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Sen. Manchin endorses Murkowski

It’s been clear to Alaskans that Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski and West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin are allies in the Senate. Both are considered moderates in their respective parties, and both take criticism for being unreliable votes for their caucuses. Both voted “guilty” in the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump in February, after Trump had left office.

The two are so allied that Sen. Manchin has now endorsed Murkowski for reelection even before she has announced and before any Democrat has declared his or her candidacy.

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Manchin made his endorsement known to a Politico podcast on Friday.

Manchin doesn’t want Murkowski defeated by a Trump-endorsed Republican — or a Democrat, the news group reported. On the Politico Playbook Deep Dive podcast he said he supports Murkowski “in a heartbeat.”

“I’ve met a lot of good people in Alaska, they know when they’ve got the real deal. And they see the person that basically is bringing both sides together, trying to look for the best interest,” Manchin said of Murkowski in a rare joint interview. “People understand that they have a person that understands Alaska and has Alaska in her blood and in every part of her veins and every morsel of her body.”

“I would welcome his endorsement,” Murkowski said.

Politico reported that Manchin, who also endorsed Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins in her 2020 race, has had a close relationship with Murkowski dating back to when Manchin entered the Senate in 2010 and Murkowski, then the ranking Republican on the Energy Committee, visited Manchin in West Virginia. Murkowski hosted Manchin in Alaska in 2019.

Murkowski has a Republican challenger in Alaska born-and-raised Kelly Tshibaka, who left her job as commissioner of the Department of Administration to run against the sitting U.S. senator after the Alaska Republican Party voted to not only censure Murkowski, but find a candidate that it could back to take her out in 2022.

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Breaking: Kelly Tshibaka challenges sitting Sen. Lisa Murkowski in bold rollout

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. No surprise on that! Joe & Lisa spent a lot of time together on Joe’s Boat “The Black Tie” when they aren’t sitting in the Senate, which is most of the time.

  2. Yeah right… Lisa seeks to bring “both sides together”. LOL She’s plenty partisan when it comes to her pet issues. Been involved in any leg wrestling lately Joe?

  3. WOW … This article truly belongs in the “Gag Me Column” as the comments turn my stomach and ignite my acid reflux! I invite Manchineel back to Alaska to meet the rest of the GOP that can’t stand her, all of which, definitely outnumbers those who do like her.

  4. Of course the democrats want her, she supported their policies and terrible laws ever since Obuma. She is not a republican or a patriot.

  5. It is easy to see these days, that Satan’s throne is now firmly erected within the democratic party. Satan has now seduced them all! They are Satan’s assembly! Unfortunately, Murkowski has drifted into that assembly.

  6. Smart move on Lisa part, now the GOP has to pay close attention to her as she has the swing vote with the Dems and Joe is in the same position in the Dems. The chances of Alaska benefiting from Lisa position is high.

  7. Lisa “understands Alaska,” huh? “She has Alaska in her blood.” I don’t think so, Joe. And that comment about her bringing “both sides together?” You’re dreaming, Joe. Leftist communists NEVER reach across the aisle. And that’s what lisa has become. She is a traitor to the conservative party. Have you ever noticed that spacey, vague look Lisa always has on her face? That’s because she doesn’t exist in reality…or something else.

  8. She’s not for Alaska, never has been.
    Joe just wants Lisa because she’s slimy just like him.
    Swamp people live together in the deep swamp
    Vote this LOSER Lisa OUT

  9. Manchin’s endorsement of Murkowski should not mean squat to Alaskans. She sold Alaska down the river long ago in exchange for money in her coffers. She needs to go!

  10. Excuse me, Mr. Manchin. You obviously failed to read the memo: Lisa Murkowski has been CENSURED by the republicans of Alaska, and no longer has the support of Alaskan republicans. This means she gets NO support of ANY kind, for ANY reason in the next election from republicans. Just thought you should be brought up to speed.

  11. Lisa wants to be the queen bee of whatever party she’s portraying at the time. Joe on the other hand is satisfied with one of those domineering ball in the mouth things with straps around his head like in pulp fiction, with Lisa holding the horse tail cat of nine lives whip.

  12. Lisa is about as conservative and Republican as jo and ho Lisa Lisa needs to go needs to be the. Ry. And to be endorsed by a commie follower manchin should tell you all you need to know

  13. I’ve been voting since 1972 and endorsements mean nothing to me. My guiding principle from the very beginning has been that Democrats are bad people and should never receive my vote. And I’ve been faithful to that principle for the past 48.5 years. No Democrat has ever gotten my vote. That doesn’t mean I vote straight-line Republican, as they too have some bad apples. Lisa Murkowski being Exhibit A. I gave her the benefit of the doubt in 2004, but that was the one and only time she got my vote. And next year, she will once again not get my vote.

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