible to understand this is dumbassery, without reverting to saying “I’m racist, so I’m a white victim!”

    Or explain why Hillel House is also illegal.

    • The default “caucasian”or “White” is because white people usually don’t get all twisty about it. But since African-Americans are insisting on an ethnic designation, I’m going to start insisting on Northern European-American, and since the English enslaved some of my ancestors, I should probably try to get reparations from them, eh? My point is, it is all utterly ridiculous. Good lord, why can’t we all just get along. I, for one, am tired of this nonsense.

  6. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

    The people behind this are the same people that Joe Biden praised the white supremacist Robert Byrd, the same people who believe like LBJ that blacks would vote for Democrats as long as they are given a small amount of money, the same people who said nothing when Woodrow Wilson screened “The Birth of a Nation” at the White House, “The Birth of a Nation” was a KKK inspired film about reconstruction following the Civil War and portrayed the KKK as heroes, the same like minded people with these same beliefs tried to divide the nation to keep slavery legal. Democrats do not believe in democracy, they do not believe in freedom, and they do not believe in liberty.

  7. Hey, what about Latinos, Phillipinos, Vietnamese, Equadorian, Chinese, Russian, Samoan, Iranian, Brazilian, Guamese, Japanese, … name a few. We need affinity housing too.

  8. This more racist than segregationist as I presume that staying there will be voluntary. But what would happen if some one wanted an all white dorm? We know what a sh## storm that would cause. I hope this cause a comensurate one.

  9. Can anyone seriously say they are surprised by this? Once everything is about race, it is all about race, all the time. Those that complain about race are those for which race is the only thing that matters. Race, race, race. Race forever.

  10. Pretty simple really.
    Just take the signs from the 50s that say “colored dormitory” and change them to say “people of color dormitory.”
    See, racism fixed.

  11. Birds of a feather, flock together. Always have, always will. Those of the “African Diaspora” are a special class. They require special care and are deserving of special privilege. If they don’t get what they want, when they want it and how they want it, that is when their “ Super Extra Special Privilege” comes into play. Like the Saint George Floyd Temper Tantrum. We’re all better off because of that, right? Of course we are. So just give them whatever they demand, they deserve it.

  12. UW is my alma mater so I recall there being a “Black Student Union” there in the 1970’s. There were also Oriental, Iranian, Arab, Latin, and Women alliances, as well as a multitude of others. If identity groups feel the need to form exclusionary alliances while also being free to join white-male-dominated groups then I am totally okay with that. Frankly, I pity them for their need to do so. I am thankful to not be plagued by insecurities that would compel me to join any exclusionary group. Accordingly, I would condone these groups (including women) having the privilege of forming exclusionary groups while us white males avoid such exclusivity. We don’t need it. Be blessed my friends.

    • Wayne, hold on a minute buster, when you were in Seattle with your long hair, wearing bellbottoms, chasing girls and attending drunken UW Frat House Parties, some of us stayed here in Alaska and did the heavy lifting, the building of infrastructure ( Dalton Highway, Trans Alaska Pipeline, Skagway to Carcross road etc…) our sacrifices ultimately provided the means for wealth creation that Alaska still enjoys a half century later. Just Sayin college boy… But I digress.

      I’ve learned in my 50 plus years Building Alaska is that you must partner up with the talent available if you want to accomplish anything. One has to at times work with members of the KKK ( also know as Local 798) if you expect to weld 800 miles of oil pipe together for example. One could smile at their ignorance and tribalism in much the same way as one can now smile at a notion of an Iranian Student Union or Campus Hamas Support Group any other silly exclusive group that represents a bunch of evil losers who cannot produce anything.
      In the end it’s the individual that counts and not which group one identifies with, people that actually accomplish things already know this, I’m guessing it’s this knowledge that makes one secure in himself?

      BTW, I’m a registered Republican, is that a bad thing? Pretty exclusive isn’t it? I mean nothing says I’m Stupid like being a Republican!

  13. My guess is the black Taj Mahal will be a much nicer facility than the white serf’s housing facility.
    Obama has his hands all over this plan.
    Larry Sinclair has some interesting comments about Baracks preferences….goggle his and Obama’s relationship when He was just an Illinois senator.

  14. Is it not amazing that the existence of the individual no matter their stripe, which was greatly strived for within the not so recent past, has been somehow replaced by the existence of the ever increasing ‘grouped’ victim that has no identifiable individual characteristics whatsoever.

    An individual is no longer allowed to be identified as such, or to believe within their own individualism as WHO they are, not WHAT they may be construed, or identified as.

    An individual is shunned should they think for themselves, rather than follow a hive think mentality, no matter their stripe, should it go against the hive mentality.

    My answer, as an individual, to any that demand of me to become what I am, rather than who I am, is simply thus, and always shall be.

    I shall always ask to be addressed as the individual I am and shall always address others as the individuals they are, not by WHAT they are, or WISH to be, but simply by their name, NO exceptions.

    Good to meet you! My name is Randy. And you are?


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