Capitol Covid protocols revised: The vaccine gets workers, legislators a pass on testing before entering building


Legislators and staff at the Alaska Capitol no longer have to test before going into the Capitol campus buildings, according a new memo from Jessica Geary, executive director of Legislative Affairs Agency.

Those who have not taken the Covid vaccine series, will continue to test across the street at the Beacon office before entering the Capitol. Anyone who is tested by a provider other than Beacon will have to show proof of testing.

The Legislative Council working group was to take up the Covid protocols at its meeting today. Sen. Rob Myers of Fairbanks today on the Senate floor asked why the building was still in lockdown mode when it had evidently achieved herd immunity, with more than 70 percent of building workers and legislators immunized. “We’re there,” Myers said.

The no-test rule applies to those who are fully vaccinated, which is two weeks after a second dose of Pfizer, Moderna or the one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. For those who travel outside of Juneau, a test may be required before entering the Capitol complex.

The policy, which was made in consultation with Dr. Thomas Hennessy, doesn’t appear to take into account the several people working in the building who have actually had the virus. The Legislative Council’s working group has the authority to adjust the Covid protocols without a vote of the entire council.

As of this week, people are able to get vaccinated at the Juneau International Airport upon arrival for most daytime flights.


  1. What about all those people who still get Covid and pass it to others, even after the shot (as the manufacturers, CDC and WHO clearly state they do)??? No testing for those who had the shot???? Sounds pretty anti-science if you ask me!

  2. Well it’s about time! For a year we’ve been told that life won’t go back to normal until there’s a vaccine. We’ve had the vaccine since the beginning of the year, so it’s time to go back to normal if you’ve had the shots.

  3. Six million dollars to keep them safe. They should be tested hourly. The Chinese have a great test. Bend over please.

  4. I thought the Governor stated there be No vaccine passport on his watch!!!!!

    While this action is not a mandatory, it’s discriminating those because of they dont have the vaccine, which is the same thing as a vaccine passport. It’s s just another slow boil the frog tactic to making something mandatory without people realizing it.

  5. Can we go in the building or is it still a public health risk for elected leaders to mingle with constituents?

  6. So we follow the science until we don’t want to follow the science. There have been cases of folks who have been vaccinated that have still become infected with Covid.

  7. The whole thing is Fubar! Covid was just about getting mail voting for the election. That’s it!

  8. Every person who has decided to line up and be a guinea pig for this shot is complacent to Nazi style medical experimentations on an unsuspecting public and is no better than a German who was complacent under Nazi Germany. This is a medical treatment therapy and doesn’t even qualify under the pure definition of a vaccine according to pharmacological science. So please stop reporting this treatment as a vaccine because it is not. Anyone lining up to inject this lab experiment into their body is on the wrong side of history and doesn’t understand true science if it smacked them in the face. Anyone who believes things will ever go back to normal once everyone lines up for their eugenics kill shot is void of logic, reasoning and doesn’t understand the basics of physiological molecular biology and pharmacological science. Stop pushing science experiments into the arms of healthy people! This is criminal beyond measure! And for those of you stupid enough to inject this into your bodies don’t expect those of us who are educated in this field of pharmacology to follow in your footsteps. We will not. Now or ever. So I am sorry you were duped into believing an experimental shot will be good for society but I will not bow to your level of stupidity and neither will other scientists who understand this horrific medical therapy’s mechanism of action.

  9. Difficult, if not impossible, to respect legislators who submit themselves (and constituents) to vaccine passports, for no credible reason…
    One might expect other government and commercial enterprises to take our legislators’ contemptible self-subjugation as tacit approval to demand vaccine passports as a condition of employment or doing business.

  10. Perfect example of how “the science” is followed only when it’s convenient (or serves a particular purpose, here to essentially force those to get the shot so they can more easily enter the capitol). If indeed those that have been vaccinated can enter the capitol without being tested, the assumption is they aren’t going to spread it to others. So the million dollar question is Why Do They Have to Wear a Mask?

    On the other hand, it’s proven that you can still get Covid and therefore can spread the virus to others then, even after vaccination. So why should the push/force to get the shot? The vast majority of those who have died from Covid had 2+ co-morbidities per the CDC in 2020 and 3+ co-morbidities per the CDC in 2021. Those that are compromised can chose to get it to help themselves. The vast majority of people get the virus with little to no consequences. Because, remember, per the CDC, 30-50% people are asymptomatic!

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