‘We are at war’ says Israel, after attack by Hamas terrorists; U.S. Embassy pleads for nonretaliation



The Islamist militant organization Hamas initiated a major surprise attack on Israel, with the launch of approximately 5,000 rockets at dawn on Saturday, followed by reports of gunmen attacks and hostage-taking incidents, according to the Associated Press.

The assault commenced with a relentless and unprecedented barrage of rockets that were fired from the Gaza Strip toward various locations across Israel.

As sirens blared across southern and central Israel, including the historic city of Jerusalem, the Israeli military swiftly declared a state of war, prompting a nationwide response to the crisis, according to AP and CNN.

Reports suggest that at least 70 people have been killed in the attacks, with 900 known to be wounded.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened an emergency meeting of top security officials to address the crisis and the Israeli armed forces is mobilized to counter the attack.

The surprise attack on Israel marks an escalation in the ongoing and historic tensions between the Israeli government and the Palestinian territories, which stretch back to the 1967 war. Hamas, considered a terrorist organization by Israel and several other countries, has been involved in multiple conflicts with Israel over the years.

Hamas is an offshoot of the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which became prominent in the 1980s. Hamas took over the Gaza Strip after defeating Fatah, its rival political party, Fatah, in elections in 2006. It is known for its suicide bombings and occasional rocket attacks against Israel, which it is determined to destroy.

The U.S. Embassy issued a statement urging Israel to not defend itself: “We unequivocally condemn the attack of Hamas terrorists and the loss of life that has incurred. We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.”

The Israeli government appears to not be listening to the U.S. Embassy. According to the New York Times, “Nearly 12 hours after the Palestinian militant assault began, firefights between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants are still raging in Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip, Hagari said. He said there are two main battles taking place in Ofakim and Beeri, where Palestinian militants have taken Israelis hostage.”

President Biden took a different approach than the U.S. Embassy, offering support to Israel. On Twitter, his staff wrote for him: “Today, I spoke with @IsraeliPM about the appalling Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel. I offered our support and reiterated my unwavering commitment to Israel’s security. @FLOTUS and I express our heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost loved ones.”

Biden has no announced public schedule today and his staff has not said where he is, or if he off for the weekend to his beach house.

On Sept. 11, Biden agreed to pay a type of ransom to Iran, which is the most prominent supporter of Hamas. The deal gave Tehran access to $6 billion in Iranian oil revenue that had been frozen by U.S. sanctions, according to a State Department document sent to Congress. The money was part of a prisoner swap.

Now, Hamas has new prisoners, holding dozens of Israelis hostage in a kibbutz and others in Gaza.

Sen. Dan Sullivan said Israel has a right to defend itself.

“America stands with the people of @Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East, as they repel a widespread assault launched by Hamas terrorists today at the conclusion of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot,” Sullivan noted on X/Twitter.

“Israel has a right to defend itself and its existence against any terrorist group or its backers, including the largest state sponsor of terrorism—Iran. We must support this right of our close ally during this horrendous attack on innocent Israelis,” Sullivan said. “The terrorist regime in Iran must know that the United States is watching its actions very closely.”

(This is a developing story and accounts are likely to differ.)


  1. The U.S. Embassy issued a statement urging Israel to not defend itself……..WTF? yeah right, let them walk right in and slaughter them? I think not……

    • No. The state department would like Israel to not escalate things. Drive Hamas out, don’t institute a pogrom.

      • In the real world, failure to strike back only signals the offender that their offensive violence results in no consequences. It is a sure-fire plan to be revisited by more of the same violence. Sadly, the world is a broken place populated by broken men who exert violence without compunction. Denying that reality does not help.

      • Hamas is the one trying to institute a pogrom. Israel is defending themselves against a sneak attack using blood money Biden gave to Iran, who want nothing less than to wipe Israel and all Jews off the face of the earth…but you already know that.

      • The state department would like Israel to not do what we did when faced with the exact same thing.
        Israel should preoccupy the Gaza and never let it go again. The reason they took it was to improve their ability to defend themselves. It was actually working pretty good, until they gave it back.

