Despite Dunbar’s refusal to ‘believe all women,’ AK Women’s March endorses him


The revolutionaries are gathering: The Women’s March, aka March on Alaska, has endorsed Democrat Forrest Dunbar for mayor of Anchorage.

It’s an awkward fit, however. Dunbar, just six months ago, wrote that a woman who had accused Mayor Ethan Berkowitz of doing some very bad things was a stone-cold liar.

Without evidence, Dunbar wrote that Berkowitz could not be guilty, as he was a friend. The woman was crazy, he wrote:

“Yesterday, a woman made wild and unsubstantiated charges against the Mayor. Her behavior in the past months, in which she has shown up at Assembly Meetings while refusing to wear a mask, produced bizarre and slanted pieces of pseudo-journalism, and become ever more enmeshed in conspiratorial thinking of the far-right, indicate that she may be mentally unwell.”

Rather than “believe all women,” Dunbar continued to defend Berkowitz and blame the woman who accused him of heinous acts:

“What’s perhaps more disturbing is that hundreds of people on this website credulously shared her accusations, so consumed are they with hatred towards Ethan that they would apparently believe any lie told about him. This piece had exactly as much evidence as the debunked notion that he used his emergency powers to close restaurants because of his own business interests. Both stories are vivid examples that old saying: ‘A lie gets twice around the world before the truth gets its shoes on.’”

Dunbar wasn’t waiting for facts — he was defending his political brother against the accusations of angry former news anchor Maria Athens, who has since left the state after having an health breakdown.

Dunbar, in his profession of faith in Berkowitz on Facebook, since deleted, called Athens’ charges unfounded and fraudulent. He said he had known Berkowitz and his wife for years and they are ‘decent, honest, public-minded people.”

Less than a week later, the mayor had resigned in disgrace. The naked photos of what appear to be his backside were all that remained on Facebook.

The Women’s March, however, is all-in for Berkowitz’ greatest defender.

They have spent thousands of dollars on flyers for Dunbar, with funds coming from a group called the Alaska Progressive Donor Table, with former Alaska Democratic Party Executive Director Kay Brown as one of the co-chairs. The Women’s March and March on Alaska have several-year history of opposing former President Donald Trump. All of their endorsed school board candidates won during the April 6 election: Dora Wilson, Pat Higgins, Kelly Lessens, and Carl Jacobs.

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  1. People that don’t see what is going on not only locally, but nationally, are either willfully ignorant or complicit. Or both.

  2. With due respect: “The revolutionaries are gathering: The Women’s March, aka March on Alaska, has endorsed Democrat Forrest Dunbar for mayor of Anchorage”
    Somebody needs to support F.D. – mindless and brain dead are common traits in Anchorage and generally accepted MOA wide.
    From the cloudy crystal ball: They will probably prevail on May 11th.

  3. Hmmm(???) … Just when there’s a prime opportunity for an organization and it’s members to: speak up truthfully and honestly; to stand tall with dignity, integrity, courage, and strength; to exude and demonstrate quality of character; the only thing we hear is … “crickets.”
    Maybe(???) … The organization and it’s members are nothing more than smoke and mirrors, charades and games of lies – deceit – manipulation, and a complete fraud. This lack of moral compass is truly a poor reflection on what obviously deserves better.

  4. Socialist Democrat
    run Forrest run
    to Californa
    your ideology is working well there.
    They need you
    Alaska does not.

  5. Why does this remind me of Edwin Edwards? Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards quipped to reporters “The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy” (From the Daily Kos)

  6. Liberal, progressive minded women have brought all of their misconstrued misery upon themselves. By pushing for equal rights amongst transgenders, we now have men who are confused and think they’re women competing in women’s sports. Now these same women endorse Dunbar who said Athens was nothing more than a crazy woman; totally discredited her. Listen, the police union didn’t endorse this guy and they normally endorse the Democrat.

  7. Be helpful to Maria Athens if Berkowitz apologized to her for what he put her through from the beginning when he first met her up to the end when she revealed to Alaska what he did in private, telling her sorry for not being a better man when they met, not protecting her dignity and not protecting his covenant with the woman he married.

    There is no dignity being someone’s mistress or mister, besides no smart husband or wife will ever leave their spouse for someone that committed adultery with them especially when the other spouse has been so faithful.

    Because if they can cheat with you, then what will stop them from cheating against you after marriage?

  8. “………………decent, honest, public-minded people.”

    How would Dunbar recognize these qualities ?

  9. I pray for Anchorage, a city in its early throes of west coast idiocy, the stench of liberal logic permeates far.

  10. Dunbar does not even believe his own Lies.
    On the masks mandate, lock downs the economy it goes on and on.
    Vote Bronson
    I keep saying, or just call Anchorage/Portland 2.0
    Let the burning of buildings begin, may 12th after the election if Dunbar get elected

  11. Yes he does, just like Private Pyle did after the soap party. How exactly is he still in the AKNG, after all of his attacks against the Constitution?

  12. So… does anyone know why the Women’s March still endorses Dunbar? Also, I don’t think “believe all women” is what we should be going for. What we need is a “believe all facts until said facts are proven untrue” campaign.

  13. Dumbar as Col. Klink and Felix as Sgt. Schultz. It makes watching Hogan’s Heroes even more entertaining.

  14. OK, I was hoping I would not have to do this, but…. for the cheap seats.
    It’s OK when a leftists does it.
    Harassing women, only bad if you are a conservative. Hating jews? Only bad if you are a conservative. Strictly viewing people based on skin color? Only bad if you are to the right side of the political aisle.
    Need proof? President Trump gets impeached for giving a rah-rah speech on Jan 6th.
    Maxine Waters gets… nothing. Not even a slap on the wrist for encouraging rioting.

  15. Women’s March to women’s rights is about as relevant as Black Lives Matter is to black civil rights! Both are just Democratic Party tools.

  16. Yo Jen… would it be equally as helpful to disgraced ex mayor Berkowitz if Ms. Athens apologized to him for apparently having a working libido? You like to twist human behavior into a moral fable but the consistent element in your message is that as a woman it could never be your fault.
    Wake up and smell the coffee.

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