Sen. Lisa Murkowski celebrates her birthday by ensuring Sen. Tim Scott won’t be vice president

Sen. Lisa Murkowski gets a birthday hug from Sen. Tim Scott, while Rep. Mary Peltola applauds in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski celebrated her birthday in style on Wednesday. Students from Thorne Bay, Alaska, were in the nation’s capital and sang her “Happy Birthday,” along with Sen. Tim Scott, of South Carolina.

Scott has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate for Donald Trump. But Trump and Murkowski are sworn enemies. Murkowski has hinted she will leave the Republican Party if he is elected. Scott being caught in the middle of those two can only mean one thing: He won’t be the vice presidential nominee for Trump.

Murkowski was born May 22, 1957, making her now 67 years old. Born in Ketchikan three years before Statehood, she has spent the past 24 years in the U.S. Senate — more than one-third of her life as a senator. She is 14th in seniority in the Senate and her current term ends Jan, 3, 2029.


  1. She failed the bar 5x.
    Without her father, and a corrupt GOP, she would have never been a senator.
    She is all that is wrong with the American political system, and the ruling class.

  2. Scott does not have what it takes. He would be a poor pick.

    I think Trump would do best with Gabbard. She has a bad voting record, but her spiritual and personal growth over the last 5-10 years could outweigh this. I think she has the most integrity of all in the running and could help with various voters that may not be so inclined to vote for him. She has a decent shot to actually be a good President to boot.

  3. We should immediately and permanently cancel any politician that is civil to a democrat – under any conditions! Same goes for RINOs! We are only going to win elections by showing our strength, as measured by intolerance and constant aggression!

  4. Dunleavy needs to declare an official state holiday for Murkowski’s birthday to pay tribute and celebrate in perpetuity the royal family dynasty of Alaska. From 1981 to present, 43 years, they have profited on federal largesse and facilitated their donors ability to exploit Alaska. Murkowski’s Dad did well off Bering Straits Native Corp with his bank of the north back in the day. For a corruption comparison, The Putin has been in power just under 24 years and has not appointed a family member creating a dynsty. Lisa left the GOP when she was challenged by Miller. Somehow she managed to prevail in a write in campaign. That was too close and the whole democracy game needed ending in Alaska. Now her handlers/puppet masters brought us ranked choice mail in voting. Problem solved ! McConnell welcomed Lisa into the GOP, because after all, it’s one Uniparty, and she fits in the DC elite club perfectly.

    • She got “appointed” by her father; his biggest legacy in Alaska is being known for the worst decision he ever made. After that, she was re-elected over and over and over. She should not be blamed for all the damage she has done. She is merely a symptom of an underlying problem. To be reasonable, we all need to confront our neighbors, relatives, co-workers and acquaintances for stupidly rehiring her over and over. We also need to confront ourselves for our pathetic lack of unity and discipline as Alaska’s conservative majority.

      • Wayne, I disagree with the “Conservative Majority” moniker above. I think that Alaska has a well established economic arrangement anchored to the Federal Government. This wealth transfer is far beyond just entitlements to the poor and downtrodden since Corporate interests are up to their jowls at the trough. Lisa has long understood the importance of sustaining the flow of Federal $ to crony capitalists in Alaska, those who masquerade as the private sector.

  5. Why didn’t Murkowski leave the Republican Party the first time Trump was elected? That would have been a great birthday present!

  6. Maybe(?) but, I’m not sure an association w/ Lisa is ‘not’ a deal breaker.

    Trump will be looking for ‘loyal’ crew (staff). I think he’ll need some associates, able to work together with Dems, and Tim Scott could potentially be a good tool for that.

    I think most Alaskans believe Lisa has already left the AK-GOP.
    At least, her actions and words demonstrate she’s “hard-left.”

    Lisa definitely needs to be put out to pasture!

  7. Lisa Murkowski is pure poison to any Trump supporter who gets a little too close to her. Tim Scott doesn’t really look that happy in the photo….under a feigned moment. “Sh*t man, I don’t need a white RINO screwing up the rest of my career. Shaking hands would have been just fine. Sorry Don. I messed up.”

  8. He’s weak. He’s a RINO. If Trump were to pick him, he would surely be the RINOs/McConnell’s inside man. I hope Trump goes with Byron Donalds, JD Vance, or Rand Paul. Also, Murkowski is trash!

  9. Don’t be too quick to rule out the unlikely, Suzanne. More peculiar things have occurred. In examining the picture, Lisa appears to have put on weight. For a Pole of her age she looks nice, though matronly. In another four to five years, however, photographs will depict her as if she had waddled out of a vegetable garden–stout, ox-ankled, and heavy footed.

    • I see why you hide behind that dark pen-name. Your comment is a disgrace; which makes the same of you. Lisa Murkowski has plenty of material to criticize without stooping to playground insults directed at her physical appearance. Even if you look like Brad Pitt, it won’t last forever. “We all got it coming kid.”—The Unforgiven.

      • I’ll bet, Coog, that we’ve bumped into each other at one of the feedstores where there’s plenty of mash and corn! Although I now need to peer over a heavy double chin and ease my way around the dinner table without snagging my belly on any of the chairs, I do my damndest to maintain my sense of humor. Don’t let life get you down, bud; it ain’t worth it!

  10. Saying Scott is now eliminated is quite a stretch.

    Yes, Trump loathes Princess (as any sane person would) but Trump needs black votes to win. It’s just that simple.

    Scott could go a long way to that end.
    He’s also just a polite happy guy who gets along with almost everyone. Trump could use someone with those qualities as well.

    • Avenger, most blacks have bitter feelings of being wronged. Scott–with his butler-like demeanor–can only aggravate their sense being played for “domestics.” Trump has a vast field of neo-Republicans from which to draw a certifiable bootlicker. As beguiling and delusory as he is, he knows that were he to select a person as smarmy as Scott, it would only draw too much attention to the artificiality of his campaign! Trump’s needs to select a bootlicker with sterling character–what a dilemma, but he has the whole Republican party to scrounge through.

      Jeez, what a mess! We’ve hit the bottom with “Sleazy, Dozin’ Don” and “Sleazy, Dozin’ Joe” The only choice for the realists is to vote for Alfred E. Neuman! (Who dares deny that we live in a surrealistic, mad, mad world?)

      • Edit: “Avenger, most blacks have bitter feelings of being wronged. Scott–with his butler-like demeanor–can only aggravate their sense of being played for ‘domestics.'”

  11. Lisa is a rino. 2029! That sucks she’s been there to long like most congressmen who really could care less about Americans.

  12. Nancy and I don’t believe in abortion. So,
    we ended up with Lisa instead.
    Thanks for helping us “make history.”

  13. Scott fell for the “blacks benefitted from slavery” hoax in Florida. I seriously question his judgment.

  14. Scott is weak and wishy washy with extremely poor judgement. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. And definitely not VP material. I think Trump learned his lesson well with Penced will select someone with a spine. I am sure he is carefully scrutinizing all hopefuls. Many of whom are shooting themselves in the foot as campaign season heats up.
    Also, as Alaska becimes more blue, murkowski may decide she could go democrap and get re elected that way, as republicans despise her.

  15. Just being in near vicinity of murky makes me cringe, much less be seen in public hugging her. We’ve all seen Crooked Joe sniff her, which is really nauseating. What on earth was Tim thinking?!?

  16. Murkowski should definitely leave the Republican Party, but there’s already enough disarray in Congress. Scott would make a good VP and disqualifying him over a happy bday wish is just another embarrassing lack of cohesiveness in the Republican Party. Get it together Republicans, toe the line.


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