  2. So…

    Under grandpa Sniffy the following has occurred.

    -Russia invades Ukraine
    -Iran is $6 billon richer and developing nukes.
    -The Taliban has more weapons than most countries because he had us leave them.
    -1000s of US citizens and friends abandoned in hostile territory.
    -alienation of needed allies Saudi and Israel.
    -the complete dissolution of border security allowing God knows who in the country.
    -emptying the nation’s armaments and strategic oil reserves.
    -destruction of morale in the armed services.
    -war in Israel.

    And so, so, so much more.

    People could be forgiven for thinking whoever is paying Biden had him do this deliberately.

    Best of all, at this moment it’s even money Geandpa gets re elected. Because nearly 1/2 the country supports this.

      • Despite contributing nothing with your comment, you do acknowledge that the Biden administration’s weakness encouraged all of this, right?

      • Valley, you may have a point since Americans can’t say for sure who actually approved the policies, made the decisions, and issued the orders to do those things.
        But what’s the President’s job, Valley, if not to make really, really sure that policies, decisions, and orders with such predictably disastrous consequences never happen on his watch?
        When a war predictably starts because the Prez failed to do his job while knowing the consequences of failing to do his job, who else is to blame?

        • Especially when the actions of the POTUS in question were predictable in their outcomes.

          I’m old enough to remember Carter and Johnson. These outcomes were predictable.

          • It’s a Democrat thing, they really dislike a majority of their core constituencies. Name a Democratic President who has been good for Israel, or for black people, or for any dark skinned people for that matter. They want to keep dark skinned people dependent upon government because it is the very definition of institutional slavery.

        • Brandon returned obama’s crew to the White House. It’s obvious who’s in charge and bent on destroying the country…

        • Elizabeth, he also left billions in U.S. weapons in the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. With no proof but the shared hatred of Jews, I’d say that much of that firepower has spread to the Middle East.

      • The state department would like Israel to not do what we did when faced with the exact same thing.
        Israel should preoccupy the Gaza and never let it go again. The reason they took it was to improve their ability to defend themselves. It was actually working pretty good, until they gave it back.

    • Only the Muslims are doing all of the attacking, and the Jews are doing all of the defending. What is “religious” about a “religion” that celebrates murdering noncombatants? Islam is a political movement, and their “Allah” is Satan.

      • After years of pot shots by Palestine/Hamas, Israel needs to wipe out Palestine starting with eradicating the Gaza Strip then move east and finish the job all the way up to the Iranian border instead of just dilly-dallying around.

        • One group is actively involved in trying to live peacefully with the other, including involving them in their government. The other group is trying to actively wipe the other off the face of the earth. Which is a religion and which is a fanatical and murderous cult, that’s a rhetorical question.

        • 45% of Israel is secular
          33% go to Shul
          ALL of Hamas/ Gaza is Muslim
          This is a free Democracy vs. a militant, fundamentalist, Muslim gov
          Gaza hasn’t had an election in 16 yrs & they treat women & gay people like shit

          Are you in 8th grade?

        • WTDog, this must rank as one of your most ignorant posts – equivocating and defending one group whose sacred writings encourage the violent conquest of the entire world, starting with Jews and Christians. EVERY practicing Muslim is a radical. The adage “if you leave them alone they’ll leave us alone” simply isn’t true. Historically, we can show that the only thing that slows down their worldwide conquest is strength and the willingness to use it. Pray for Israel and against their enemies and those who love death the way we love life.

  3. You reap what you sow. Apartheid did not work for South Africa and Israel has had a two class system for 50 years. Israel is no more democratic than Iran

      • The hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who live locked up? It is actually apartheid—that is not me condoning the killing of civilians, but how do you expect to understand the situation when you deny the most basic facts. The sky is blue. Water is wet. Israel has locked down Palestinians.

        • “Palestinians” are Jordanians. Jordan doesn’t want them because they are murderous thugs who would sacrifice their children to kill one Jew. The “Palestinians” who are locked up committed crimes. Don’t break the law, don’t go to jail. Simple enough. Nothing in any of that is racist or evil or aparthied. It is consequences for actions. Or are the Jews who are similarly locked up for crimes part of your claim too?

        • Israel – the Jewish state – has a right to defend itself. The Palestinians who are “locked up” are under surveillance due to security concerns. Many Palestinians – both Muslim and Christian – live as equals in Israeli society. No manner of appeasement and equal treatment will suffice to pacify those bent on conquest – and no one understands this better than the Israelis.

      • Just look at how and where the Palestinians live as compared to the average Israeli. You’ll have your awnser.

        • “Palestinians” were gifted thousands of acres of greenhouses in Gaza to support themselves and make profits, but they chose to let those greenhouses collapse because they wanted to spend all the money on bombs. Now you have your answer.

    • Not only is the “apartheid Isreal” lie tired and more stupid by the day, you seem to also be ignorant to the fact that post-apartheid South Africa has decayed every day since the communists took it.

    • Oh “ Frank”

      That is breathtakingly stupid. Have you ever been to either? Have you ever actually studied how their governments work?

      • Masked Avenger, as Paddy Moynihan once noted of Jimmy Carter and his administration, ” these men were so full of themselves that they had not the room to place any real knowledge as to how the world really works” ( quote paraphrased).

        Meaning of course that blandishments will not work when attempting to reason with Marxist or their comrades in the Democratic Party of 2023. It’s like trying to reason with a garbage bear.

        • I remember it well. A level of stupidity and arrogance unmatched in America until Biden.

          I’ve been saying for over a year this idiot is going to blunder us into a war we’re not ready to fight or win.

          I just hope this isn’t it.

    • In the parlance of our times, the comparison of Israel to an Apartheid state is a dogwhistle for antisemites.

  4. As long as the parties of god on both sides control the politics in the region, there will never be peace.

    • Does your same logic apply to Russia and Ukraine? I am not aware of any religious fervor in that conflict.
      The Jewish people have lived in that region for thousands of years, acknowledging Jerusalem as their capital. Palestinians origin appears to be in Philistia 12th century BC, land between Tel Aviv and Gaza. However most modern Palestinians considered themselves “Ottoman” (1834-1917) until the Brits conquered that entire region. If you want to be technical neither a state of Israel nor Palestine existed at that time. During the British mandate (1920-1947) the state of Israel was created after WWII and the Palestinian Arabs were offer territory, which their leaders turned down flat. This is not a religious war. This is a conflict of power, centuries-old jealousy and hatred.

      • No, the same logic doesn’t apply because Ukraine isn’t a religious conflict. I don’t care about who has a more legitimate claim, all I’m saying is that, at its base, this is a religious war, and therefore, it’s innately irrational and therefore, impossible to resolve.

        • Spoken as an atheist with no respect or experience with religion or truth. Difficult to resolve, yes, and it may require a level of bloodletting that no one wants, but not impossible. BTW, I find Christianity to be more logical and rational than any other system of thought – God invented logic and rationality.
          Taxpayer’s history is close but not accurate. The Philistines of the Bible were from Caphtor – Crete – and lost their national identity after conquests by Assyria and Babylon, though their main cities of Tyre and Sidon continued. The Palestinians are Bedouin Arabs, descended from Ishmael, and are not Canaanites or Amorites, nor Caphtorites. Palestinian occupation of the land that is now Israel dates from after the Roman occupation around the time of Islamic conquest ~1,100 AD. Israel’s claim to the land dates from approximately 2,500 BC. However, current possession holds the winning hand in international land disputes, thus war is inevitable until Israel is too strong to attack or wipes out their competitors. My dates might be fuzzy as I’m commenting away from my library, but the sequence and descent are accurate.

          • Rich, thanks for your history correction. In my reading regarding the origins of Palestinians, “Philistia” was not equated to the “Philistines” of the Bible, but an area apparently by that name, as stated along the coast between Tel Aviv and Gaza. I suppose it depends on the sources and the fact that many cultures in that area were basically nomadic in nature. Again thanks for your more accurate facts.

          • I hope Israel exterminates their enemies and I full support their right to defend themselves, but, as I’ve stated, this conflict is rooted in religion and will therefore, never be resolved. Claims that people can be perfected by faith or by some unseen means of redemption do not lead to peaceful outcomes, or peaceful and tolerant regimes.

            It’s ridiculous to claim that logic, which was invented by humans to make sense of the world, was “invented” by god. It’s a claim that cannot be tested or verified in any way. Yours is a statement of faith, which is fine by me, but it’s not a methodology that can be used to make sense of the world.

        • Cman- everything happening around the world is a “religious” war or a “Spiritual”battle even what is happening in America between farthest left Democrats and furthest right Republicans . We been in a war right here in America a war of differing ideology and opinions. It’s all about God and God’s order.

          And the land of Isreal does historically belong to Isreal. The more you read or listen to ancient and world history and ancient kingdoms the more you will recognize Isreal is right to be in that location.

          • If you’re using religion to justify any earthly claim, your arguments are already faulty and not at all rooted in logic. I’ll take scientific and rationale humanism over Bronze Age myths any day of the week.

        • Yoyr argument is utter trash, and I don’t meanthat to be offensive but you have put zero critical thought into this. While an argument “might” be made that Hamas is religiously drive (which I would argue) Israel is 100% just trying to survive. They are not fighting back because they are Jewish. They have EXACTLY the same motive as Ukraine, which by your standards is NOT a religious war.

      • The Role of Religion in Russia’s War on Ukraine

        Compared to Russia, Ukraine’s religious landscape is far more diverse than is generally appreciated. While nearly 80 percent of Ukrainians profess affiliation with an Orthodox denomination, some 10 percent of the population — particularly in western Ukraine — belong to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Muslims, mostly of Crimean Tatar heritage, comprise about one percent of Ukraine’s population — along with a historically significant Jewish community numbering around 200,000 and small groups of Protestant Christians.


    • Commie Man, yeah God is a real b, right? But then Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Castro and a host of Godless tyrants racked up an impressive score of murder and mayhem with invoking God.
      Go figure.

      • None of the people you just cited were anything other than pseudo-religious figures who believed that men could be perfected by force. Stalin himself was educated in a Georgian seminary by the way. What did he do when he took over? He started witch trials, pograms, miraculous discoveries like Lysenkos biology. Stalin was referred to as the “leader from which all blessing flowed.” The Russian othrodox church always stood by Stalin by the way. The Soviet Union was not an atheist regime, it was, as I’ve stated, a pseudo-religious society that knew it had a completely credulous populace that could be easily manipulated.

        • “The Soviet Union was not an atheist regime, it was, as I’ve stated, a pseudo-religious society that knew it had a completely credulous populace that could be easily manipulated.”

          That is one of the rare sensible comments you have made here, cman.

          Now, if only you could open your eyes, and your mind, and see the EXACT parallel to today’s radical leftist, ‘woke’ USA.

  5. Defense is not retaliation when one is attacked in such a manner as Hamas attacked Isreal. Americans supports Isreal self defense right to defend itself. We need a new president and a non Democrat. This wouldn’t be happening if America was correctly leading. If it cared more beyond Equal/Social/Justice/Environmental activism

  6. Really the US Embassy said this “The U.S. Embassy issued a statement urging Israel to not defend itself: “We unequivocally condemn the attack of Hamas terrorists and the loss of life that has incurred. We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.”
    Israel is our strongest ally in the World. We need to support Israel. Many Americans would rather support Israel than Ukraine.

  7. This administration has turned their backs on Israel 🇮🇱
    They would rather support our enemies! It’s shameful and a slap in the face!
    TRUMP 2024🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸

  8. “The U.S. Embassy issued a statement urging Israel to not defend itself: “We unequivocally condemn the attack of Hamas terrorists and the loss of life that has incurred. We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.””

    Wonder why they didn’t take that stance w/Ukraine.

  9. Cman, Anchor Point, Frank Rast, and third generation comments would be marked as American-Christian Anti Semetic remarks. they are made without an understanding and knowledge of Isreali-Arab history accusing Isreal being the aggressor and lacking the right for it to exist. If it wasn’t for State of Isreal, then where can the jewish people in the region exist without persecution? in the region the state of Isreal is the only country where Jewish, Christians, and Muslims live peacefully within its jurisdiction where offenders to one another are prosecuted for hate violence.

    • Good comment, but one mistake Jen – never accuse the commenters you have named as being Christian, or even of having a post-christian worldview.

      • Correct. I would be ashamed to be thought of as a Christian or believer in any other religion. I wouldn’t want to be associated with such an immoral doctrine as vicarious redemption through human sacrifice, the sickening death wish that’s inherent to all of the monotheistic belief systems and the horrible idea that we should love our enemies. It doesn’t get much more nihilistic than that. To state that I’m anti-Semitic is also ridiculous and can be seen in my previous statements that Israel has a right to defend itself and frankly, I hope they exterminate every member of Hamas and Islamic Jihad off the face of the earth.

  10. War is a hateful thing- made worse by the nation-state’s monopoly on mass violence.

    So much war and rumors of war. Pray for peace.

  11. The dimwits are losing at the polls, our southern border, the economy with applied interest rates and Trump could end up Speaker of the House next week… it’s a simple connect the dot deal to Biden paying $6 Billion to our enemies to start a war and try the magician trick of watch this hand while the other hand does the dirty deed.

    • When there is a worldwide war emergency what does the bountiful one world order plan to do then, schoo teacher? Do you know or is it a a surprise?

    • Get your facts straight moron. That 6 billion was for humanitarian aid and is sitting in a bank in Qatar. The level of stupid from you Trumplicans is phenomenal. You blame 2000 yrs of hatred on Biden, lmao, that’s the same as blaming it on Trump.

      • Sure honey, they will only take their water from one side of the bucket. Money is fungible. Humanitarian aid frees up other money to buy bombs. The drones Hamas is using are from Tehran. How could they ever afford that? Go figure.

      • Ever hear of credit and collateral? Nothing to prove of course, but the correlation is undeniable. brandon’s weakness is devolving further into world war. Would-be one-world tyrants are salivating. And no, we’re not blaming all that hatred on brandon – he’s just a trigger point telling Islam that this administration is too weak and stupid to defend anyone’s interests and freedoms, not even our own.

      • Odd for you to call someone a moron when you have zero knowledge about how money actually works.

        Public school education?

      • Money is fungible. Once you get your hot little lands on $6 billion you haven’t planned on, it frees up $6 billion to fund your little proxy war.

        Happily, this has just put the Mullahs in the cross hairs. And that is long past time. Cheers –

  12. The $6 billion can only be used for humanitarian aid. None of it has been spent yet. The reason the $6 billion even existed is because Trump allowed Iran to sell the oil. I remember the days when Republicans always said we’re supposed to support the President in times of global conflict.

    • Ordinarily I don’t bother with you, but I’ll make an exception.

      1- money is fungible. It goes where it goes. By giving Iran 6 Billion it frees up 6 billion for other things. Like arming Hamas.
      2-Iran’s theocracy is serious when the call for death to Israel.
      3-Iran has publicly and repeatedly said they will spend that money however they wish.

    • Yep, I was waiting for someone to blame Trump. Didn’t have to wait long either. This is of course a complex and long story spanning multiple administrations. Sebastian maybe you can ask Jimmy Carter about the Iranians some time.
      It is my understanding that the oil sale revenue funds frozen were earned after the Obama/Biden Iran nuclear deal dropped most sanctions. Since Iran has had issues with inspection etc. Trump pulled out of the treaty, but allow waivers for 8 nations to CONTINUE to still receive Iranian oil. These waivers were later rescinded and sanctions fully reinstated.
      As for “humanitarian aid” the Iranians have made it perfectly clear that they will use the money for whatever they want. Once released the US looses the ability to control where it ends up. Remember the pallets of cash Obama flew over??? Trusting the Mullahs, who shout “Death to America” every time they turn around seems foolhardy to me.

  13. It is past time for Israel, and its military and special forces, inclusive of MOSSAD, to disintegrate the ‘leadership’ of Hamas, the PLO, and Iranian functionaries within whatever means necessary.

    NOT unto the populace, per se, but unto the leadership.

    Specific targeted lethal attacks unto the elimination of every single leader within the afformed organizations, over and over again until they no longer exist, no matter what whoever in charge of the US Embassy wishes, which is moronic, at best.

    • That would work for about six months. Then those recently vacated leadership positions would be replaced with younger, more violent and hate-filled assholes.

      • I disagree with your assessment.
        Removing leadership not only leaves a vacuum in a physical but also in a troop morale sense. When leaders are gone you not only lose their strategy and planning, but their charisma to inspire the troops. Loosing vast amounts of experience all at once can not be replaced and will lead to a power struggle amongst the younger to assert their claim to be the new leader. While not exactly comparable, when Germany smuggled Lenin into Russia in 1917 to foment revolution, it achieved the desired goal of taking Russia out of WWI and mostly eliminating that front.

  14. Yesterday morning I had booked a trip to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt to explore the supposed coalition of cooperation. Israel has attained remarkable advancements in agriculture with environmental mindfulness, technological achievements with international recognition, and humanitarian equity with expectation of coalition of social norms. It appears that so many reviewed the progress of the middle east to be positive and productive then rogue terrorists disregard such expectation. This is a bewilderment to the average Alaskan (American) that there are some people groups who disregard societal politeness rather respond with terror, carnage, and chaos. I am told by entities of Israel to cancel my trip for November, which I am accepting to do, yet my thoughts and prayers are for all in the middle east who desire civility.

  15. Violence has actually solved quite a few problems in world history. For example…Violence established our independence from the English. Violence defended our national borders in the Spanish-American war. Violence defeated German aggression…twice. Locally violence or the threat of violence from police keep criminals from victimizing us at their leisure and when that deterrent fails to impress the threat of violent self defense by armed citizens replaces it. Violence for good exists all around us and only the extremely ignorant insist on lumping good violence with bad violence to condemn both. Same dynamic as with guns…the liberal sees a bad man being violent with a firearm and immediately concludes that the best way to be safe is to be disarmed. Fair enough, personal choice, but they go that next huge step to demand that we ALL become disarmed victims kept safe only by chance or luck. Probably a like minded liberal who issued the plea to Israel to turn the other cheek for another good slap. The best course for Israel to pursue now is overwhelming violence and the permanent elimination of the terrorist leadership and their supporters. Sure, that won’t settle things in the long run any more than shooting the next criminal who threatens your safety but, at least, those specific threats won’t crop up again. Face it, there’s no non-violent solution here.

  16. Sullivan stands with Israel and Ukraine….but has done NOTHING about our own border being invaded except a few nonsense statements although he did a great job of welcoming Biden and not questioning our corrupt elections. Almost makes you think he doesn’t represent the US…..

  17. I’m tired of Israeli (as well as Ukraine) being implicitly treated and looked upon as the 51st US state. It is time to stop American funding of that, and every other, foreign regime.

    Oh, but of course, being for non-interventionism is automatically “anti-semitic”.

    • No, Jeff, it’s only the antisemitic who are automatically antisemitic. I understand the concepts of non-interventionism, isolationism, and pacifism. But just because a person is one of the above does not make them antisemitic, what makes them antisemitic is their hatred for Jews. There are a number of antisemitic posters above who make no qualms of their antisemitism, they might not even be believe in non-interventionism, isolationism, or pacifism…but their hatred of the Jewish people is palpable.

    • I’m semi sympathetic, but only partly.

      We get more out of Israel than we do out of NY, Mass, Illinois, Oregon.

      Before Grandpa Sniffy took office, I was a proponent of us withdrawing a bit from international involvement. Since Grandpa Sniffy took office and screwed up everything, I’ve changed my position a bit.

      For our own sake we can’t let the idiots of the world run without supervision.

  18. brandon promising to support Israel when he is not replacing bullets as fast as he is giving them away is just another dimrat lie. We should support Israel, the best friend we have in the region and vital to hold at bay one of the threats to world-wide peace. But to truthfully and rationally make that promise we must understand that we may be promising to join in a region-wide conflict against all of Israel’s enemies at once. We have the skill, and perhaps the will, but not enough bullets to kill – the only way to win would be to go nuke. brandon is demented enough to do that, but his handlers won’t let him. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  19. Israel now has a opportunity to deal with Gaza once and for all. Evacuate any women and children to whatever country will take them, and destroy every combatant. Then take all of Gaza for Israel.

    That’s the way war works. Hamas started it, now we can finish Hamas. Its clear the historical grievances will never be solved. So, Israel needs to clear the slate.

    Finally, every liberal Jew that cares anything about Israel should now be voting against Biden. Biden is the one who just gave Iran $6 billion. Iran is funding and supporting Hamas.

  20. Newsweek reports IDF is finding US arms amongst the Hamas dead. Arms they think trace to Afghanistan.

    Grandpa Sniffy strikes again.

  21. Need to get people’s attention on something other than:
    Biden crime family
    Southern border
    Fuel supply
    Complex operation. Did MOSSAD really not see this coming? Or CIA, or Space Force? Could this be a place to spend billions since Ukraine is playing out? Interesting that Biden just provided $6 billion to Iran. This could be WWIII should things get outta control. Interesting that we just conducted a test of emergency notification system.
    Question I have, what’s going on under the surface of this?

      • Can’t eat gold, Greg and it really has no intrinsic value unlike a loaf of bread and a hunk of sausage. So when the apocalypse descents upon us, good luck trying to get me to trade…lessons my grandmothers learned the hard way surviving WWII in Europe.

  22. The WSJ reports:

    “A spokesman for Hamas, Ghazi Hamad, told the BBC that the militant group had received support from its ally Iran for its surprise attacks on Israel. Others have helped too, he told the broadcaster without naming them.”

    Israel should now have assembled some of its special weapons for use against the fanatical leaders in Iran. Neutron bombs of various sizes will decapitate these state sponsors of terror from the ordinary Iranian people. It will also send a message…. Support terror against our country, and you will be destroyed.

    • Already have. Calls for restraint by Israel with crocodile tears for slaughtered Jewish civilians.

      Talib is wisely silent.

  23. It’s interesting how the usual suspects ran to blame religion. Fair enough, on the surface. Problem is, it’s a simple answer for simple minds.

    To understand this particular war requires understanding of the various cultures in the area. It also requires an understanding of history. This is a cultural conflict much more than a religious one.

    To the very simple minded, blaming conflicts like this on religion is nothing more than pushing a pre determined point of view.

    To the infantile minded, trying to take pathetic pot shots at Christianity in this particular conflict is infantile. It reflects very deeply and poorly on the persons making useless those particularly useless trolling comments.

    To one degree or another, all wars are religious. The hard left is as fervently religious as anyone, they just delude themselves into thinking they’re not.

    Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler, Alliende (sp), Trotsky, the Kim family in NK, and all the other allegedly secular butchers of history had a messianic zeal that they, and only they, knew what society should do, and how it should do it.

    Everyone worships something. People of faith are just honest enough to admit it.

  24. One thing this disaster has really exposed is how ignorant most people are about economics.

    The fungibility of money is a concept which escapes people.

      • Guilty as charged. One of the few advantages of my age is I went to school when it was mostly about education and only a bit of indoctrination.

        I learned basic economics, including the fungibility of money in what used to be called Jr High.

        These days “schools of economics” at the college level graduate people like AOC.

  25. Talib is flying the Palestinian flag outside her office the same day it breaks babies were beheaded.

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